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10 Bizarre Dating Sites

There has always have been this underlying stigma towards singles about being lonely, sad, and undesirable. So its no wonder as to why no one wants to be alone for more than socially acceptable  an hour. Website developers are taking this weakness to their advantage by creating dating services to fit people’s needs and wants. They may seem a little strange to you and me but reviews show that people have actually found their soulmates through these bizarre and rather questionable apps:


You’ve seen the movie. But have you lived the movie? Now you can, in 50 Shades of Grey. This flashy website is designed for those you want to indulge in their BDSM fantasies. Just don’t except a helicopter ride or a fancy car. “Come and find your perfect Anastasia or Mr Grey.”


“Let’s face it, sometimes it can be challenging to find women and men who are open-minded or accepting enough to want to stay with you once they’ve learned about your foot fetish.  Meet someone who ‘gets’ your fetish, or maybe even shares it!”


Women’s Post tested out this site because it was so ‘out of this world’. “A dating site for singles who know how to get a life! Well, an afterlife. Okay, maybe some sort of in-between, nether-world, ethereal existence. But if you’re looking for love, and you’re dead, Ghost Singles is the site for you.” Turns out, its just a website with comical profiles on dead-studs. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?


Featured on Ellen, “GlutenfreeSingles is a website committed to building a national and global community for those who are gluten free. Living a gluten-free life can be challenging, especially in a world where gluten-soaked foods are just about everywhere. At GlutenfreeSingles, you are not alone!”


With a tagline like “City folks just don’t get it”, its easy to see how one would instantly be attracted to this farmers only dating website. Forget tall buildings, if you like large acres of corn and men who harvest said large acres of corn, this website is for you. Nothing screams dating than plaid shirts and straw hats.


“It’s no fun looking for love when you’re a clown, behind all the make-up and the red nose is a lonely heart. Clown Dating offers a community for single entertainers to chat, have fun and arrange dates. Being on the road all the time can make it hard to find someone close by, but with members from towns and cities all over the world hooking up has never been easier. You don’t have to be called Coco, or Cathy to join!” Lonely red-noses unite!


Sugar daddys. They’re rich, they have significant life experience, and they’re only interested in your looks. What more reason do you need to find one? As advertised, “Unpaid bills no longer have to be a concern. Indulge in shopping sprees, expensive dinners, and exotic travels.” Sold!


“If you comfortable with open relationships, or you are interested in forming relationships with multiple partners simultaneously, then Polyamorous may describe you. Polyamory reflects a fluid attitude towards interpersonal relationships and bonding, based on the individual(s) involved, and what they feel comfortable with.” Side flings have never less stressful.


“The medical profession is certainly one of the noblest around. It’s little wonder that single doctors are considered quite the catch as they not only help the sick and injured, but are highly respected in the community, are highly educated, have a compassionate nature and many of them earn a considerable amount of money as well.” Finally, a dating site that truly understands women’s needs.


“Meet like-minded fans in your city, and find friends, romance & much more today! No Felix Felicis or love spells required! Join the muggle dating community!” Muggles meeting muggles. How magical!

There you have it! If a dating app you use has made the list, please do not take offense. Rather, comment below and tell us how your experience was! Remember, it’s okay to be single once in a while. Finding love is a natural, unexpected situation that just happens when its supposed to. However, if you want to have some fun along the way- we don’t blame you! 😉

Ireland Says Yes!

More than half of the country voted yes to same sex marriage last week, making Ireland the 20th country to legally embrace homosexuality.

“Today Ireland made history,” Prime Minister Enda Kenny said at a news conference, adding that “in the privacy of the ballot box, the people made a public statement.”

“This decision makes every citizen equal and I believe it will strengthen the institution of marriage,” Mr. Kenny said.

To celebrate, here is a list of the 20 countries that has legalized gay marriage:

The Netherlands (2000)

Belgium (2003)

Canada (2005)

Spain (2005)

South Africa (2006)

Norway (2009)

Sweden (2009)

Argentina (2010)

Iceland (2010)

Portugal (2010)

Denmark (2012)

Brazil (2013)

England and Wales (2013)

France (2013)

New Zealand (2013)

Uruguay (2013)

Luxembourg (2014)

Scotland (2014)

Ireland (2015)

Finland (effective 2017)

Ray Rice Joins Statistic of Dismissed Domestic Violence Cases

Febuary 2014: Ray Rice is caught on an elevator security camera beating his then fiance, soon knocking her unconscious. More than a year later, the charges Janay Palmer laid on him – are dismissed. Rice paid $125 in fines and received anger management counselling before his trial. Was that enough to dismiss the charges against the former Baltimore Ravens star?

Janay Palmer still married Ray Rice after the incident, even defending her husband and condemning the media for their negative coverage. So with social media currently blowing up over the controversial decision to dismiss the charges, we should really be thinking about Janay Palmer, and the thousands of domestic abuse victims that continue to forgive the ones that abuse them, the victims that fail to come forward about their abuse, or the victims that unfortunately, don’t make it.

Statistics show that of the 15,029 people charged with assault in domestic violence cases from 2010 to 2013, 8,203 cases were dismissed or downgraded. Only 13 were found guilty. Of course, it’s safe to say that at least 80% of these cases don’t receive little to no media attention. An NFL football player caught on tape is just a mere exception. The video has over 11 million views on YouTube with comments that either condone Rice’s actions or blame Palmer, who is seen slapping her fiance before Ray simply ”hits her back.”

Instead of being furious over the dismissal, women should really look more in depth into the situation. No one knows what really happens between any couple; Ray Rice and his wife could be happily married since the incident for all we know. On the other hand, Janay Rice could also just be refusing to acknowledge what happened with the man who caused such a whirl wind in her life. And although making assumptions is wrong, failing to speak up is too.

15, 000 people were charged for their abuse, but thousands more roam free as there are victims that are too afraid to even take legal action. While Rice’s case may be dismissed and out of people’s minds within a few days, there are other cases that have yet to go to trial. Victims of domestic abuse shouldn’t lose hope over their situation. Speaking out is the first step. Campaigns such White Ribbon, Rose, or just telling a loved one can take you one step closer to living the life you deserve.

Emma Sulkowicz Carries The Weight To Her Graduation

As Columbia student, Emma Sulkowicz, carried her mattress to her convocation today to protest her alleged rape case, we can’t help think about all the other cases that go unnoticed. While Emma makes headlines today for her commendable efforts, her alleged rapist still attends the prestigious institution- without any consequences.

Google Emma Sulkowicz and the first suggestion that shows up is liar. She was raped by a fellow classmate the first day of my sophomore year, back in 2013. She failed to report the incident at first because she didn’t feel like dealing with the emotional trauma. It was after she met two other women who were assaulted by the same person that she decided to speak up. All three of them pressed charges. All three charges were dismissed.

She started the Carry That Weight Mattress Project, where she began carrying a standard issue dorm mattress with her around campus as a symbol of the weight she carries as a rape survivor.  Her actions garnered significant attention and started a social media revolution.

President of Columbia, Lee Bollinger, decided to make his own statement today at convocation when he refused to shake Emma’s hand. According to Times, who has followed the story since the beginning, “Bollinger was shaking the students’ hands when he turned his back and leaned down as though to pick something up from his seat. Ms. Sulkowicz leaned over the mattress, trying to catch his eye, then straightened up and kept walking.”

Emma’s journey through higher education may have ended, but she has truly left a legacy on campuses across North America. Her story is a reminder of the challenges rape victims have to face and the lack of action campuses are still failing to take to provide justice for these women. Emma Sulkowicz did what many rape victims fear to do; tell her story. And for that and your many other accomplishments, Emma, we congratulate you.

‘Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup’ Has a Sad Message

You might or might have not heard her name taking over talk shows and YouTube views by storm with her realness. She’s currently taking over social media by storm as well with over 2 million views on her latest video, a parody that centers around Schumer as she is serenaded by a boy band who sing her about natural beauty. However, as soon as she follows the pretty boys’ advice and rocks a #nomakeup look, the song drastically changes. The song may bring out some laughs and giggles but beneath the comedy lies a sad truth; girls have it really hard. On one hand, wearing too much makeup is perceived as ”fake” and ”superficial” while going au naturel is just plain ghastly. When will we win? 

Pitch Perfect 2 chimes its way to #1 at the box office

A little more product placement and lot more sass are two words to describe the sequel to 2012’s cultural phenomenon, Pitch Perfect.  Leading the box office in its opening weekend, Pitch Perfect 2 does not miss a beat. As the Bella’s take the stage once again, this time aiming to win the world championships, audiences can look forward to bigger and better mash-ups as well as a refreshing change with original songs. However, what struck a chord is Writer Kay Cannon’s ability to portray the persona of Generation Y through the real and accurate dialogue.

Anna Kendrick’s performance as an aspiring music producer was, shall we say, perfect. Whether she was grabbing coffee as a new intern at Residual Heat or attempting to win at comebacks with her German revivals, Kendrick managed to  bring forth the socially awkward and professionally struggling traits that all millennials can relate to. Of course, one cannot forget about Rebel Wilson, who stole the show with her brilliant, unexpected solo performance and hilarious portrayal of a confident, overweight Australian.

The diversity of the Bella’s must also be noted as audiences are introduced to new faces, including that of Spanish migrant, Flo, played by Chrissie Fit. Ester Dean’s and Hana Mae Lee’s reprisal as Cynthia Rose and Lilly completed the racial spectrum as a gay, black woman and a quiet Asian take the screen. Audiences can except instances that will leave them pleasantly surprised as Pitch Perfect 2 is what most sequels are not; fearless. Whether it was through the misogyny of ICCA commentator, John or racist and homophobic one-liners, it was clear that showcasing social issues and breaking cultural stereotypes was an ongoing, rather overt theme in the film.

As audiences follow the group on their road to redemption after an embarrassing scandal, they are likely to see what its predecessor was; an empowering film packed under a layer of song, dance, and comedy. Mix those elements up with several cameos from your favourite music personalities and a big, Hollywood budget- and thus, you’ll have the number 1 movie at the box office.

Women of The Week: Amy Cross

Promoting gender equality and supporting women-held businesses? There’s an app for that. Amy-Willard Cross, founder and editor in chief of VitaminW is set to release a new phone application, BUY UP Index, to encourage companies to serve female consumers better and promote gender equality in the workplace. Essentially a consumer report for women, Buy UP Index rates consumer-based companies on how they serve women as employees, as leaders, and as consumers. It gives them a score out of a hundred based on their treatment towards female employees, and whether or not they have positive marketing messages and women in leadership positions.

With about 140 companies involved, including ones that sell cell phones, cars, athletic apparel, and even banks, the app is already creating major buzz in the press and has even caught the attention of Forbes magazine. I spoke to Amy Willard-Cross and asked her a few questions on her great initiative. Here’s what she had to say:

Why did you begin this initiative?  

The whole point of this is so women can support companies that serve them well. It’s how we’re using consumer power to create social change. The Human Rights Campaign launched a similar initiative a few years ago to rate companies on their LGBT policy. At the time, only 14 companies met the standards of these policies. Now, 8 years later, 366 do. Just putting transparency on these types of topics helps move the needle. We’re currently waiting on the App Store trying to get final approval so we’re hoping it will be in consumers’ hands soon. I hope that lots of women download it and use it so they can choose what to buy.

What are some trends you’ve noticed within the market?

The results are quite stunning. When you look at it more thoroughly, you find interesting trends in more US-based products. For example, when we look at US maternity leave policies, we already know how shockingly absent this concept is in the workplace for Americans.  Only a few companies offer it and you can’t really get a good grade on our index unless you have at least 8 weeks maternity leave, which is the benchmark in the United States. Very few companies do. I think the beauty industry and the bank industry pay for most maternity leave. Only one company in the household goods sector does. And only one car company does. Information like this can really make or break consumer perception about the company.

How do you plan on marketing BUY UP Index?

That is the hardest part. We’re the only app in the app store with feminist economic content. In the United States alone there are 12 million women and hundreds of women’s organizations. We know there’s a big population of women that want to see change.  We have partnerships with those organizations and additional partnerships created through VitaminW. We used to BUY UP methodology to rate women’s organizations such as Women’s Parenthood, Girls Scouts, Mom’s Rising. So I’m hoping that they’ll help us spread the word. In addition, we’ll be doing a crowd funding campaign this summer with women’s businesses to include them on the app.

Several people have thought of the idea but no one spent the time and money to do it. My partner and I have, and we’re really happy too because these days. I want to offer the world real, hard hit facts instead of just my opinions.

How will this app benefit the feminist movement?

I’ve been a feminist since I was nine years old. I wrote a play called Men’s Liberation. I’m actually a fourth generation feminist. My great grandmother was a feminist. I thought that everything was done when I came out into the real world. I went to a women’s college called Wellesley. I thought everything was over. And then, I get out in the world and the older I get, the more barriers I come across. I see a lot of political movements trying to occur but we still have only 20% representation in congress. So I realized that we could help the feminist movement with the market, instead of with political change. I’m no economist, but I believe we can create economic change by either using our capital power or creating capital. If you look at women’s consumer spending, that’s a huge amount of capital. When we add up women’s consumer revenues, business revenues and women’s assets, it’s a really big trillion number.

Was feminism your inspiration behind this app?

Sure! You try and be useful to the world and I had a career in magazine, wrote books, and then I thought, “What can I do that’s useful” using my skills as a writer or journalism and that is for the women’s movement. There’s a definite feminist agenda behind what I’m doing. I’m hoping that its useful to consumers as well as companies, such as L’Oreal, who are doing things right for women. There’s a big push towards what they call ethical marketing and purpose marketing – a buzzword these days- and McDonald’s even created an app to show their customers their ethical practices. I think this might be a good and an objective way for companies to communicate their good practices. Millennial consumers really care about this. People are starting to switch brands. Canadian studies show 40% of people making 100K a year have switched brands due to their ethical practices.

Do you foresee any challenges with the release of the app?

The larger companies who don’t score well will definitely be upset with me. That’s a possible challenge we may have to face. However, the main challenge is getting it out there and seeing if people want to use the app. My goal is to keep it important and interesting enough that people will keep coming back. I’ll be putting out new content and providing alternatives to other women-held businesses. Essentially, keeping it lively will be an ongoing challenge.

What do you hope to accomplish with the release of this app?

What we hope to accomplish is encouraging companies to make the right decisions. When you see a company that has no leadership programs and see that you have a low rate of women managers, you see that they can maybe fix that by adding a leadership program. We want the companies to score well and say, ”Oh, look what they’re doing right!” I’m hoping to create change and I’m hoping to reward companies that do it well. Eventually we’ll be adding coupons and transactions to the app. This is our way of working with companies that serve women well. That’s my dream!

For more information, visit

Andy Byford: Serving The Rocket Through Transformative Change

Whether you’ve seen him on the subway with other fellow passengers, or heard about his five-year corporate plan to modernize the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) operations, it’s evident that Chief Executive Officer, Andy Byford, is bringing significant change to the TTC. However, there is much more about Mr. Byford than meets the eye. In a mere three years, he has managed to overhaul his senior leadership team and has  brought some crucial change to the TTC.Mr. Byford has replaced his Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with Gary Shortt, brought in Mike Palmer as the Deputy CEO for Subway Operations, Chris Upfold as the Deputy CEO, Rick Leary as Chief Service Delivery Officer and Susan Reed Tanaka as the acting Chief of Engineering, Construction and Expansion.

Mr. Byford has not neglected the importance of bringing women into leadership roles. While there are three out women of the 11 member, including Vice-Chair, Maureen Adamson, Councillor Shelly Carroll, and Anju Virmani. The TTC executive team has Chief of Staff, Joan Taylor, Chief People Officer, ‎Gemma Piemontese, and Chief Capital Officer,  Susan Reed Tanaka.



Service has also improved significantly since Andy Byford became CEO in 2011. Performance measures show that punctuality and device availability are at an impressive 90+%.  Steps were taken to refurbish rundown subway washrooms, step up subway-car cleaning and improve announcements about service disruptions.

Andy Byford’s other efforts to complete expansion projects, improve customer service, and modernize the outdated system cannot be overlooked. In 2013, Byford introduced six, new Group Station Managers (GSMs) as part of his continuing commitment to modernize and transform the TTC. And just last year,  debit and credit machines were introduced to 69 stations, allowing passengers to buy tickets and passes the more convenient way.

Byford’s dedication and expertise has shaped the TTC into a much more efficient transit system. He is slowly changing the culture at the TTC, building confidence in his team, and tackling the thousands of changes needed to create better process at every level.

Mr. Byford is slowly turning the biggest transit system  in Canada around. The cultural transformation he promised is  happening, service has improved significantly, and despite the lack of transit infrastructure  and funding (4 million from this years budget) Byford has managed to keep Toronto moving with equipment that is long overdue for replacement.

His mission is clear; to have a transit system that makes Toronto proud and despite the lack of investment, the barrage of political attacks that come with his position, and the terrible mess he inherited, Byford just may pull this off.  We can only hope the politicians will leave him alone long enough to bring about the transformation the TTC so desperately needs.

Olivia Pope: PR Mastermind & Fashion Goddess

Olivia Pope has been handling tricky situations for the past four years on ABC’s hit show, Scandal. With the Season 4 finale airing tonight, its only fair that we look a back at all the Scandalous fashion statements Pope has made strutting down Washington, DC. Scandal withdrawal may cause some depression amongst fans but there’s no need to worry because actress Kerry Washington and her team are giving you the opportunity to channel your inner Olivia Pope with these pieces at The Limited. Now you, too, can be the powerhouse of your office!

Lace it Up



Bring femininity into the office with this lace overlay skirt. The black and white contrast creates a bold statement but still allows you to play with the piece, pairing it with either a bright or neutral colored top. Who says business casual can’t be fashion forward?

Keep it a Mystery  


Stay warm and chic on cool, spring mornings with this tailored trench coat. At under $120, this structured look can be all you need to pull your look together. The bright white adds freshness and confidence to your outfit while the length adds an elongating effect.

Day to Night 


Don’t let your social life take a toll! Take your work outfit from day to night with this beautiful lace insert dress. The structured look shows off your curves while still maintaining professionalism. Wear it with simplicity or add a statement necklace to take this outfit from 100 to 110.

Power Up in Pants 


Everyone needs a pant suit in their wardrobe. At just under $50 (whoa!), these wide leg trouser pants  can get you feeling like a Pope without the price. Perfect for busy days on the run, the right dress pants are an essential for any business lady.

There you have it! Master her strut, obtain some sass, and show off that bad-ass persona all at once with these perfect pieces for your professional wardrobe!

Miss Representation: A Misrepresentation In Itself

With a society that’s always plugged in, its difficult to get away from the media. Our lives revolve around TV, music, video games, and movies. However, it is only recently that audiences are starting to realize what the content of the media is doing to society– especially women. Although powerful campaigns and initiatives are being launched in order to showcase and prevent the misogyny present in society, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.  Miss Representation is a documentary recently released on Netflix that brings forth what most of us are slowly becoming desensitized to; women in the media.

Consisting of interviews from a group of experts, the hour and a half film dissected the various aspects of the media that sexualize, dehumanize, and objectify women. Pat Mitchell (MA, President and CEO for the Paley Center for Media, former President and CEO of PBS); Jennifer Pozner (Executive Director of Women in Media & News); Caroline Heldman (PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science at Occidental College); Marie Wilson (founding President of the White House Project); and Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State) are just some of the personalities that sat down to talk about the representation of women in the media. Montages of Reality TV stars in bikinis, journalists in low-cut tops, and pictures taken between Sarah Palin’s legs demonstrated the problem overtly and effectively. However, Miss Representation also indirectly brought forth other problems present in the media. Problems hardly spoken about by the line of experts and celebrities. But problems that are still there.

Women of colour (WOC), women with disabilities (WWD), and the LGBT community also should have been addressed. WWD are essentially non-exsistent while women of colour and LGBTs are also significantly underrepresented. Although Devanshi Patel, a young, WOC aspiring to have a career in public service, was briefly profiled in the documentary– she was essentially what WOC are in the media; ‘the token brown girl’ of the documentary. It would have been nice to see a discussion of the misrepresentation of celebrities such as Mindy Kahling or Sofia Vergara, who are known solely for their skin colour and foreign accent, respectively. The montages in Miss Representation showcased a series of privileged, white women who steal the spotlight time and time again. But it should be known, problems of sexualization, age discrimination, and objectification also apply to WOC and the LGBT community as well. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and yes, even Queen Bey always leave little to the imagination. Now whether their anacondas are actually empowering or objectifying is a conversation we all need to have. In addition, Mitch and Cam of Modern Family and Ellen DeGeneres are essentially the only representatives of the LGBT community and that too, from a comedic standpoint.

Essentially, the documentary didn’t consist of anything we didn’t already know. Women are no longer wear as much clothes as they used to, and the Kardashians are, whether we like it or not, plotting to take over the world. A powerful film would’ve been one that consisted of briefly showcasing the problems women face in the media followed by actual solutions to resolve said problems. Women need to stop victimizing themselves and need to start helping themselves- and most importantly each other.  All in all, Miss Representation kind of, well, missed the spot.


Rating: 6/10