December 2013


LOOK: Russian artists used only makeup to make these stunning optical illusions

And you thought you had makeup skills when it came to covering up that blemish.

Moscow photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan teamed up to create the most fascinating optical illusions we’ve ever seen crafted with makeup by using the models as canvases for eye-catching play with colour, shape, contour, and depth.

The series is called 2D or not 2D and is the latest collaboration from the pair who have previously spoofed characters from Angry Birds, among other things. This series aims to take the three dimensional canvas of the models’ faces and create 2D images over top of them, and they’ve succeeded admirably. Take a look below.


painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-1 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-2 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-3 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-4 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-8 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-9 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-11 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-12 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-14 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-15 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-16 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-18

GAYPOST: Here are 4 Google autofinish results that will make you scream

Gay people get a lot of shit from all sides.

Fundamentalist religious zealots? Check. Neo-nazi hate groups? Check. That guy who works at Subway who gives me stink eye and does an exceptionally poor job of making my sandwich ever since he saw me kiss a guy in there? Check.

But Google?

Google autofinish is a den of some of the most asked questions on the web, which is why it comes as a bit of a shock that some of these words end in such disgusting phrases. Granted, some of the opening words deal in absolutes, and contrary to the common misconception that only Sith deal in absolutes, so do a lot of ignorant pieces of homo hating human garbage.

Check out the autofinish results below and prepare to be upset.

1. “All gays…”

gaysAll gays go to hell.
All gays should be shot.
All gays must die.

What it should say:
All gays — are living breathing loving human beings just like everyone else


2. “Gays should…”

gays2Gays should be executed.
Gays should not adopt.
Gays should be shot.
Gays should not be allowed to adopt.

What it should say:
Gays should — love and respect themselves for who they are


3. “Gays must…”

gays3*This one even ghosts in the word die right in the search bar
Gays must die.
Gays must be put to death.
Gays must be killed.

What it should say:
Gays must — overcome so much in their lives and deserve the support of those around them


4. “I think gay…”

gay4I think gays are wrong.
I think gay is wrong.
I think gay marriage is wrong.

What it should say:
I think gay — people are very courageous for being true to themselves in spite of the opposition they receive.



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Finding your perfect fit

Relationships don’t mean compromising who you are

Before I met Boyfriend I was constantly trying to fit into someone else’s’ vision of the perfect girlfriend; I didn’t get angry, even when I should have, I didn’t fight and I was never controversial. But I also had no idea how lonely I was, I wasn’t single all the time but I was always lonely because I was never with the right person.

When you spend so much time trying to fit into someone else’s idea of perfect you end up broken and twisted. The mold wasn’t made for me and every time I tried to fit into it I had to twist up another piece of myself just to fit; it hurt but I thought that I was compromising, I didn’t know that I was compromising myself.

I’ve been thinking about this idea of loneliness a lot this week; I’ve seen a friend end a relationship because he couldn’t compromise anymore he had tried everything but he couldn’t break or bend any more, it was just too much. I’ve watched another friend end her fascination with her ex because she’s finally found someone who fits with her, really fits. Whether it’s a break-up or a new beginning I love seeing people in that moment when they realize exactly what they need and go for it.

Before Boyfriend I was a shadowy version of myself desperately trying to be what the person I was with at the time needed, but it never worked out because they never knew me, not really. When you find someone who gets you, who accepts and embraces all the quirky strange things about you the shadows fade away and you start to sparkle. I’ve noticed that when I see someone I haven’t seen in a while they always comment about how confident I seem or how happy I look, which is awesome, and I think it’s because the happiness starts way down in my toes and doesn’t stop.

My life isn’t easy, I work in a tumultuous industry, my finances never seem to get settled and my family life is really messy but all of that is easier to deal with when you’re in love. It’s not just the love I get from Boyfriend that makes the difference it’s that he has reminded me of all the things I love about myself and I can’t put a price on how valuable that is.

I may be head over heels in love but the more important thing to me is that I’ve found someone who fits with me, a custom made designer Boyfriend. My life is better not because I found a man but because I found a partner; someone to keep me company in this crazy world. I’m not lonely anymore. I’m not worried that if I say the wrong thing he might leave me, I’m not worried about being anything other than the girl he fell in love with which happens to be, me.

Everyone deserves their perfect fit. So next time you find yourself compromising again and again and again, ask yourself; is it really worth it?

Transit Funding Options Released by Provincial Panel

The transit funding panel formed by Premier Kathleen Wynne has issued a report today recommending options to tackle increasing congestion and gridlock in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). While the report does its best not to call for controversial funding strategies, it lays out two options, both politically challenging, to achieve the dedicated transit funding the GTHA so desperately needs.

Below is a synopsis of the two options the report offers to the Provincial government.

The First Funding Option:

  • Gasoline and Fuel Taxes: phased increase commencing with 3 cents per litre and adding 1 cent per litre per year up to 10 cents per litre
  • Corporate Income Tax: modest increase of 0.5 per cent to the general rate
  • Provincial Portion of Harmonized Sales Tax: redeployment of the GTHA portion of the provincial part of the HST charged on gasoline and fuel taxes.

This option is fraught with difficulties. It asks the Ministry of Finance to give up some of the HST it now collects and allocates to things like health and education. The Ministry of Finance is loath to dedicate any funds to particular projects as this contracts their ability to maneuver on the budget from year to year. The first option also places a .5 percent increase on corporate income tax. This will be difficult especially if it requires Federal support and given our history, Federal support of transit funding in the GTHA over the past 40 years is sporadic at best. The increase in the gas tax may be the only viable option but even that will have its detractors.

The Second Funding Option:

  • Gasoline and Fuel Taxes: phased increase capping at 5 cents.
  • Corporate Income Tax: modest increase of 0.5 per cent to the general rate
  • A .5 per cent increase to HST

This second option is the easier of the two options. It doesn’t require tapping into funds already allocated by the Ministry of Finance, but will require real political leadership on increasing the HST by 0.5 per cent. It also calls for an increase to corporate income tax that will be a difficult if there is a need for Federal agreement.

The final transit panel report is a good attempt at moving the conversation on dedicated transit funding forward. It won’t be easy but it is the right, reasonable and responsible approach to moving the region forward, together.

You can read the full transit panel report here.


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Stop what you are doing and watch Lisa Kudrow’s character slam sexism in politics on the show Scandal

Sexism is still very real for a lot of women everywhere in their lives, but we’ve come to forget that it hurts even women who are leaders and politicians.

In a speech on the TV show Scandal that appears to have been ripped directly from Hillary Clinton’s diary, Lisa Kudrow slams the culture of sexism that still exists for female politicians in everything from the men they run against to the media that covers them.

Watch the clip and let us know what you think, does Kudrow’s character hit the nail on the head or what?


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One track mind — some guys just don’t get it

By Jen Kirsch

There is no greater turn off than a guy with a one-track mind who – after asking if you’re interested in engaging in some sexual activity (to which you reply ‘Let’s wait until we date each other longer’) – says he understands and respects your decision. Yet despite his words, he continues to ask relentlessly, forcing you to repeat each time the reason you want to wait.

How uncomfortable.

First, this is highly similar to new men asking ‘Can I kiss you?’ before they lean in. Asking and discussing it in advance seems unnatural. Forced even. It gives you a moment to imagine what it would be like, with this imagined notion acting as a distraction, taking you out of the present. Second, when we say no, and he keeps inquiring, he simply comes across as sleazy.

Here are some commonalities to help you stay on the lookout when it comes to men with a one-track mind:

  • He tells you how skilled he is in the sack
  • He tells you that it will be good to get it out of the way so you know whether you share any chemistry
  • He tells you he’s certain he can make you O
  • He guilt trips you for not being interested right off the bat

If you are interested in this guy despite his sexually forward nature, and you can see yourself dating him again, hold on to your self-control and say no. The dating process is all about taking the time to get to know someone. Although sex is one of the most important ingredients in any relationship, it isn’t the only one.

If he’s persistent but you like everything else about him, your tool is repetition. Keep expressing that you want to get to know him better, and that there’s no rush. This kind of guy is one that needs constant reassurance.

There is a chance he could simply be rip-your-pants-off interested. This may however be ‘his thing;’ an approach he takes to sleep with women that more often than not tends to work for him. If he’s forward enough to ask you to have sex with him off the bat, don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s not approaching other women like this as well. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a guy that a) doesn’t listen when I say no and b) has a reputation with other women for being sleazy.


Dreaming of wamth

By Heather Lochner

Reader be warned, further reading of this article will result in a rush to book an all-inclusive getaway.

When I was a few years younger I scorned the idea of an all-inclusive vacation. Why, I wondered, would anyone ever want to stay in one place for a week? I prided myself on my audacious ways: staying at hostels, eating food from vendors and walking the streets where scarcely a tourist ventured.

And then I grew up and suddenly the wiles of backpacking lost their allure. I no longer sought daring adventures – I craved relaxation.

It was by chance that my husband and I stumbled upon Club Med Ixtapa. We were looking for a holiday that could accommodate the two of us and our 1 year old son. We had both been to Mexico before (we went sailing, kayaking, and backpacking there) so we knew the weather to be pleasant. Our agent pointed us in the direction of Club Med – telling us the resort is beautiful, located near the sleepy fishing village of Zihuatanejo, and offers a wide range of activities. Hands up baby, hands up!

We’ve been twice.

The accommodation is wonderful. The rooms are clean, generous in size, and sound-proof. The activities are stellar, from archery to sailing, circus school to yoga by the beach. The amenities are fabulous: beachside restaurants, plentiful buffet and an air conditioned gym. The pool is big with plenty of room, but it is the beach that takes the prize. Warm sand, mellow waves and shallow water. Ooh, and let’s not forget – the kid’s club (also known as vacation daycare!).

On a couple of occasions, while our son was at the kid’s club, my husband and I ventured into the town of Zihuatanejo (pronounced: Zee-wa-ta-nay-ho.) It is a beautiful village that is built around a u-shaped bay. The shoreline is a mixture of picturesque beaches, stately homes, and beached fishing boats.

Restaurants line the beaches, enticing tourists and locals to sit down and eat some guacamole, dip some tortillas, and drink some beer. It is hard to resist their allure as life slows down in Zihuatanejo. Not to mention the view is spectacular. My favourite part is the market. Fanning out from the bay are streets upon streets lined with hundreds of vendors selling their wares: traditional Mexican blouses, vanilla, silver and tequila.

Folks, I am telling you, this is a vacation not to be missed. And while you’re there be sure to eat the White Chocolate Bread, it will make your taste-buds beg for more.

Dress your man up for the winter

Why does it seem that every guy pulls out the same old winter jacket every year? It is as if winterwear is a time warp with our boyfriends and husbands doomed to repeat the same fashion faux-pas from now into eternity.

For some things it isn’t so bad, his old university sweatshirt only comes on at home when he’s getting ready for bed, and those running shoes he’s never washed are relegated to a gym locker you never have to worry about. But the coat, oh the coat. It is the lynchpin of every winter outfit, the anchor by which all preconceptions and sidelong glances can be made towards him in the winter months, and he chooses to wear that same old Gortex thing he’s had for eight years.

Thankfully we have a secret weapon. While Christmas may have some history about a baby in a manger and good will and all that, we know better. Christmas is every woman’s dream holiday because it gives us a devious chance to influence the clothes our men wear through our gifts.

When it comes to getting your man hot for the winter the fur trimmed look is back again as this year’s sexiest way to stay warm.

Check out Point Zero’s new leather look Puffer Coat. The fur lined leather look is enough to keep your guy looking fresh and fashionable throughout the rest of the winter. At only $165 you can hit the mark on style for your guy without hitting your maximum budget for Christmas presents.