September 2013


Toronto Issue Panel: John Lorinc, Tess Kalinowski, Ivor Tossell join Sarah Thomson and Travis Myers today

Tune in to 89.5 CIUTFM in Toronto (or online) today at 9am to listen to the first part of an impressive panel trying to get to the bottom of Toronto’s big issues.

Join John Lorinc, Tess Kalinowski, Ivor Tossell along with your host Sarah Thomson with Travis Myers.

The experts get down to the nitty gritty of the issues with City Hall, Toronto Police, Rob Ford, the Scarborough Subway, and much more.



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This infographic sums up everything wrong with the Scarborough subway debate

Subways for Scarborough! LRTs for the city! Accessible transit now!

Why does it seem like, despite all the time that has passed since the death of Transit City we are having the same debates now that we did when David Miller was in office? Why does it seem that, with every passing day and every subway bandwagon jumped on by every politician at every level of government, the simple facts of the matter are being swept under the rug in favour of vote pandering?

Toronto Tweeter Ev Delen (@EvDelen) shows us the cold hard facts in this infographic.

Get ready for the most simple representation of everything wrong with the Scarborough subway debate — and everything wrong with the politicians pushing for subways.





It all seems pretty simple now, doesn’t it?



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HAPPY FRIDAY: Here is a blog dedicated to cute boys with cats

Another week come and gone. What better way to sail off into the weekend than with a collection of photos of cute boys with their cats?

Thankfully there is a blog for that. is chock full of photos of handsome dudes showing their softer side with their furry companions.

Here is a sampling. Warning, your heart might melt.


For more cuteness check out Cute Boys With Cats.



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How not to react to a text message breakup after two dates

Quin Woodward Pu is 26, lives in DC, is active on social media, and just got dumped via text message.

Before your heart goes out to this girl — let’s face it, breakups are never easy — let’s take into account what happened here and see if she really does deserve our sympathy or not. (Hint: she doesn’t.) Lucky for us she detailed the entire encounter on her blog and provided screencaps.

It all started two weeks before her 26th birthday when she met a guy at a bar who was “friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk.” A decent start to any fantastic relationship, we’re sure.

After swapping emails (she wouldn’t give out her number) they went for “a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne.” According to Quin they had “good chemistry” but, then again, she takes credit for it with the claim that she has good chemistry with everyone.

They had dinner again, which she called “equally fun” and decided to take the next step and invite him to her birthday party, a close knit event she is holding for her “closest 125 friends.”

Since this guy sadly could not make it to the party he instead invited her on a weekend trip to Virginia wine country, to which she conceded a single day trip out of the city and called it a date.

She then got a text from him which left her surprised and also, as she put it, filled with fury.


Oh no!

Well, hey, life goes on, right? He’s not the right guy for you and at least he broke things of in a very sweet and mature way. He even called her funny, smart, and cool. How could she have felt fury over this?

Lucky for us her immature reaction is forever immortalized in screenshots. Let’s read on.


Wait, what?!

Let’s dissect this.

First off, she manages to hype her cred to no one but herself. Okay, we get it, you were dumped after a couple dates and you want to make yourself feel a little bit better, and maybe rub his nose in what he’s passing up. But he already said you were nice and cool. Arguing how great you are after he already said it just seems bitchy.

Plus she’s obviously screencapping these from an iPhone 4S or earlier. At least upgrade to iOS 7 dude.

Then the bombshell. She .lives in DC, this guy is a government employee, using his work Blackberry to text her, and she just screenshotting their casual date-planning conversation prior to this and sent it to his superiors. Wow.

For someone who is trying to act as if these two dates didn’t matter she is doing a great job of showing that she is bitter as hell.

Then dragging his 9-year-old daughter into the mess? So trashy.

The worst part of is she posted it up on her blog as if she had done something worth being proud of, a sort of you-go-girl moment of victory for women everywhere who have been dumped via text message.

Except this guy comes of as a class act and needless victim and Quin Woodward Pu seems just a little dumped-girl-psycho.



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LOVE & TECH: Should you de-friend him on Facebook after the breakup?

When my last boyfriend and I decided to call it quits, I removed him from my Facebook friend list. Sure, like most newly broken up couples we agreed to be ‘friends’. In my opinion, this kind of break-up diplomacy didn’t include my social media world.

The idea of seeing his posts and knowing that he was not online on a Friday night, while I was at home in pjs, soothing my pain through mouthfuls of Shiraz, was too much for me. When I explained to him that I removed him from my list because I just needed space to clear my head, he was quiet. He seemed hurt.

It confused me. Did he really want to see pictures of me, sexily clad as I bar-hopped with girlfriends searching for Mr. Rebound? Was he confident enough to laugh at comments from men saying I looked ‘hot’? I certainly didn’t want to see pics of him for a while, especially ones of him laughing and looking happy, or adding new, attractive women to his friend list.

It’s an interesting concept which I pondered to a few girlfriends. Should we add our partners to our social media lists like Facebook and Twitter, or are some things sacred to our own independence?

One of my girlfriends revealed that she knew married couples who did not befriend each other on Facebook. The reasons were as I outlined above – no one wants to see compliments from the other sex about your mate.  Wondering about gifts given from anonymous senders or posts from your own partner that bordered on flirtation were really arguments in waiting.

Of course, there are many couples who, knowing their beau was on their list, would walk the lines of appropriateness taking feelings into consideration. But is this fair?

Let’s be honest. Spouses, boyfriends, partners are human beings who like a little ego stroke now and again. A little space from one’s mate is healthy, and as we all know, gives us room to appreciate our partners that much more.

We wouldn’t read our partner’s journal or ask to attend a work party that included members of the opposite sex would we? So perhaps Facebook is no different – just a way for our mates to have a little space and socialize with no pressure.

It’s a tough call. I’ve heard of people leading double lives through several Facebook profiles and affairs from finding past lovers. Social media has definitely added a new element to relationships and has probably promoted many couples to have a conversation. As if love wasn’t complicated enough.

For me, I’m comfortable living in ignorance for a while. I don’t need the temptation to start a chat with my former flame if we’re online at the same time, or see his relationship status change anytime soon.  In the interest of my own healing, I’m happy to have my friend list down by one.



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RELATIONSHIPS: An ode to nerdy boys

It all started with an ad for Manhattan Mini Storage in New York that a friend of mine shared on Facebook, “Dear action figure collection, We’re really glad you’ve come to stay with us. Now maybe your owner can get a date. Love, Manhattan Mini Storage.”  To which Boyfriend replied, “Jokes on them! My action figure collection is on display in my living room, AND my girlfriend and I just had our one year anniversary. EAT IT, MANHATTAN MINI STORAGE!” And while the ad is obviously a joke, this is a sentiment that I’ve gotten tired of hearing, nerdy boys aren’t the drooling, disturbing, underwear selling men of John Hughes movies; in fact they’re actually kind of hot look at Elon Musk, he’s a real life Tony Stark and that’s awesome.

The cretins who live in their mother’s basements are no more, today’s nerds are the inventors, the writers, the film buffs, the directors, the comic book writers and the tech gods; today’s nerds create and build and invent.

Every night with a nerd boy doesn’t have to be a massive party, sitting at home with Netflix and a beer is a totally acceptable evening activity, playing Cards Against Humanity with a group of equally nerdy, equally hilarious friends happens regularly and you never have to worry about having someone you can just sit and read with.

Being a nerd just means you’re passionate about something and that’s awesome. Do you really want to date a guy who drives a car he can’t afford, works on Bay Street and reminds you ever so slightly of American Psycho? No, of course you don’t. So my word to the folks at Manhattan Mini Storage; I’d rather date a passionate, fun, video game playing, comic book loving super nerd than a dude who takes longer than me to get dressed in the morning or a dude who uses the word bro in a less than ironic way.

I don’t want a bro; I don’t want a guy who looks at me funny when I wax poetic about the latest issue of Morning Glories or when I fan-girl over Joss Whedon’s latest anything or when I spend an entire day watching a mix of cat videos and Dr. Who.  Today’s generation is the generation of nerds where internet is king, video game sales consistently beat movie ticket sales and the men we look up to are Zuckerberg, Musk and Dorsey. The men who built the world we live in now are the nerdiest of the nerds and you know what? They’re hot, they are the architects of our world and that is very sexy.

But the best thing about being girlfriend to a sexy nerd boy is the sex. A lot of them went in small minded high schools that didn’t recognize their Seth Cohen adorableness or missed out on their brilliant mind and now they’re grateful to be with a woman who loves them not despite their nerd tendencies but because of them. It’s pretty great.


Has Kathleen Wynne given up on transit for Toronto?

A call to all Liberals:

Let’s ignore the fact that all the transit experts and planners have spent the past two decades telling us that the most important subway line Toronto should build is a relief line that runs east to west carrying people to and from the suburbs.

Let’s ignore the fact that the Yonge line has exceeded its capacity and that pushing more people onto it by extending the Danforth subway line is not only a foolish idea, but will overburden the system and cost tax payers more over the long run.

Let’s ignore the fact that we know full well that Mayor Ford is simply pushing the Scarborough subway line because he can’t win the next election unless he wins Scarborough.

We are getting very good at ignoring the experts and the facts so let’s also ignore the fact that Toronto is a much larger economic region and all transit we build should have a broader scope of moving people across the region — which because of Lake Ontario, means that our east and west corridors have higher densities and our transit expansion must consider future growth in Etobicoke and Scarborough.

We should also ignore the facts and cling to past planning doctrine that claimed employment nodes would spread employment evenly across the city, it hasn’t actually panned out that way and many companies are moving back to the core placing more stress on the overcrowded Yonge Street subway line.

Let’s simply follow what Mayor Ford wants to do. He’s popular so he must be right.

If there were ever a time for true leadership on Transit it is now. I beg, I plead, and call on Premier Wynne to start leading. We are liberals because we don’t always do what is popular, but we do what is right.

It’s time to do the right thing when it comes to transit. It is time to listen to the experts, take the politics out of transit and build the subway line that will help move people all around the city. The suburban relief line will divert people from Scarborough and Etobicoke off the Yonge line and allow them to get across the city and to the downtown core quickly and efficiently.

It is the right, reasonable and responsible transit line to build, it’s time to pray that Premier Wynne show what a strong leader she is.