Spending 10-15 minutes a day putting on make up is a normal part of the lives of most women, often becoming barely noticeable from day to day — but what happens when your  daily routine gets shaken up, kicked around and generally trampled on by an illness?

When daily tasks become energy sucking and something as simple as putting on make up could zap everything you have for that day. Over the years I’ve trialled and tested the best methods when it comes to being ill and make up. Here are a few tips I’ve come up with.

1. Try to use it as a pick me up rather than a necessity

Put on a bit of sparkle when heading out for a special occasion or as a confidence boost when bad news has reared its ugly head. Changing from the daily to the every so often not only saves you energy, but also turns the boring routine of applying beige products to a rewarding treat, meaning your more likely to reach for the bright, shimmering glitter than the pale pastels.

2. When it comes to actually applying  make up try to think what works best for you

If  you have pale, deathly looking skin, don’t go running to the orange foundation. As you grow tired your face will pale even more, leaving you looking like a ghost wearing an orange face pack rather than healthy.

3. To make your face a disguise to your ill health concentrate on the eyes

Eyes are what most people will first see, make yours wide and alive. Try to find a mascara that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t clump up those long eyelashes. Use no-irritant, waterproof eyeliner in black to give a statement which won’t leave you uncomfortable in the long run. If you are unable to apply eyeliner try bold eye shadows. Placing deep rich colours at the outside edge of eyelids to give an allusion of larger eyes.

4. Try to find products which won’t irritate or disappear after an hour

Too much energy could be wasted re applying make up throughout the day, and nobody likes to be discomfited, especially when you ill. If eye make ups a no no for you don’t despair.  Stand in front of a mirror and practise getting your eyes to smile. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me, nothing is more beautiful or healthy looking than a smiling eye.

5. Use moisturising lipstick

Lipstick is a major problem for me and is usually avoided like the plague, due to my having chronic dry lips. But when the lure of lipstick becomes to much I use moisturising lipstick. Making your lips plump and fresh is never a bad thing. Choosing the right shade can be a bit of a dilemma. My advice, the brighter the better. No one wants nude lips when their skin is pale and there eyes tired. By using a brighter shade your suggesting health and confidence. The nuder you go the more it will wash out your features. Lip brushes are a god send for those who find hand control a bit of a bother, and if your lips need a bit of help in the fuller department use a clear lip liner to give shadow but without running the risk of the colour bleeding.

6. Foundation can be a girls best friend, and a girls worst enemy

Over the years I’ve tried and embarrassingly failed to find the right foundation. But finally I think I have found the answer. Don’t use a foundation. For my dry, pale and oily skin I use a long lasting, non  allergic tinted prima. It gives the cover and look of foundation without the heaviness. Avoid pilling on the concealer over those tattooed on bags as this will only draw them more attention. Instead apply as much as you would to the rest of your face to give an even look, then make those eyes do all the work. Try using a sponge for a better finish and the wider surface to hold can be easier to control than a brush. Using a prima with SPF in it means on those summer days your already covered.

7. Be realistic

My last piece of advice is to be realistic. If you really don’t need the make up don’t waste the energy, less for the ill is always more in the long run and nothing is more beautiful than a smile.


Stay tuned for more blog posts by Beth Morse.


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