Samantha Osaduke


Spring detox day 1-3

After previously registering online, I was e-mailed a detox tutorial package and picked up my detox kit on May 11th. The detox kit contains Chlorella supplements, detox tea and a dry brush. The tutorial guide includes how-to information, a shopping list, meal plan, and recipes. I selected the Free Spirit Meal Planner.

The BarreNourish Detox consists of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. There is no wheat, meat, refined sugar, dairy, alcohol or coffee for 10 days. I am excited to see fresh produce and the recipes look delicious, but it will be hard not to snack throughout the day and experience true hunger. I was surprised not to see soy or tofu, but instead to see sea salt to taste in the recipes.

I joined the Facebook group for additional support since I am doing this alone. As a participant in the second wave, I had the advantage of seeing the questions and concerns raised from the first wave of participants (May 6th to May 15th) along the nutritionist’s responses.

My initial concern was the Chlorella tablets supplement, but I did my own research about the benefits and side effects before self-medicating. It was safe to go ahead and use it.

When I did my first grocery shopping and saw it all on the conveyor belt at the grocery store, I thought, “Who knew greens could look so good?” The meals were less expensive, but the drinks were slightly more than I’m used to. Overall, my grocery bill was considerably less than usual.

I listened to the first of three teleseminars on May 11th where the nutritionist went over the detox tutorial packet.

I have been utilizing my food and mood diary to document my meals, emotions and any side effects. I want to know how I am feeling physically and mentally throughout the process.

On Monday, May 13th, I had a green classic smoothie, my first green smoothie for breakfast. The smoothie was delicious and filling. I had kale salad with grapes, avocados and almonds for lunch, and red lentil coconut curry for dinner. Throughout the day, I had chamomile tea, almond butter stuffed dates, coconut milk, trail mix and almond milk.

During the second day of the detox, I had a raspberry chocolate smoothie and the red lentil coconut curry for lunch. My dinner was cauliflower, tomato, kale and white beans. My snacks and drinks during the day included rice milk, trail mix, peppermint tea, almond butter stuffed dates and almond milk. I haven’t experienced any cravings or side effects.

On the third day, May 15th, I started my day with an avocado, lime and ginger smoothie followed by a potato leek soup for lunch. I had a lentil chickpea sunshine salad for dinner. I also had coconut milk, mango juice, and dates stuffed with almond butter.

Join me as I go through a 10-Day Detox and hear about my experiences as I participate in the process.

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Toronto’s Best Patios

Spring is here, the snow has started to melt and it is now time for Canadians to start heading out to the patios. Enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine at some of the best patios that Toronto has to offer for lunch or dinner. You’ll love the atmosphere and the downtown locations.  Here are my top three patios.

1. Mill Street Brewery Pub

Located in the heart of the Distillery District, this quaint pub overlooks the cobblestone streets. The atmosphere outside is more relaxing and not as noisy as the interior. The patio is surrounded by creativity and a village with historic architecture. In case you want to head inside, they offer beer samplings and a brewery tour.

2. The Bedford Academy

If you’re in the Annex, be sure stop at The Bedford Academy. Although you may think it would be crowded with University of Toronto students, this is not the case. They tend to attract young professionals with a mix of students. The patio itself is relatively secluded and tucked away behind trees and greenery. The environment of The Bedford Academy is eclectic and the tables are near the mansion. The street is quiet and you don’t even feel as if you’re in the city.

3. Grenadier Cafe

Overlooking High Park is a beautiful and family friendly cafe. There are gardens nearby and the cafe has a beautiful wooden deck. It is reminiscent of eating out at a Provincial Park without leaving the city. The proximity is great for a walk or run in the park or watching Shakespeare in the Park. There is also parking nearby for the restaurant, which is an added bonus.

With the temperatures rising and the gorgeous patios that Toronto has to offer, it is hard not to go out for lunch or dinner. You won’t be disappointed with the scenery or atmosphere when visiting any of these three patios.

Women of the Week: Anita Emilio

Anita Emilio always dreamed of working in the travel industry. At age 30, after 10 years in the Art House Movie industry, she took a leap of faith and left to follow her passion. Somebody recognized that passion and provided her with a great opportunity to train her. Initially her salary was cut in half, but there are no regrets. “It is the best sacrifice my family and I have ever made,” says Emilio.

She was always drawn to the world of travel, seeing it as a leveler since everyone can experience it despite their age or upbringing. “It is something that even those who have nothing in common can chat about and I had big dreams of seeing the world. There’s no better way to achieve those goals than to work in the industry.  I have been extremely fortunate to have travelled extensively both for work and pleasure.”

Despite choosing not to pursue a post-secondary degree, she credits her success to the notion that if you work hard, good things will happen. This appears to be working for her since she started leading Travellers Counsellors. “Put the world’s nicest yet most driven people in a room, inject incredible leadership, give them the right tools to do the job and believe in them 100%,” says Emilio. Her approach is “built entirely on relationships, with customers, suppliers and each other.”

She still manages to make her company distinctive. “Our agents are the best in the business, with many years of experience and this is their career and passion. We are a family-run business and extend that sense of family to our agents, our head office team, our partners and our clients,” she says.

Work-life balance is an integral part that comes from within. There are “long hours and often a lot of travel for work so you must be very careful to juggle the balance between home and work and know when to say no.” She remarks that the younger generation understands this element.

Emilio remains focused on recruiting in the travel industry and will be launching an online televised broadcast on February 12th; later, she will meet those great candidates. “I personally go out and meet them to make certain that we are right for each other and that it will be a successful relationship,” says Emilio.

When Emilio is not working, she is an avid marathon runner. “Absolutely, running a marathon is proof that when you set your mind to something, anything is possible,” she says. When she is alone with her thoughts, she can think, plan and dream.

“Be strong and daring. Know who you are and be proud of it, don’t do anything your future self would not be proud of.  I have left and lost positions when I was asked to do things that were against my values and beliefs.  At the end of the day you have to look yourself  in the mirror, do it with a clean and clear conscience,” says Emilio. “You can be nice and kind and succeed in the business world.”