A call to all Liberals:

Let’s ignore the fact that all the transit experts and planners have spent the past two decades telling us that the most important subway line Toronto should build is a relief line that runs east to west carrying people to and from the suburbs.

Let’s ignore the fact that the Yonge line has exceeded its capacity and that pushing more people onto it by extending the Danforth subway line is not only a foolish idea, but will overburden the system and cost tax payers more over the long run.

Let’s ignore the fact that we know full well that Mayor Ford is simply pushing the Scarborough subway line because he can’t win the next election unless he wins Scarborough.

We are getting very good at ignoring the experts and the facts so let’s also ignore the fact that Toronto is a much larger economic region and all transit we build should have a broader scope of moving people across the region — which because of Lake Ontario, means that our east and west corridors have higher densities and our transit expansion must consider future growth in Etobicoke and Scarborough.

We should also ignore the facts and cling to past planning doctrine that claimed employment nodes would spread employment evenly across the city, it hasn’t actually panned out that way and many companies are moving back to the core placing more stress on the overcrowded Yonge Street subway line.

Let’s simply follow what Mayor Ford wants to do. He’s popular so he must be right.

If there were ever a time for true leadership on Transit it is now. I beg, I plead, and call on Premier Wynne to start leading. We are liberals because we don’t always do what is popular, but we do what is right.

It’s time to do the right thing when it comes to transit. It is time to listen to the experts, take the politics out of transit and build the subway line that will help move people all around the city. The suburban relief line will divert people from Scarborough and Etobicoke off the Yonge line and allow them to get across the city and to the downtown core quickly and efficiently.

It is the right, reasonable and responsible transit line to build, it’s time to pray that Premier Wynne show what a strong leader she is.


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