Now that everyone and their grandma is on social media, it seems there are a few habits that people need to avoid. They may be rules that you were not necessarily aware of, but fear not! Women’s Post has got you covered on the 5 social media etiquettes you didn’t know, but should really hop on upon completion of reading.

  1. One post a day keeps the haters at bay

Your cat is cute. She does tricks, she lays on the floor, she eats off your plate – but your friends don’t need an hourly update on their feed of their activities. You looked nice at the club last night, and one picture will suffice to demonstrate that. Anymore then that and you will end up on someone’s group chat, being torn to pieces on how you have to ‘get over yourself.’ Don’t be that person. That person is not liked. What will get you likes, however, is being a rare gem, one that posts one striking, tear jerking picture instead of 10 mediocre ones.

  1. The first Snapchat’s a charm

Logically, your selfie does not need to be seen twice. No matter if you get mistaken by Rihanna, or you are Rihanna herself, once a snap goes to your story, that’s it. It’s done. The world can indulge in your selfie no matter how many times they would like. (Let’s face it, if bae knew how many times we viewed their story, he/she would have some questions.) Therefore, another 10 seconds to special individuals seems rather tedious. Irrelevant, albeit. Besides, nothing makes a person feel more insignificant than seeing a snap they thought was meant for them, and seeing the same picture on the person’s story.

  1. 140 characters is still a lot of characters

There’s a stark difference between ‘too much information’ and ‘missing in action’. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do either or. However, it does take a special type of skill to master the perfect balance between the two. A play by play of your day in 140 characters is not ideal for anyone, especially if your day consists of nothing out of the ordinary. We get it; gym, breakfast, work, and complaints about work can be worded in so many different ways before it becomes redundant. So keep it spicy, babe.

  1. Sharing is not always caring

Just because it says to ‘share if you love your mom’, doesn’t mean you should. People will know you love your mom anyways. And if you don’t, well they won’t know, therefore preventing any sort of judgement and negative thoughts thrown your way. Care about the sanity of your friends before sharing. This goes for all types of sharing- status updates included. Read #3 again for reiteration. Sure, your intention may be to bring awareness to 784 of your closest friends about how ‘the world will end in 62 days’, however sharing a link from is really not helping you accomplish this goal. Be vigilante. Be woke.


Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat – keep your hashtags to a minimum! The thirst for likes is real, but if you #LikeforLike, your followers will #UnfollowWithSpite. Because #noone wants to read a #statusupdate that looks like this, no matter if you #wokeuplikethis or not. A few relevant #hashtags never hurt, but the fewer the better. For some added #education, please re-read this #paragraph how many times you need to further understand the sheer #annoyance that comes with excessive hashtagging.  #sorrynotsorry

If you are guilty of any of these social media habits, just know temporary relief from social annihilation will be provided. Just promise us you’ll change.

What are some other social media habits you didn’t know? Let us know in the comments below!  


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