November 2013


RELATIONSHIPS: To move or not to move?

I’m not sure that I believe in love at first sight, I believe in interest at first sight, I knew the minute that I met Boyfriend that I was interested; but I didn’t love him when we met standing in line for a movie on a cold September night. I loved him when he showed up at my house with a smile cookie for no reason, I loved him when he held my hand through my mum’s illness and I loved him when he gave me a zombie version of himself for our anniversary. As romantic as the idea of love at first sight is love doesn’t happen in a second it happens over time.

Now after over a year together and still going strong I find myself thinking about the future — because it’s not my future any more, it’s our future, and I’m ready to take the next step.  After a year or so of dating at 26 the next step feels to me like it should be moving in together but Boyfriend thinks of moving in together as a huge step, to him it’s practice for a life together and not a decision to be made lightly. So now I’m wondering when it will happen.

Will we be ready to move in together this summer? Will we be ready in another year? Will it be two more years?

I don’t want to fall into the big city trap of moving in too soon because it’s cheaper than paying rent on your own I’ve seen couples move in far too soon and fall apart because of it; if you’re not ready to live with your partner moving in too early can spell relationship doom but what if one of you feels ready and the other doesn’t?

It’s not that Boyfriend doesn’t ever see us moving in together, we talk about what it will be like when we live together, we talk about where we’d want to live and the dogs he wants to get someday. But it’s all talk for now and the planner who lives in my head wants times, dates and locations; I know it will happen one day but I hate the idea of leaving my life up to maybes.

Sometimes I feel like we’re moving too slowly for my taste. Maybe it’s because I see friends who’ve been together for less time or maybe it’s because I see girls younger than me are getting engaged and starting their lives. Boyfriend says that if we’re going to end up together there’s no need to rush and while a part of me believes that another part thinks that if we’re going to be together there’s no reason to wait.

I’m probably over-thinking things; I’m letting my friends set the pace for my own life which is beyond a little ridiculous. Boyfriend is right: if we’re going to be together there isn’t a reason to rush anything. Instead of always freaking out that I’m not moving in the right direction I should probably settle down and just enjoy the life I have now.


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Toronto’s no-mayor system: Was it democratic to strip Ford of his powers?

Toronto City Council has officially decided to rescind Mayor Rob Ford’s power associated with his office. In effect, Toronto is left without a Mayor. Rob Ford still holds the title, but the vast majority of powers associated with that title have been assigned to Norm Kelly, Councillor for Ward 40 (Scarborough-Agincourt) and the City’s Deputy Mayor. Torontonians are well aware of the details that led to this decision by Council. Well, by now the entire world is well aware of the details. The Mayor has admitted to smoking crack-cocaine and purchasing illegal narcotics while in office. He has further been implicated in dealings with gang members and sex workers.

Toronto must now move forward in a brave new world in which the Deputy Mayor; who was elected with 12,458 votes and subsequently appointed by Mayor Ford as his Deputy, holds the vast majority of the power associated with the Office of Mayor.

Was this anti-democratic?

That is certainly not the case. The Mayor and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, have attempted to paint this as a coup d’état. The Mayor even went as far as to compare the circumstances of City Council’s special meeting as “when Saddam attacked Kuwait,” which is slightly less hyperbole than his brother’s assertion that “this is kind of like what they did to Jesus.” Nonetheless, this was a democratic action taken by the duly elected members of Council who one must believe do not make any decisions regarding their votes lightly.

However, the City does find itself in an interesting predicament. This was an incredibly unfortunate precedent to set. While the situation of Mayor Ford required the institution of someone who can be trusted, there exists a risk that a future Council may attempt to abuse the new no-Mayor system.

Deputy Mayor Kelly received exactly 1.62% of the votes cast city wide during the previous municipal election is now for all intense purposes leading the Corporation of Toronto. But this was an unfortunate necessity. If only Mayor Ford had stuck to his lies about saving the taxpayers millions and billions and trillions Council would not have had to resort to such measures. Alas, he did not. He let his personal life unravel for the world to see. He did so by making questionable choices while becoming a victim to his own Messiah complex.

Make no mistake: this was a necessary step. It was because the Mayor forced Council’s hand. The responsibility for this incredibly unfortunate precedent lies squarely on the shoulders of one man. His name is Rob Ford.


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Rob Ford’s personal trainer is an ex-con who dealt steroids

Rob Ford’s personal trainer is an ex-con who dealt drugs — specifically, anabolic steroids, adding a new drug to the crack and weed we have become accustomed to hearing about Ford’s involvement with.

For those of you reading this who reside outside of Toronto: that thing you are doing now, where you are just shaking your head at the computer screen wondering how one man could consistently have such poor judgement, that is what the rest of us here have been doing every day since about mid March.

The trainer, Valerio Moscariello, is currently banned from coaching in Canada and was picked up in Nevada and sentenced to five months in a federal prison for dealing steroids.

The trainer’s identity (he currently uses the alias Valerio Mosca) came to light after he posted an Instagram photo of a training session with the mayor that has since been removed. He also had a Twitter conversation about training Ford with porn star Nikki Benz where she invited the two to come party with her.

Check out the text of a press release about Moscariello’s conviction from the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Nevada below.



Man Sentenced To Five Months In Prison For Distributing Steroids

November 1, 2005
Las Vegas, Nev. – A Canadian citizen residing in Henderson, Nevada, has been sentenced to five months in federal prison and three years of supervised release for his guilty plea to possession with the intent to distribute anabolic steroids, announced Daniel G. Bogden, United States Attorney for the District of Nevada.
VALERIO MOSCARIELLO, age 31, of Toronto, Canada, pleaded guilty in August to the felony offense. He admitted to unlawfully possessing 27 units (270 cc) of anabolic steroids, Schedule III controlled substances, and to operating a website at, that was accessible to the general public for the purpose of distributing these anabolic steroids.
“Individuals who unlawfully distribute drugs, including anabolic steroids, over the Internet will be prosecuted and possibly sentenced to lengthy terms of imprisonment,” said U.S. Attorney Bogden. “Purchasing controlled substances from unlicensed persons without a valid prescription is unsafe and could threaten your life or the lives of others.”
The sentence was handed down on Monday, October 31, 2005, by U.S. District Judge Roger L. Hunt, and included an enhancement under the federal sentencing guidelines for distributing the substances through mass-marketing by means of an interactive computer service.
In February 2005, U.S. Postal Inspectors tracked a steroid distribution operation to the defendant’s residence in Henderson. In June 2005, law enforcement officers executed a search of the residence and seized a quantity of anabolic steroids, including Primobolon Depot, Deca Nadrolone Decanoate, and Trenbolone Acetate. They also seized “buy-owe” sheets, materials such as small bottles and syringes consistent with the repackaging of these substances, and approximately $16,000 in cash.
MOSCARIELLO must remove his website from the internet and surrender the unlawful items seized from his home in June. He is presently in immigration custody awaiting a removal hearing.
The case was investigated by Inspectors with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Special Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Officers with the Henderson Police Department. It is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Crane M. Pomerantz.



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WATCH: Strombo tries to call Rob Ford’s office with hilarious results

You’ve got to love the tenacity of Canada’s own George Stromboulopoulos.

The talkshow host, candidate in our Toronto Fantasy Election, and my future husband took up Rob Ford’s invitation for calls from the one-off Ford Nation spectacle on Sun News Network Monday night.

Watch the clip and let us know what you think, would you watch a one-on-one interview with Strombo and Rob Ford?

Also, how lucky is that girl answering phones at Ford’s office?


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WATCH: Jon Stewart did 9 minutes on Rob Ford last night

Rob Ford may not have much power as Mayor of Toronto anymore now that Council has voted to strip him of most of his powers, but he still does hold one title: the King of Late Night Jokes.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took another stab at Ford, the man Jay Leno dubbed “God’s gift to comedy,” and the result include a correspondent’s trip to Toronto with hilarious results.

Ford, take a good long look at the damage you’ve done to Toronto’s reputation.


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Toronto Fantasy Election

Imagine for a moment that the Fords request for a snap municipal election came to pass.

Imagine still that, instead of just the doldrum politicians in the race that some of Toronto’s best and brightest in the fields of entertainment and literature stepped up to the plat and took a swing at the mayoralty.

We came up with the Toronto Fantasy Election to satisfy our desire to see somebody, anybody else leading this city. Let’s take a look at who is in the running. If you’ve already got your mind made up scroll to the bottom of this article to cast your vote.


Meet the candidates

margaret atwood

Margaret Atwood

A living literary legend, the champion of women, libraries, and everything we love, Atwood took on the Fords not too long ago when it came to saving libraries. An incessant tweeter with an unparalleled imagination she’s already got the fan base (‘Atwood Nation’ anyone?) and the brainpower to lead. Would she make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow

It is no secret that Chow, a City Hall veteran who stepped up federally and currently sits as an NDP MP, has her eyes on Toronto’s top spot. Although no official announcement has been made from her camp it is widely believed that after a successful exploratory committee she has already put together a bare bones campaign team. Her politics are a huge departure from the Ford era of tax cuts and bike lane removals. Would she make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Colin Mochrie

This comedic genius would fit right into City Hall with some of the slapstick antics that have been going on there lately. Mochrie is an alumnus of Toronto’s Second City and worked on TV shows like Whose Line is it Anyway? and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Maybe it is time Toronto elected mayor who is actively trying to be a laughingstock instead of one that isn’t purposely keeping the world in stitches. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



John Tory

A centrist-conservative who has spent most of his life in politics, John Tory is the kind of guy we all would have expected to be mayor right now. While he may have never smoked crack he could be a perfect fit for the office he has tried at before. Perhaps we are now paying the price for overlooking the mayor-next-door all these years. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?


George Stroumboulopoulos

The former MuchMusic VJ turned CBC host, part-time CNN host and full-time dreamboat is a fixture of Toronto, having been the crush of every teenage girl to pass through the megacity from 2000 to 2005. Passionate about human rights along with arts and culture he would most likely govern on the left end of the spectrum and very likely get a lot more people watching the Rogers Cable feed of City Hall debates. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Rob Ford

The trainwreck nuclear meltdown supernova currently taking place at City Hall really needs no introduction. Masochists, we’ve included his name on the list should you care to vote for him. We don’t need to ask if he would make a good mayor for the City of Toronto because we already know the answer, and it is no.




Cast your vote in Toronto’s Fantasy Election below

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Man erects giant middle finger aimed at ex-wife’s house

And you thought your breakup was bad.

Deadline Detroit is reporting that Alan Markovitz, a strip club owner, erected the statue flipping the bird when he found out his ex had a two year affair with a man he knew.

The thing is 12 feet high, cost $7,000 dollars, and is even lit up at night.

The daughter of his ex tweeted out a picture with the text “How psychotic do you have to be to buy the house directly next to your ex wife and then put a statue up like that?!?! Real classy alan.” She has also complained that it disrupts her when she is trying to take a nice calm bath due to the way it faces the house.

According to Markovitz it all boils down to the bro-code, telling Deadline Detroit that “this is about him. This is about him not being a man. He broke the Man Code. He’s a total freakin’ asshole. Real men don’t do that to another guy.”

Well if you’re heartbroken I suppose this is one way to make yourself feel better.

middle finger 1


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WATCH: Mayor Ford charges at crowd and knocks over Cllr. Pam McConnell

Everyday it is something new with Rob Ford. Like today, when the spectacle at City Hall got to be too much and Rob Ford charged at the crowd knocking over Councillor Pam McConnell. Seriously? Yep. Okay. That is my mayor.

It is almost exhausting to watch this go on and on every day.

Watch the video and let us know what you think, is Rob Ford utterly and completely out of control, or is there any semblance of a mayor left to salvage from this international trainwreck spectacle?

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LISTEN: Sarah Thomson slams Ford for culture of homophobia and bullying

On today’s #TOpoli radio show panelists Sarah Thomson, Travis Myers, Andrea Houston, and Josh Rachlis discussed recent breaks in the brutal murder case of Christopher Skinner, a gay Toronto man who was run down in the Entertainment District.

In a bizarre twist it turns out that one of those apprehended, Nicholas Swaby, was a captain with the Don Bosco Eagles football team that Rob Ford coached. Swaby had spoken publicly in the past about what a great role model Ford was to him.

Listen to the panel discuss: was Ford’s culture of homophobia and bullying a contributing factor in the murder of Christopher Skinner?