May 2022


Empty Pleasures

You work all day to pay for what?

So you can grow old, play golf and putt?

Or travel the globe, packing in all the sights

To fill your days, with flying kites?

Turn to drink or drugs, to numb your mind

And life will pass, while you waste time

With empty pleasures, extra big size

they won’t challenge you, or make you wise

Work to give back, to a world that’s given to you

And you will build, a life that’s fulfilling and true

It will drive you to learn, develop and grow,

So you can help others, even those you don’t know

So as you grow older, remember the fate

of empty pleasure, don’t fall for the bate

Instead fill your time, working to giving back to your kind

To the planet and those who will challenge your mind.

At your funeral they’ll write, in your eulogy book

You gave more to the world, than you ever took

You made life better, for the next coming along

You were a friend who was kind, honest and strong.     

Who will I be!

Each morning I pause, to give thanks for my glee

Throw love to the world, and think … who will I be?

A builder, a painter, I spread out my wings

A teacher, a comic, or a woman who sings?

I want to be kind, honest, and strong

And I’ve learned that in life, it’s okay to be wrong

The mistakes I have made, they taught me the most

The greatest of which, is never to boast

Or to think my opinions, and critiques should be cast

On to those who’ve experienced, a much different past

There are so many options, when you’re open to life

And so many thoughts, that can fill you with strife

You can be the creator of positive energy

Make it part of your essence, treat others tenderly

Or you can cast disapproval, on how people behave

Creating negativity, which makes you a slave

To thoughts that don’t give you, happiness or peace

They’ll eat at your soul, and fill you with grief

There are so many choices, to make every day

But the most important of all, is to live in a way

That brings hope, love and joy, to all those you know

Spreading positive energy, is yours to bestow.

Each day I set out to make someone laugh

To give more to the world, than I have in the past

I’m not always able, to live up to this goal

But I’m hoping the effort, will build up my soul!