April 2014


ROUND UP: The 7 best April Fool’s Day pranks in Canada for 2014

Now that April Fool’s Day is behind us — and the fear of being pranked by a friend or co-worker has subsided for another year — we can take stock of the great year it was for pranks here in Canada.

7) In Toronto the TTC went E.T. when they spotted some aliens.

TTC alien abduction

6) In Hamilton a prank went wrong and ended in arrest.

april fools

5) In Halton the police announced plans to train cats for police work.

halton april fools

4) In Toronto the TTC announced plans for condos on subway platforms.

3) In Toronto Distl determined the condo market is too saturated on earth and announced plans to start building on the moon.

distl lunar

2) Roots drops the beaver from their logo in favour of a loon.

1) WestJet converts to metric time



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Getting the most out of your vitamin D

Vitamin D has been getting increasingly positive attention over the years as more and more studies link it to a wide range of health benefits, from boosting the immune system to preventing some forms of cancer. As more studies are done, it becomes a common nutritional supplement that’s even recognized as essential and prescribed by physicians.

Here are a few quick facts and tips about this essential substance:

•It is a hormone produced under the skin when it is exposed to sunshine; cholesterol is a vital component of vitamin D production. The same form of vitamin D that is produced in the human body, D3, can be found in butter, egg yolk, salmon, herring, mackerel, and sardines. Those fish are also great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.

•During warm weather months, the optimal amount of time to spend with skin exposed to the sun is just 10-20 minutes daily (without sunscreen but never allow skin to burn) between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to take advantage of D-producing ultraviolet B rays.

•When showering within 48 hours of sun exposure, washing may reduce some of the vitamin D production. Instead, just rinsing the exposed skin and washing the “hidden” parts can be a more effective method of preserving the natural D.

•Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so supplements must be consumed along with some fat, such as cold-pressed olive oil for example, for optimal assimilation in the body.

One of the primary functions of vitamin D is to maintain proper blood levels of calcium and phosphorus; it also causes the minerals to be deposited into bone tissue, which explains its strong connection to bone and tooth health. Further studies show positive health effects far beyond bones, including links to reduced cancer risks—especially for breast, lung and colon cancers—improvement in inflammatory conditions like arthritis and autoimmune conditions such as MS, as well as cardiovascular health benefits.

In addition to the average Canadian, who typically needs to use supplemental vitamin D from November through April, there are some people who may have more of a tendency toward a D deficiency. Dark-skinned individuals produce less vitamin D naturally; overweight individuals require higher amounts to maintain adequate storage levels; those who are on statin drugs may have insufficient cholesterol in the body to produce the vitamin; older individuals often have lower levels, which may be due to lifestyle factors; and pregnant women have greater nutritional needs as well.

Health Canada recommends supplementation for adults at 1000 international units during late fall to late spring, but vitamin D levels are easily measured via a blood test (note: OHIP no longer covers this cost) in order to determine if a higher amount is required.

Vitamin D may not be a miracle cure-all but is certainly an essential item in your healthy toolkit.

Detoxify your body

This spring, I have decided to try a detox from May 13th to May 22nd. Not a vegetarian or vegan and always on the go, I look forward to cutting out some meat from my diet, but I think I will have the hardest time letting go of cheese.

Prior to my first detox, I was able to talk to a Certified and Registered Nutritionist (CNP, RNCP) who is overseeing the first BarreNourish Detox at Barreworks. At the moment they have just under 20 people who have signed up, but are expecting 10-20 more people.

“It is all online-based, other than picking up the detox kit, and the teleseminars are live and recorded for convenience,” she explains. “I kept the Barreworks client in mind. It isn’t too extreme and I don’t restrict on calories. They’re energizing foods with a restriction of foods that drain energy and all processed foods. There is an emphasis on the reset button. It’s about resetting your habits. There is cooking and buying healthy ingredients while thinking ahead on meal planning. “
They also decided not limit portion sizes. “Restricting portion sizes and calories is exhausting on a person’s body. I did a survey ahead of time and there was a concern that they would not being able to exercise,” she says.

In addition, she added substitutes for common food allergies. “Most are taken out including wheat and dairy, but nuts in a lot of meals. Ninety percent could be replaced with seeds. There are recommended suggestions and you can choose other meals. There are 15-16 recipes and I have provided 25. You can substitute for another recipe.”

Although this is a mild detox and all whole-food based, it is not without side effects. The largest is cravings as well as headaches, fatigue, bloating and skin eruptions that last a day. In order to prevent them, participants can use a dry brush, drink more water, go to an infrared sauna and exercise to increase the elimination.

The most common cravings include caffeine, sugar, wheat and meat, although meat is not usually a strong craving. “Healthy snacks, especially deliciously sweet dates and raw white chocolate, are good for sugar. It is important to increase portion sizes and eat enough to decrease cravings,” she says. “It is hardest during the first three to four days and then you feel amazing.”

My nutritionist assures me that there are numerous benefits. They include weight loss, clear skin and increased energy. You will be more focused and creative.

Join me as I go through the BarreNourish 10-Day Detox.  Visit again soon to hear about my experiences as I go through the detox process.

Newsflash: April 1, 2014

Those who love April Fools love it, and those who hate it absolutely despise it, but all the pranks today left us wondering if there actually was any real news going on in the world. Turns out there was plenty: Marois’ money, Libs push mini LCBOs, LGBT youth homelessness, and fake anti-Ford campaign signs.


The husband of Pauline Marois was accused over the weekend of inappropriately soliciting $25,000 in donations from an engineering firm to contribute to her leadership campaign. It wouldn’t be a Quebec election without some good old fashion corruption. But hey, at least no one was wearing a hijab.

The Ontario Liberals are pushing forward a plan to install LCBO pop up shops inside of grocery and corner stores. Considering the amount of bad press the McGuinty cohort has projected on to Wynne getting the voting population drunk enough to forget about gas plants and e-mails might not be a bad plan from here on out.

A Toronto man was convicted of inciting hatred against Muslims and sentenced to nine months of jail time for handing out flyers slurring the religion and harassing a Muslim family. No word yet on whether the PQ will run him as a candidate.

Andrea Houston explored the issue of homelessness with gay and trans youth in Toronto, an at risk population that many organizations don’t know how to help properly. To add some scope to the issue: we can’t even find a home for a rainbow flag in front of City Hall — Toronto needs to work better to protect those who need it most.

Fake campaign signs promoting almost anyone as better than Rob Ford have been popping up. There is truth in this advertising, when someone sounds like a better alternative because they will only smoke weed (not crack) as mayor there are some fundamental problems.


The TTC puts out new plan (on April 1st) to put condos in underused stations to make money

The TTC has a new plan that would save money by selling underused stations like Bessarion and Chester to make condos at track level.

The plan, released on April 1st and presented over YouTube with the TTC’s Brad Ross and Chris Upfold, is a great prank that acknowledges the under use of certain stations. Watch the video and let us know what you think, would condos beside subway tracks have a good chance in today’s condo market? We think yes. Well, maybe not Bessarion.

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April Fools: 5 easy ways to pick up chicks

Update: If you’re coming here after the morning of April 1st you might be a bit surprised to find our April Fool’s top story still up, but there is still some pretty good advice in here, so we decided to keep it up for anyone actually interested in picking up in a respectful way.

There’s nothing worse than slamming back a few Coors Lights with your bros surrounded by hotties only to go home empty handed.

Worry no more dude, these five tips for picking up chicks will net you more ladies than you know what to do with.

1) Respect her career ambitions

Chicks love it when you ask them about their work, big projects, and aspirations. Crazy, right? Give it a try anyway.

2) Don’t be sexually aggressive

There is nothing a hottie loves more than when you give her physical space, keep your hands to yourself, and don’t act like you have any ownership over her body. When she’s ready she’ll give it to you.

3) Let her open her own doors and pull out her own chairs

Modern women aren’t too impressed by moving small objects. Chicks with their own lives and careers even like to go dutch on dinner because they’ve like, got their own money and stuff.

4) Be a good communicator

Girls like to actually talk and stuff, so if you can put on your best act as a conversationalist before trying to get in her pants you might have a better shot.

5) Keep your eyes mostly on her eyes, not her boobs

This is a tricky one and goes against years of conditioning, but when you’re on a dutch date communicating with her about her career and not actually touching her boobs, try and keep your eyes in contact with hers and not focused on her boobs. I never said this would be easy boys.


With these tips handy you’ll have successfully fooled a chick into dating you, sleeping with you, and maybe even having a long term relationship with you.

Good luck bros!