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LOVE & TECH: Is Tinder the death of romance in the technological age?

With the rise of instant dating smartphone apps like Tinder is true romance really just one tap and swipe away?

Today’s young professionals have a rabid appetite for social fulfillment. The enticing and fast-paced social applications for today’s cellphones allow people to satisfy their social urges more rapidly than ever, producing a cult-like atmosphere of social media worshipers. As this industry grows, social media developers are continually finding more creative ways to indulge people’s fixation with social efficiency.

The rise of the social-media empire has even conquered the world of dating. Today’s singles have quickly caught on to the benefits of using social media for their Romantic pursuits. These applications offer people a quick, nonchalant way to pursue someone within a relaxed virtual environment. Consequently, social media is enabling society to court others technologically – but to what extent is technology tarnishing the natural dating process?

We are currently experiencing a battle between efficiency and romance. Alas, we have the rise of Tinder, the savior to quench society’ thirst for unabashedly shallow, yet quick routes toward courtship. It epitomizes the death of organic dating. Through this program, one can browse through dozens of local singles, separating desirable candidates from the undesirables. If two individuals are mutually attracted to each other, they are able to converse.  Essentially, this program permits the mass accumulation of potential dates via iPhone; it is a pathetic excuse for romance!

We have essentially become a romantically deactivated society. We are experiencing an epidemic where at least 2 out of 3 people you know have likely been courted via text as opposed to meeting organically through friends or a tasteful piano bar. Tinder is mercilessly plunging our society at hyper-speed into a new era of dating where romantic contenders have been diminished to a cold selection process on a mobile screen. Dating has officially become stale, flat and virtually effortless as technology creates these fast-paced dating platforms.

Nevertheless, this unapologetically superficial, hyper-speed dating style is appropriate for the needs of today’s busy young professionals. Tinder’s efficiency makes it the ideal contemporary dating tool. It is a convenient, yet non-threatening way to pursue others. People are able to protect their egos through this low-risk courtship style.  Therefore, people can feel more emotionally safe because their pursuits appear unintentional and casual; it is easier to toss a message into a virtual vacuum than to create a face-to-face opening line. However, this care-free approach to courtship has soured the vulnerability and beauty of the traditional high-risk dating process. I am not implying that people re-enter a world of classic chivalry with codified ways of offering greetings or lofty proclamations of eternal commitment (society’s dating habits are far too removed from these hyper-romanticized ideals).  But this does not mean today’s 20 and 30 somethings have to live in a romantic wasteland! People should try abandoning their technologically protected realms—their phones screens— and genuinely interact with each other. When courtship is accompanied with anxiety and fear of rejection, the thrill of dating is preserved in its most raw form.  There is a heated sense of risk and sensuality associated with face-to-face courtship .Thus, people need to set aside their feelings of machoism and embrace real romance once again.

As the rise of these speedy dating alternatives continues, the integrity of intimate, face-to-face courtships are relentlessly dying. Social media applications such as Tinder are decaying the spirit of traditional organic courtship. But with the growing starvation for quicker, more compelling ways to socialize through media, technology will continue to address society’s growing demands. Yet, I find it difficult to imagine the next big dating application when society has already seemed to reach he peak of romantic lethargy.



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How to become a blogger, according to Rachel Esco

You can’t just snap your fingers and become an established blogger overnight — well, not unless you’re Trump or a Jenner. For us mere commoners, getting paid to do what you love is no easy venture. In turn, most bloggers will simply write for free, satisfied with the sheer notoriety of getting credit for their published work. But, the burning question on everyone’s minds is how to start raking in some green for your words? How do you start?

Many women dream of being like Miranda Priestly, dominating a business empire while wearing the hottest designer pumps. Realistically, however, being a professional blogger is not all that glamorous. Let’s put the fantasies to rest. Here’s how to become a successful entrepreneur online.  

Be annoyingly persistent

You may have heard it all before, but never underestimate the power of persistence. Before I began getting hired to blog for brands, I probably went six months looking for work with no avail. So, what did I do? I began voluntarily writing for online magazines to build my experience and portfolio. Eventually, I had collected enough impressive work to showcase for potential clients. But, you must be willing to invest this extra time and energy if you’re serious about blogging as a career.

Join popular blogging platforms

What’s better than making your own website? Joining popular blogging platforms!  With established websites like She Knows or Elite Daily, you can submit your work to gain exposure for your blogs. In the early stages, this approach gives you more credibility and authority as a blogger. These platforms also let you link to your personal blog and social media accounts, helping you drive more traffic to your awesome material.

You can even use these sites as your online portfolio if you don’t already have your own website. But if you do decide to create your own, make sure it looks modern and professional. Since it’s essentially a representation of you and your talent, you must make it count! First impressions are everything. And don’t forget to promote your portfolio on social media to further increase its visibility.

Pitch your services

Another promising route to becoming a blogger is learning how to pitch your services. Now, I’ll be honest. This process is very tricky and rarely successful. But at the very least, if you know how to sell your services well, there’s always a chance you’ll get some interested replies.

Next, when you pitch your services, you have to have a niche. Any random schmo with a laptop can pitch themselves as a “blogger”, but if you’ve got a specific area of expertise, you’ll be more desirable to clients. For example, maybe you’re an organic food blogger; you can cater your services to organic grocery stores and related businesses. You’ll get much farther when your present yourself as a specific type of blogger.

Don’t reach out to the biggest businesses right away. Remember that at the beginning, you’re just a tiny entrepreneurial fish in a sea of blogging barracudas — sorry. So instead, reach out to mid-range businesses who are not as heavily swamped with thousands of pitch emails. You’ll have a better chance at getting noticed and hired for your services.

Use LinkedIn like crazy

Pledge your loyalty to LinkedIn and never look back. While most people go gaga for Instagram and Snapchat, focus your energy on LinkedIn as if it’s your main source of social media. Recruiters are constantly scoping LinkedIn to find fresh talent. Plus, there’s always people with startup companies looking to collaborate with bloggers they find on LinkedIn. My first big client actually found me through LinkedIn, so I genuinely can confirm it works!


Ready to begin to become Canada’s next top blogger? Best of luck everyone!

Should I be jealous my husband watches porn?

Whether it’s behind your back, leaving a trail of computer history behind, or right next to you, he’s watching porn. Some women hate it; others don’t care. If your man’s porn fixations are getting under your skin, it’s time to face your feelings head on. Perhaps you’re burdened with questions buzzing in your brain, or worse, a closet full of insecurities bred from feeling upstaged by his favourite pornstar. Despite all this, you hide your jealousy because you don’t want to play porn police and rain on his boobie parade. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel this way.

Read through this question-answer guide to gain some clarity on your husband’s porn dependence.

Is it cheating?

The question of whether porn counts as cheating can be a confusing debate. The answer really depends on your personal definition of cheating. For some, cheating could be as simple as a small crush on a friend or co-worker, while for others, it’s being sexual or emotionally intimate with someone else. So, let’s say cheating can be understood as the latter, then no, watching porn is not cheating—unless he’s fallen in love with the porn star. Eek!

In simple terms, porn allows people to fantasize about spectacles that are not normally attainable in real life. Is this necessarily bad? Well, think about it this way: what’s the root cause of your jealousy? Is it the fact that his eyes and juices are shooting elsewhere or that it’s being directed at another woman? According to sex therapist Alina Palin, “most men do not necessarily watch porn for the women. Rather, the excitement comes from the super sexualized actions that the women are performing.”

Shane Panser, 31, agrees with this view. “When I watch porn, I don’t really care for what the girls look like. I just browse around for videos until I find one giving a crazy good BJ.”

Matt McMillen, a medical writer for Web MD, confirms this sentiment in his article, “Why Men Like Porn”, explaining that for most men, the reliance on porn is not grounded in a preference for another woman, but rather the rawness of the sex she’s performing. He says, “It’s not about what he’s not getting at home. It’s the novelty. It’s a turn-on.”

So, is porn cheating? All signs point to no.

What if it’s too hard core?

It’s common to worry about the type of porn your man watches and its level of intensity. Some types of porn can be pretty hard core, involving all the bells and whistles, from face-slapping degradation to frantic “juice” guzzling, topped with mascara running down the poor girl’s eyes. You get the picture. And all the while, the pornstar is loving it—so not realistic! Consider her size quadruple Z bust, big blonde hair and sky-high stilettos, a look that no regular grocery-running woman would ever wear. Clearly, it’s all just make-believe.

Many women think that their man’s favourite porn is a representation of his sexual desires for his relationship. It’s not. These videos are not real life—it’s pretend, separate from his intimacy with you. There’s also a good reason why he might keep these two realms apart. In the porn world, it can be thrilling to watch a woman get battered up by three schlongs, as distasteful as that may sound to some. However, with you, he can disconnect and compartmentalize his porn cravings, and appreciate your unique sexual dynamic on its own.

It’s not necessarily about being better or worse—it’s just something different, like enjoying a different spice. As explained in the men’s sex guide, featured by Intimate Village, men use porn to supplement and vary their sexual urges. So, while most women hope that their men’s porn appetites remain safely along the lines of low-rez lesbians and homemade videos by couples, realistically, many men enjoy much fiercer exploits.

Am I less desirable?

The true allure of porn for a man is rarely a negative reflection on his partner, says sex therapist Lonnie Barbach, PhD, in practice in San Francisco. “Some women feel threatened because they don’t think they’re as sexy as a porn star,” she says.

Yet, as previously mentioned, the seduction of porn is set in the sexual performance, not the actress’ looks. She could be gorgeous or plain—either way, he’s usually not imagining himself with her on a personal level, but rather enjoying the possibility of experiencing that pleasure.

According to sex and relationship specialist Luke Gilkerson, it’s really just part of a guy’s nature to just look at naked women in general. In turn, women should not personalize this behaviour, which is instinctive, as long as it’s kept respectively controlled within the confines of porn and not with another woman.

If you still feel that your man’s fantasies are alienating you from his sex life, you can always join in on the action. Together, you can role play or experiment, supplementing the experience with twosome toys, as R.Esco suggests in her article, “The Health Benefits of Sex.” Whichever way you fire it up, the main goal is to streamline his porn fetishes to align with your sexuality in a healthy and agreeable manner.


Like any habit that needs curbing, your jealousy can be easily diffused with the right attitude toward porn. Accept your husband’s porn as something natural and inevitable, but most importantly, never see it as your competition.

Morning makeup routine for moms on the go

Between errands and the kids, life can get a bit hectic— but your makeup routine shouldn’t have to be. Whether you’re stuck with morning eye circles or a pale complexion, you can learn a simple beauty-boosting routine which takes less than 10 minutes. So, even if time isn’t on your side, you can still feel fresh-faced and confident before heading out the door. Want to know the secret?   Here’s a quick and easy morning makeup routine for moms on the go.

Fake Awake

First thing in the morning, we’re often groggy and grumpy—boo! In order to melt away the morning blues, there are great ways to perk up your complexion and get the juices flowing. If you’re a mom on a budget, you can try some DIY methods to boost the colour in your cheeks. First, you can apply caffeinated tea bags to the under eye area, which stimulates blood flow to brighten dark circles. Wakey, wakey!

Another fantastic trick is to mix cinnamon and honey together and apply it to dark circles. The cinnamon contains powerful antioxidants, which promote healthy skin and fight against wrinkles. The honey acts as a natural moisturizer. When combined, these ingredients form the ultimate perk-up potion. You’re welcome.

Face Primer Before Foundation

These days, applying makeup without a primer is like leaving your house without a bra. Without it, you just don’t have the same boom-factor. Currently, primers stand as one of the hottest beauty must-haves in the industry, so of course, there are dozens of different versions available on the market. When choosing the best ones, it’s best to look for two factors: wrinkle-smoothing and softening. This means you’re looking for a product that will reduce the appearance of lines, while also prepping your skin for a smooth makeup application.

You can create a sensational DIY primer by blending a tiny drop of Rosehip oil into water and massaging the mixture onto your face. The effects are lovely, working to soften fine lines and hydrate your skin. Once you’ve applied your primer, you can layer on makeup more seamlessly.

BB Cream over Powder

Powder is quickly becoming an age-old artifact — something to forget along with other fazed-out trends like jelly sandals and poodle perms. Goodbye to you all and thank goodness. Right now, it’s all about dewy, healthy-looking makeup. Since powder is quite drying and cakey, it lacks that flawless finish that can be found with today’s leading beauty balms.   What is beauty balm, you ask? Known as BB cream, it acts as a high-coverage moisturizer that also smooths out fine lines and hydrates the skin. Most mainstream cosmetic companies are replacing their powders with BB creams, catering to the huge demand for this effortless light-weight coverage. It’s an absolute godsend because it provides that beautiful high-maintenance look without all the fuss and time—perfect for busy yummy mummies.

Finish with Blush and Mascara

The last steps are relatively quick and simple. Once you’ve applied your bb cream, you can dust on some blush to the apples of your cheeks to pump-up your complexion. Blush is important because it’s often the difference between looking like a pale zombie and a living, breathing human. So, don’t underestimate the life-infusing powers of blush— it’s CPR for your complexion.

Finally, add a couple coats of mascara to your lashes to open up your eyes. Ideally, you’ll want to use a mascara that specializes in creating a lengthening effect. Not only will your eyes look brighter and more attractive, you’ll actually look younger as well.


With this quick and easy morning makeup routine, every mom can easily get her groove on and hustle out the door. Ultimately, we all deserve to feel happy and healthy-looking — so use this regimen to get that extra boost of confidence to take you through the day!


How to date more successfully

It’s no secret that most of today’s dating happens in virtual space. One swipe here, one click there, and presto! You’re matched! The problem, however, is that there is a reverse mentality associated with this world. Many women are using these dating apps with the hopes of impressing a man enough to win his approval. She may be wondering things like, “Is my pic good?”, “Did I write too much in my profile?”, “Should I say hi first?” Notice how all these anxieties are based on the idea that the man is the decider, while the woman seeks validation. How often do you try to earn his thumbs-up? This reverse mentality is important because it allows you to recognize your own power and start approaching dating with more confidence.    

Know your Worth

Knowing your worth is an important part of dating the smart way. If you truly believe in your value, he’ll be more likely to invest in your stock. He’ll be seeking your approval instead of the other way around.

How can I do this, you ask? Simple: you just need to know your worth. For example, a guy from an online dating app makes a teasing remark about how you should take him out for dinner. Many men think this is flirtatious and endearing— so instead of playing along, you should assertively say something like, “But we haven’t yet established if you’re even the right one to make me leave this dumb app.” With this approach, you’re creating the understanding that you’re also someone who deserved to be pursued.

Date Around

In the words of Billie Holiday, “A kiss that is never tasted is forever and ever wasted.” In spirit of this mantra, you should treat dating as a sampling buffet. This is not to say that you should gobble down every dessert at the table. Rather, you should select a few delights that interest you, and take the time to learn about the individual flavours you enjoy the most. When you discover a type that you genuinely like, you can then invest your time into nurturing that match.

The bottom line is that you need to see the dating process as your chance to discover your needs and wants, and focus less on becoming what your partner wants. The more you learn about your personal dating goals and desires, the more confident you’ll become later on when choosing the right guy.

Stop Dating Jerks                          

Most women who date jerks secretly hope that they’ll be the one who changes him. The problem with this mentality is that you’re wasting all your valuable time and effort trying to improve someone who’s not fit to date you in the first place. If he needs that much changing, why are you so attracted and invested in him? If he’s not making you feel like the most special woman in the world, why bother? Find someone else who doesn’t need changing because he’s already a great guy.

 Reconsider your Dating Apps

 Finally, you may also want to reconsider the dating apps you’re using. Apps like Tinder and POF are usually just a virtual sex platter. There’s other apps like Match and WhoWinkedMe, which are better suited for quality singles looking for the real deal.


Ultimately, if you want to enjoy better dating experiences, you need to start improving yourself first. Make good choices about who you date and, most importantly, how you treat yourself.

5 things you shouldn’t do on a first date

In today’s cut-throat and unforgiving dating world, searching for romance is like scouring through a jungle of animals in search of “the one.” While this process can be tricky, awkward and sometimes downright frustrating, it’s important not to lose faith. Of course, women are not usually to blame, us being fabulous and all. We know full well that the world is plagued with tragic male singles, ready to perturb us with dull conversation, sloppy first kisses, and attempts at one-night-stands.

However, not all men necessarily commit these habits. And while it can be amusing to savagely gab to our friends and rant about our recently blacklisted bachelor, we should take a moment to realize that we are not always the victims of failed dates. In fact, many of us spend so much time sizing up our gentleman callers, but we rarely ever consider how our own habits might be affecting our dating experiences.

So, perhaps we could all benefit from a tad bit of humility by considering the male perspective as we reign comfortably on our royal thrones. This being said, let’s take a look at five things you shouldn’t do on a first date:

1. Do not ask about the future … yet

© Duane Osborn/Somos Images/Corbis

On the first date, it’s not appropriate to raise future-related questions unless he does. This is a double standard we all loathe but must regrettably obey. This means avoiding certain questions: Do you see marriage in your future? How many kids do you want? These are issues that will surely be addressed as you move through the dating process. Until that point, a man doesn’t want you envisioning his future before he’s even had a chance to get to know you. It’ll make him feel trapped and definitely turned off.

2. Do not dress like a high-class call girl

Many women enjoy dressing provocatively for their dates. Although it’s natural to want to look impressive and sexy, women should focus on flaunting their personality whether than their skin. As a general rule, if you’re going to show off your legs, hide your cleavage. And if you’re planning on covering up your lower half, then feel free to show a little more décolleté (without giving him an overly generous glimpse!).

3. Do not ask about his assets

While you may have your quality checklist, you must put this aside for the first date. Many men find it incredibly invasive when a woman asks incessantly about their assets, especially so early in the dating process. You do not want to appear over ambitious or shallow. This means you should focus on getting to know your date on a personal level and learn about his quality not his quantity.

4. Do not get drunk

© Hero Images/Corbis
Nobody likes a waste-case.

When trying to control your first date jitters, it’s easy to drink a little more than usual. But while a couple Cosmos can be helpful, make sure not to overdose on this nerve-easing delight. Otherwise, you may become too comfortable and possibly lose your sense of etiquette. You may start blabbering excitedly or even let your hormones do the talking. For this reason, it’s best to let your sober and wonderful self shine through on the first date.

5. Do not sleep with him

If you have a more laissez-faire attitude toward dating, you may have pulled a one-nighter or two. Sometimes when a great date becomes heated with good conversation and a few too many martinis, it’s tempting to lose yourself in a steamy moment. You may have even been guilty of convincing yourself that you’ve found your “soul-mate” and believe it’s a free pass to rush into the sack. No. Stop. What you might mistake for your long-sought-love is really just alcohol and hormones. In reality, rushing to sex rarely leads to a long-lasting relationship. Moreover, building a real intimate connection requires a couple to establish communication, respect, and trust over an extended period of time. A hot night in bed does not establish this connection — no matter how great the sex.

By avoiding these crimes of romance, you may save yourself from plunging into dating hell. Ultimately, it’s important to understand that great dates are a two-way street. While we can expect to be charmed and courted, we also have a responsibility to avoid poor dating habits. Unfortunately, these rules will obviously not protect you from meeting awful men, but at least you can take comfort in knowing the failure was on him, and not on you.

Good luck!

All images courtesy of Corbis

GALLERY: Hot trends for spring

As the dreaded snow finally comes to an end, we can look forward to the exquisite Spring fashions that await us. This season is all about looking soft and feminine, which is deal for refined, yet spirited ladies. Overall, we are also seeing a variety floral-themes, flirty A-line skirts and crisp oxford shirts. These lovely classic staples make it easy for every woman to stay fashionable and fabulous this season.

floral 2Florals

For Spring, designers are embracing a light, floral touch to a variety of ensembles. Rebecca Taylor shows this trend stunningly with a pink collared shirt and cropped trousers. Oscar de la Renta reveals a more playful interpretation of this floral motif with a lime green  A-line dress with white lace at the sleeves. These gracefully feminine designs are an excellent way to feel vibrant at any patio lunch or outdoor gathering.




sheersSheers & Layers

For a subtle flash of skin, sheers are a great way to look fresh and stylish . Calvin Klein reveals a sporty take on this trend, showing a sheer oversized tee shirt with a pleated white skirt. You can layer a bandeau underneath or for a more conservative touch, you may wear a full camisole. This trend can be easily paired with gladiator sandals or neutral pumps for an chic and polished touch.







Diving into the light spirit of Spring is easy with crisp pastel hues . This season, the runways are flooded with baby blues, yellows, peaches, and mints. And there is no need to worry about coordinating separate pieces because you’re encouraged to match your tops and bottoms. This matchy-matchy trend is uber-vogue and offers a crisp daytime look.


midi maxiMidi Skirts & Maxi Dresses

This season, we are embracing skirts full-throttle with a keen interest in a flowing, airy look. The maxi dress is still going strong. It offers a goddess-like vibe and is ideal for  a fashionable ladies who want to cover-up. This trend also offers a great combination of comfort and style. Known for its weather-versatility, the maxi dress is long enough for chilly evenings, yet also light enough for humid days.  Women often pair also a loose cardigan or light scarf with the maxi dress, giving the outfit more complexity.

For ladies who don’t mind flashing a little more leg, the midi skirt is also a popular option. From sassy breezy lace to structured versions, the midi skirt comes in a variety of fabrics and shapes to suit your unique body type. You can pair this look with a chic leather jacket to add a touch of edge to this sweet ensemble.



Blazers are still hot, hot, hot! They are perfect for adding structure and refinement to those light spring dresses. In terms of color, white and black blazers are a safe and classic option. However, blazers in the pastel-color range are another popular choice as brilliantly shown by British super model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the 2014 Vogue Festival. The 26-year-old bombshell showed off her curves in a Marios Schwab mini dress with a soft pink pastel blazer.





Rachel Mara’s Slidely Gallery by Slidely Photo Gallery

Porn: The dreaded mistress in our relationships

If your man says he doesn’t watch it, he’s probably lying. With a dreaded rep for making wives wince and girlfriends erupt with jealousy, porn is the seductive mistress luring our men into a world of unrealistic eroticism and fantasy.

Recent studies indicate that men in relationships watch porn about 1.7 times a week for around 20 minutes, according to Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse from the University of Montreal. These stats are not surprising with the growing availability of high definition porn today.  At all times, men can easily access porn on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops for quick and easy arousal wherever they go.

Yet, to what extent are women affected by this multi-billion dollar industry? Is there some level of pressure to fulfill these pornographic fantasies in order to keep men satisfied? It seems nearly impossible to maintain a comfortable balance between fulfilling these fantasies while also feeling secure and respected. And while it’s important to entice your man, you shouldn’t abandon your personal style of sexual expression.

Of course, men are not only to blame. The palette for porn is shared by both men and women alike.  A couple that embraces porn may be adding a playful element to their sexual routine. So, in many ways, porn can offer a healthy source of inspiration before or during sex. However, a chronic dependence on porn can estrange sexual partners. Couples should also ensure that they can nurture their sexual bond without the aid of a third party. This means being able to separate the hyper-sexualized world of porn from real life interactions.

Yet when it comes to separating fantasy from reality men usually have a trickier time accepting the pornographic world as mere make-believe. In more severe cases, men can become reliant on these steamy exploits as the ideal stimulant.  In an interview exploring this issue, Daniel, 43, shared his thoughts by stating, ” I am happily married but I can’t fully enjoy myself with my wife unless I think about pornographic images in my head.” When addicted to hyper-erotic acts or thoughts, it’s easy to lose interest in real-life sex.

Consequently porn can alienate a woman in her relationship. A woman may become a mere accessory to her man’s mental fantasy instead of being the main attraction.

A recent film, “Don Jon”, explores the allure of porn and its effects. The plot focuses on Jon, a womazing gerbronie, who struggles with his obsession with porn and masturbation causing deteriorated connections with women. Moreover,  as porn feeds his erotic fancies, it weakens his interest in real-life sex. As a result, he is unable to appreciate reciprocal and meaningful sexual experiences. Through this movie, we may recognize how the porn industry can spoil relationships.

Despite these dangers, it’s understandable why so many men become lost in the rapture of porn. The sex is vividly over-glorified: the women are always idealized, the sharp lighting enhances every detail,  and the pleasure is exaggerated to a show-stopping, shrieking spectacle. This often causes real life sex to pale in comparison. Also, men are highly visual, and porn provides the ideal pressure-free gateway to high-intensity visual arousal.

Yet, porn worshippers need to accept reality. The truth is that most women do not wear leather stiletto boots in bed, nor do they yearn to have their hair yanked from their skulls or faces slapped. And finally, most women do not relish being showered in sticky love juices. These are male-dominated fantasies, not reality!

Perhaps porn fanatics should consider changing the type of porn they watch in order to gain more realistic perceptions of sex.


Sochi 2014: Protests and funny tweets against Russia’s anti-gay laws

With the passing of the controversial anti-gay legislation in Russia, millions of enraged viewers watched as the Sochi Opening Ceremony began. Tensions were especially high as President Vladimir had recently issued a warning against protesting — the  excuse being that “propaganda” should not be spread during a sporting event. Of course, this warning only exacerbated people’s thirst to speak out. So it didn’t take very long for people across the globe to start cyber-bashing Russia and devise creative ways to protest.

Human rights organizations, politicians, spectators, and athletes banded together in feverish harmony to reject Russia’s homophobic attitudes. On the national level, U.S. President Barack Obama showed his support by picking two openly gay athletes to join the U.S. delegation at the Sochi Olympics. This move was ultimately viewed as a snub to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin.

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion showed their support by releasing a hilarious homo-erotic commercial, featuring two luge sledders moving suggestively in slow motion to the song,  “Don’t You Want me Baby.” At the end of the clip, the commercial displays the following phrase: “The games have always been a little gay — let’s fight to keep it that way.” You can see the clip below and on CIDI website.

Google also joined the initiative, adding rainbow colors, the sign of inclusiveness, to its homepage logo on the day of the Opening Ceremony. Locally, another major sign of protest was shown by Brahm Finkelstein, a Toronto advertising copywriter, who invested $10,000 creating rainbow-colored matryoshka dolls to celebrate diversity. To show your support, you can purchase these dolls at

As this viral wave of support spread, there was an explosion of pro-gay comments buzzing on the Internet, particularly on Twitter.

Here are the top funny tweets against Russia’s Anti-Gay laws!

1. There are no #gay people in #Sochi. So weird, the same is true about American bath houses. Nothing but bi-curious! (@SteveStrafford)



4. Can’t believe PSY is dancing Gangnam Style while Putin sets gay dogs on fire. (@DJWeedPizza)


6. Does Canada have any openly gay athletes going to Sochi? I want them to walk hand in hand at the opening ceremony!  (@srobarts)

7. The opening of Putin’s homophobic Olympics will be notable by the world leaders not in attendance (@bruce_arthur)



10. The German rainbow outfits are awesome… Whether it is a dig at Russia’s anti-gay ideology or not. (I hope it is. Imagine Putin’s face!) (@ AdamTodd310389)


12. The Russian athletes look a little #gay to me.(@patpowers)


Rocking red lips in 2014

Over the last few seasons, red lips have fiercely been on the rise. Known for its reminiscence of ol’ Hollywood glamour, celebrities and fashionistas alike are painting their lips red to evoke blatant sex appeal. But why are these red lips so arousing? Historically, red lips started by the attempt to mimic the color of female genitalia, explaining why humans perceive this color as sexually-charged. Yet, despite this color’s racy rep, there are a variety of ways to make this trend work without looking too provocative. It’s all about how you wear red lipstick and what shades you choose. And with the number of styles available, you can create many different looks depending on your attire and attitude. So, whether you’re a bubbly flirt or a foxy workaholic, get ready to see all the ways you can rock this trend.


For a classic and refined look, choose a Venetian red lipstick with a matte texture. This style is sensual, yet classy, making it the perfect choice for dinner parties, glitzy nights out or even conservative formal affairs. Angelina Jolie shows off this color brilliantly as she poses at the 2014 Golden Globe awards. Her red lips beautifully compliment her cream Versace gown, setting the standards for true refinement.


You can crank down the sexiness of your red lipstick by choosing muted colors with earthy undertones. With this understated approach, you’ll appear both conservative and feminine as Jennifer Lawrence elegantly shows us on the red carpet with brownish-red lips.  Her natural red lip color and simple eye makeup creates a polished and sophisticated look. For any working lady, this style can also easily be translated into office wear. Simply pair this lipstick color with professional basics like a white oxford shirt or a sheer blouse, and you’ll be fashion-forward and work ready!


When going full-throttle toward blatantly sexy,  look to Miranda Kerr, the Victoria Secret supermodel, for lessons in erotic lip wear. As she proves on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month, blood red lipstick is a sure-fire way to appear sexy and delicious. She makes this sizzling lip color appear very high-fashion with a black tailored blazer and loose curls. You can also achieve this foxy look by pairing your bright red lipstick with sexy staples like a little black dress or a V-neck camisole. For an edgier vibe, pair this color with a chic black leather jacket, inspired by current biker trends.


For the playful gal, shiny cherry-red lipstick is the way to go. This color is incredibly charismatic and offers a beautiful compliment to feminine assembles like A-line dresses or frilly blouses. And to draw more attention to your lips, you can add an extra layer of  clear gloss which gives your pout more dimension. To achieve this sassy lipstick look, take cues from the beloved country singer, Taylor Swift who always looks charmingly kissable. At the Golden Globes, Taylor wowed fans as she combined her glossy, fruity lips with an elegant sweetheart neckline gown by Carolina Herrera.


With the versatility of reds available, every lady can have fun finding the ideal color to match the occasion and her personal style. Just remember that wearing red lipstick is all about showcasing your pout. So, make sure to downplay the rest of your makeup, allowing your lips to shine as the main focus of your face. Ultimately, with these tips in mind, you can confidently and fashionably rock red lips