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3 must-watch sad gay movies

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So you’re looking for a sad movie to watch. That is understandable, the weather is getting colder and you’ve got a flurry of emotions you just need to let out from your last breakup, and sad movies have a lot less calories than chocolate. But who the hell cares to watch the epic tragedies of straight people when you can indulge in your own self pity by watching sad gay movies?

Here is a run-down of three sad gay movies to get your tear ducts working.


1. Brokeback Mountain

Notable for:

  • Being one of the most beautiful gay love stories to ever grace the screen.
  • Forever cementing its two male leads into the realm of gay fantasy.
  • Anne Hathaway delivering an epic 80s bitch performance on the phone with Heath Ledger’s character towards the end. Big hair? Check. Big nails? Check. Big attitude? Check, check, check.
  • And who can forget the scene that first romantic night up on Brokeback where Health Ledger’s character erroneously taught a generation of tops that you can just jam it in no lube, no problem?

Gay cred:
If you are a gay man and haven’t seen this movie go do it right this second. If you aren’t left bawling like a baby at the end, sorry dude, that’s it, you’re straight.


2. A Single Man

Notable for:

  • Being the directorial debut of fashion designer and known locker room towel snapper Tom Ford.
  • Being one of the most depressing movies you can watch if you are gay. Like, seriously.
  • That really sexy scene with Colin Firth getting hit on by a Spanish hustler in a liquor store parking lot.
  • Julianne Moore’s character playing the perfect fag hag. Warning ladies, this could be you at 50.

Gay cred:
This is a pretty seminal movie for gay men, but just don’t watch it on a date — it is far too depressing for anything other than lone viewing in sweat pants while looking at old photo albums. When I say depressing I mean depressing even by gay movie standards, since they’re all so depressing anyway. Try not to call any ex-boyfriends when the credits roll.


3. Weekend

Notable for:

  • Its amazing portrayal of lust/love/whirlwind emotion.
  • The two dashing British stars you will have a crush on from now into eternity after watching.
  • Did I mention the accents? Yes, cute guys with accents kissing and sexing each other.
  • Being the only movie on this list where no one dies, so if you’re trying to pick a date movie this might the the one, but why not wait for the next installment about great gay comedies? Why would anyone watch a sad movie with someone they’re trying to wheel with?

Gay cred:
While this is the newest entry on the list it is sure to be a classic, having already been inducted into the Criterion Collection. If you haven’t seen it yet at least watch it so that you can lord over your friends how you are so cultured because you watch foreign movies.



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HUNTER: In a relationship bling shouldn’t mean a thing

Bling, Bling, Cash Monies

Money, money, money you can never have too much but it never feels like you have enough; I had a discussion with a friend last week about how important money is in a relationship.

He went as far as to say that if Boyfriend didn’t have money I probably wouldn’t be with him — but here’s the kicker Boyfriend doesn’t have money.

I’m more established in my career, he choose a profession that requires incredible dedication and sacrifice and doesn’t pay much until it does and when it does he’ll probably make a lot more than I ever will. But money has never been an issue we’ve made sure of that.

I don’t believe in one sided relationships, I don’t expect Boyfriend to pay for every dinner, every night out or every trip we’re a team and we try to split things evenly. More importantly I’ve never been concerned about how much Boyfriend makes. He’s following his dreams and I’m following mine and the plastic in our wallets has nothing to do with how much we love each other.

I’ve seen relationships that were too one sided fail over and over again, someone is constantly paying more than their partner and in the end there is always resentment. Boyfriend and I are in our twenties we don’t have our finances entirely figured out and that’s okay, I’d rather watch Netflix and order take-out than go for a fancy dinner any night of the week. Money may be more of an issue when we’re older but for now I couldn’t care less.

I’ve heard women gush about the newest shiny thing their boyfriend got them, or the trip they were surprised with but for me a surprise is when Boyfriend walks in the door with a coffee and a smile cookie, it really is the thought that counts.

I blame the rom-coms for teaching women that love can be measured in presents and shiny baubles; I’ve had all that and it just makes me feel like he’s paying for my time and while my time in the office is costly I like to think of my bedroom as a money free zone.

Maybe I’m the exception rather than the rule but I’ve worked hard to get where I am in life and I’m proud that I did most of it on my own, I don’t want a man to pay for my way in life and any relationship built on that will never really be equal.

So when my friend said that I wouldn’t date a man who didn’t make any money, I laughed and told him that wasn’t the case; I am currently dating someone who makes less than I do but that doesn’t make him less sexy because it’s his ambition, his drive and his fire that turns me on. Money will never be sexy, unless you’re into paper and plastic, if all your relationship is about is finances than maybe you need to rethink what you’re doing. After all, love don’t cost a thing… or something like that.


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YES PLEASE: There is another Taiwanese animation of the Rob Ford crack scandal

It is official, the hyped insanity around the latest developments in the Rob Ford crack scandal has gone international. We know this is the real deal not because of the countless talented journalists internationally who have picked up their pens and microphones to give press to our fair city and our troubled politicians, because there is a Taiwanese animation of the scandal going on here and it is priceless.

The animation company NMA World Edition regularly makes videos depicting celebrity and news scandals that, while fudging the facts a little bit, are often hilarious depictions of what is going on in the headlines.

NMA had previously made a Rob Ford video when news of the crack tape first broke back in May.

Check out the original video below and the new video above.


Let us know what you think: hilarious or tasteless?


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Craziest quotes from Rob Ford’s surprise radio interview today

Rob Ford, the man at the centre of the biggest scandal to hit Toronto politics in recent memory, made a surprise appearance on the John Oakley Show on AM640 this morning to set the record, erm, somewhat more straight in the light of the recent bombshell that the police have a copy of the video that shows the mayor smoking an illicit substance, widely reported to be crack cocaine.

The show was troubling, not only to those who long ago gave up on the troubled mayor, but to those who have steadfastly supported him throughout his personal troubles. He admits flatly that he drinks, making a liar out of his and his brother’s previous statements to the contrary. He also admits to being “inebriated” in public, again making lies out of his previous denials.

Here are some of the choice quotes from the radio interview.


“What else can I do Johnny? I’m only human. There are a lot of perfect people out there, I’m not one of them.”

“All I can do is apologise and move on.”

“Show the people, show everyone the video.”

“[Laughing] I am not an alcoholic, I am not a drug addict.”

“I don’t use drugs. I drink, don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to enjoy a few cocktails.”

“I shouldn’t have went down to the [Taste of the] Danforth inebriated. I shouldn’t have had a pretty wild St. Patrick’s Day party in my office. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“If I’m an addict then I would not be able to show up for work every single day, and you know I do not miss work.”

— “Have I drank a little to much at times? You’re absolutely right”
— “A little too much?
— “A lot too much.”

“I like to relax like everyone else and I’m only human.”

“I can’t push a button right now and say ‘make this all disappear.'”

“I’m not here to make excuses.”

“I’m not commenting on anything to do with what’s before the courts.”

“With all due respect to you John, the media, and the papers, I don’t listen to you.”

“Doug will be provincial, he will be premier one day.”

“Any member of my executive committee, if you want to go, go. I’ll be running the ship, even if it’s by myself.”

Caller: “I think I would be a drunk too if I had to deal with the left wing council you have every day.”

“I knew John, there was cars behind me, cars here and they were hiding and so I called them and said I think I have people following me and they said ‘no, no one is following you.'”

“There’s gonna always be haters, Johnny.”


Listen to the clip below:

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Honest TTC riders leave fares even with no attendant

This past week a photo began circulating online on social media showing that, even in the absence of a TTC employee or a coin box, many Torontonians will still pay their fare to ride the subway.

Take a look at the photo below.

honest ttc



Let us know:

Do you pay your fare even when there is no attendant on duty?

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Rob Ford might have used a fake voice on a radio call in show to defend Rob Ford

Welcome to Rob Ford’s la-la-land. He’s been caught on tape smoking crack and for half a year now he’s been slowly losing it with ass grabbing scandals, alcoholism scandals, gang associations, an ominous murder, extortion, and drugs.

So it obviously makes sense that RoFo wouldn’t think twice about calling in to a radio show in defense of himself while pretending to be some schlub from the hood. I mean, his office has done something almost exactly like that before, and it must be difficult to see yourself and political career (not to mention personal life) imploding like the Hindenburg — and the dude was in serious need of a scrap of good press before taking the kids out trick-or-treating, right?

The #TOpoli twitterati are somewhat inclined to think it is the other brother in the Ford clan, Randy, who would still be lying about his identity, but the caller’s behaviour is very much in line with someone caught with their hand in a cookie jar after he is called out as Mayor Ford by the host.

Listen below and let us know what you think. Is this Rob Ford calling into a radio show with a fake name?

Do you think this is Rob Ford?


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Shannon Hunter: The love of my life

“Whether you’re single or taken you should never be afraid of great love, big love, the kind we read about in the storybooks.”

Yesterday I watched a video that brought me to tears at my desk; my friend Christine Estima posted a YouTube video of herself speaking at a pub in London in which my incredibly brave and strong girl told a crowd of strangers her story, it was heartbreaking.

Christine was in a relationship with a man she lovingly called Lugs and after a whirlwind of romance it ended, the last line she spoke to the suddenly quiet cloud were her last words to Lugs, “You are the love of my life.” It was powerful, beautiful and it made my heart ache but then it made me think, maybe we don’t only have one love that intense maybe our lives are filled with many loves.

Before Boyfriend I thought the Big Ex was the love of my life and before that I thought my seventeen year old love affair in Thunder Bay was the biggest love I would ever feel; in truth I still love those men but not because I want to be with them, I love the memories they left me with, I love that I stood on a bridge at midnight listening to a man tell me he’d never loved anyone as much as he loved me. The time the Big Ex told me that I was the best accessory he could ever have, that moment is precious still.

Today I feel like Boyfriend is the love of my life, I feel as though I will love him forever but if it does end I’ll remember that he had a toy sasquatch made for me, I’ll remember that he believed in me when I didn’t remember how and I’ll remember that first time he showed up at my house with a smile cookie and an ice cappuccino because he thought that would make me happy.

We can’t know the future; Christine didn’t know that she would love someone enough to leave them when things stopped working and I don’t know that I’ll always be with Boyfriend but if we stop believing that this one could be a lifelong love then what’s the point? Everyone should be brave enough to fly to a new land for love, because even if he isn’t the one you end up with you’ll have a story and a memory that reminds you that love is everywhere and it can happen at any time.

Christine is an inspiration to all of us, she believed in the fairy tale; she knew that love was worth a chance and in a world filled with apathy that is something we should all strive for. Today Boyfriend is the love of my life but I’ve had many loves in this life and while he may be the most important one it was the loves before that brought me to him.

Whether you’re single or taken you should never be afraid of great love, big love, the kind we read about in the storybooks; no one ever wrote a sonnet about that kind of OK night with that dude that one time.



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It is time for Rob Ford to step down

“I am Disappointed.” This statement that Chief Bill Blair made earlier today sums up what many in Toronto are thinking today.

There will be those, myself included, thinking – finally. Finally the truth is coming out. Finally people are realizing that Rob Ford has lied and brought disgrace to the position of Mayor, and the city of Toronto. Many of his supporters are now faced with having to admit they were fooled, that Rob Ford pull the wool over their eyes. And there will be those who refuse to believe it and resort to “conspiracy theory” excuses. But the facts are coming out, the truth eventually does and it is time that Rob Ford admit he has addiction issues.

I am feeling vindicated but saddened – I remember the man I ran for Mayor against in 2010. A man determined to bring change to the city. I watched as that man slowly deteriorated under the pressure – his actions demonstrating a man facing addiction issues and an inability to deal in the truth. My sympathy go out to his family and children.

From denying incidents like being drunk at a hockey game, groping, and the crack video, Rob Ford has made a habit of lying and denying. This puts a toll on anyone’s self-confidence and escalates the need to escape that drugs offer an addict. The best thing that Rob Ford can do is to take some time and get help with his addiction issues. It is never an easy decision but I encourage him to do it for his family and children.

It is time for Rob Ford to step down from the Mayor’s chair, he has disgraced the city, and set a terrible role model for our children.