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The Instant Cure To Resting B*tch Face

Resting B*tch Face (RBF) is a syndrome many women (and Kanye West) have. It’s a condition in which their natural expression mirrors that of a b*tch; someone who is continuously unhappy, almost angry. However, let it be known that those who suffer from RBF don’t always feel angry and unhappy. In fact, they are actually very likeable people. Although the condition may seem incurable, there is actually a small change to your lifestyle that can help fix this problem. If you or a loved one is suffering from RBF, follow this tip to ensure fast and effective relief from this unfortunate condition:


How many times a day do you stop to smile? Bring a curve to those lips you so lovingly line, plump, and fill in with your favourite lipstick every morning. It can be about something tiny like a cute kid on the public transit or nothing at all. Smile because when that kid starts to cry, it’s not you that has to make them stop.

Your face can start to feel stiff after holding it in one, expressionless state for so long. Smiling will help loosen your muscles, make you feel happier, and genuinely bring a much needed boost to your day. After all, your mind is always full of thoughts, remembrances, and conversations. From your date with your significant others, yesterday’s girls night out, or that cat video you saw – again. You don’t have to be by yourself to get lost in your thoughts and smile about them.

Nowadays, we’re too focused on ”making time for ourselves” that we don’t realize that we are always, in fact, with ourselves. You don’t need to plan a date and pencil yourself into your appointment book (or Google Calendar, because 2015) to spend time with yourself.

Unless you’re in a new relationship and still working your way through your honeymoon phase, there is a good chance that you’re alone at least 10% of your day. Even then, why wouldn’t being in your honeymoon phase make you smile? You should be giddy, if anything. Whether you’re on the subway, on your way to work, in your office, or sneaking cake from the fridge at 2 in the morning, there is always something to smile about.

Just simply looking up and openly seeing the world you continually speed-walk through will make appreciating the small things become second nature. Your smiling senses will tingle all the time, revealing sights, sounds you previously ignored. Put your phone in your bag when you walk down the sidewalk today. Bet you never noticed those flowers before, did you?

Learning to appreciate the small things in life is a gift which we all posses but often gets left in the our bedrooms with our flat screen TV, Netflix accounts, and your favourite Flawless t-shirt. Make that Flawless t-shirt your wardrobe staple. Own that t-shirt. Live that t-shirt. Don’t wear Flawless. BE Flawless.

In a pencil skirt and dress shirt? Flawless. On your way to the part-time gig that helps pay your tuition? Flawless. Unemployed but still hanging on? Flawless. Although nothing can compete with a fluffy blanket and Netflix, make every part of your life help you enjoy the little things. Only then will you gain the constant ability to find genuine happiness in your everyday life. Your ‘Resting B*tch Face’ will suddenly become your ‘Yaaas B*tch Yaaas’ face.

Smiling. Talk to your doctor self and try it today.

Dosage: For adults and children 1 day of age and older, the recommended dose of smiling is all day, everyday, not to be exceeded at funerals, Remembrance Day, and dentist appointments. Side effects of smiling may include enjoyment, sensations of happiness, and an overall betterment of life.


How to Rock The Boho-Chic Look

With maxi dresses, palazzo pants, and fringe taking over stores all across the nation, it seems Coachella never really ended this year. Although immensely comfortable, sporting a Boho style can be tricky. There’s a fine line between loose and flowy and baggy and frumpy. Here are some tips you can follow to perfect the Boho-Chic look:

One at a time 

If you wear a loose top, wear fitted pants. Similarly, if you wear loose pants, wear a fitted top. This will prevent you from drowning in your clothes. After all, you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.

Boho Chic Outfit Idea by Happily Grey

For an urban twist, pull your hair back. Leaving your hair down can scream teenager at a music festival. A nice, structured bag like the one shown below can add some much needed shape to your look. It’s all about balance!

#street #style summer / pattern print maxi + crop top @wachabuy

Play with prints 

The best part about rocking a boho-chic look is being able to wear different types of prints. The colours are usually warm, with yellow and brown hues, which looks good on any skin tone. Tribal prints, aztec prints, or anything with some colour can take your look from drab to fab.

Boho Beauty Dress - 70s, hippie-inspired colors and patterns make this comfy maxi really great.

Less is more 

Focus on one thing at a time. If you decide on a boho dress, skip the fringe shoes. Instead, pair it with some flats, or heels – for a more dressier look. Pro tip: Add a floppy hat to everything and anything this summer for an added flare to your outfit. Love it!

Chiara Ferragni in wide-brim hat and boho-print mini dress


Accessories are everything. Whether you opt for a drapey shoulder bag, or these cute sandles from Free People, choosing the right accessories can even take a simple t-shirt and jeans from street meek to boho chic.

Free People / Ivy Ankle Sandal. This is a very cute gladiator style sandal that I love!!!

Whatever look you opt for, its important to own it. Boho is all about comfort. So if you’re rocking a look you don’t feel comfortable in, you’re definitely not doing it right.

Good luck!

Orange is the New Black: Empowering & Revolutionary

A woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and money is the epitome of attraction.  But that doesn’t matter. When Piper Chapman went to prison, the world she knew in midst of high rise buildings and the latest technologies, disappeared before her eyes. Suddenly, open bathrooms, and private toilet paper with a side of public sex was the norm.

Created by Jenji Kohan and adapted from the memoir by Piper Kerman, “Orange Is The New Black” is available for streaming and has already toppled all notions of what a television series about women looks and sounds like. While network shows have slowly added minority characters, the cast of this series has dozens. Laverne Cox, the actress playing the transgender beautician, Sophia, is transgender herself.

That’s not the only exception. All the women are of all different shapes and sizes. Many of the characters are over 40. There are short women, straight, gay, old; everyone is represented here. Audiences have fallen in love with these women in one way or another. It’s easy to identify with certain characters because women get to see themselves. It’s a complete mythbuster.

One of the myths busted by OITNB is that female characters have to be a little likable. They are criminals. Drug mules. Murderers. Thieves. But what should repel us about them is ultimately what draws us to them. Full fledged criminals became women we know, women we care about, women we root for. “Sometimes unpleasant, but always human.”

Their humanity would not come through without the cast Kohan has assembled. “I think ‘Orange’ is phenomenal,” says Alexa Fogel, casting director of “The Wire,” which pioneered roles for minority men in the same way “Orange” has for women. “They’re writing about a unique environment that we haven’t seen before and I think that’s part of the reason people are so taken with the show.”

Both HBO and Showtime turned down “Orange Is the New Black” when she pitched the series to them. Now Netflix, which has renewed “Orange” for a fourth season (obviously), has the most buzz worthy female-centric show on all of television, with its network confirming that its popularity has surpassed hit show “House of Cards.”


Check out “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” for more female-centric goodness! Tell us what your favourite show is in the comments below!

Pollenize: Your Guide To The 2015 Canadian Federal Election

The Federal Election is just two months away.  Do you know who you are voting for yet? Let’s face it, some of us simply lack significant knowledge about the political process. Others could care less about the tedious promises and scripted speeches by the candidates (who almost always all look the same!). But fear not! Now you don’t have to vote for someone just ”because everyone else is.” 

Pollenize is a website an mobile application ‘designed to provide voters with an organized, unbiased overview of each candidate’s platform.’ I spoke with the co-founders, Miguel Barbosa and Trevor Blades, to find out some more information about their unique organization. Here’s what they had to say: 

1) What inspired you to create Pollenize? 

Miguel: I was watching a Toronto Mayoral Election debate and one of the candidates didn’t give a concrete answer on how they were going to encourage youth to vote. The main issue to me was that candidate websites are poorly designed and crammed with political rhetoric.

2) What sparked your interest in politics? 

Trevor: When we first started Pollenize, I wasn’t particularly interested in politics. I understood the importance of becoming involved, and the whole team could see that we had an opportunity to make it easier for other people to get involved. Since we’ve been working on this project however, it’s become a little bit more interesting to me because the storylines that play out throughout an election can be dramatic and fun to follow along with (see the 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election).

3) How do you plan to increase voter turnout with this app? 

Trevor: Everybod5y has a values and opinions regarding how they’d like their country to be run. We believe that people want to vote and make a difference, but it’s difficult to understand exactly how the candidates competing in an election align with their values. Pollenize compiles information, cuts out all of the political jargon that scares people away, and presents it in a simple and friendly design.

4) What tips do you have on how to get young adults involved in politics?  

Trevor: Make election day a national holiday. We need to create an event out of this day and make voting feel like more of a privilege than a right.

5) How do you plan on getting people to use your app? 

Miguel: We all volunteer our time on this and don’t have any capital for advertising. We have lots of original content to release that is the total opposite of the traditional election media narrative. Staying active on social media and providing a strong product was the key to our success in Toronto and we are confident this will be amplified due to this election being on a national level.

6) What can we do to break the ”Canadian politics is boring” mentality? 

Miguel: Elections Canada and the Canadian government are in a perfect position to innovate their digital services. Every government website and online tool could use a more thoughtful design approach. How people interact with things is sometimes more important than the content itself.Trevor: What seems like “boring” to one person could be really exciting to another.

7) Did you see positive results with voter turnout after the Toronto 2014 election?

Miguel: GTA voter turnout is on a 3-election high. Voter turnout skyrocketed in Toronto to 980,000. 60% voter turnout. I don’t feel comfortable with saying Pollenize had a definitive affect on that. We just hope it added to the election experience and sparked more political conversations among people of all ages.

8) What are your predictions on who will win the federal election? 

Trevor: I can’t predict how the election will turn out, but I know that there are a number of issues that Canadians have their focus on and could really set the tone for this election. Canada’s economic status, privacy-related issues (namely bill C-51), and environmental issues such as the Alberta tar sands, pipeline construction, and national park preservation will all be on the minds of voters as the election unfolds.

9) What is the voter turnout rate you’re hoping to see? 

Miguel: Let’s get back to April, 1963 where the turnout was 79.2%. That’d be spectacular.

Agreed. Download the app in your app store for free now!  


Bio: Trevor Blades is a web developer and designer. He spends his days at Planet Labs working towards imaging the entire planet every day using a flock of tiny satellites. He also created and maintains the addicting word game, Knoword. Miguel Barbosa is a film director, editor and producer.  He creates music videos, documentaries and commercials. Together, they co-founded  Pollenize. Check out for Pollenize Canada for up-to-date information on the 2015 Federal Election- launching August 24th.

5 reasons to put down your phone

A true test of patience is when you’re telling someone an intense story and their nodding and smiling – while looking at their phone. Suddenly, instead of focusing on the details of the story, you’re trying your best to keep your hands at your sides, and away from said person’s face.

Fear not, fellow humans. There is a small but very effective way to decrease our dependency towards these addictive pieces of technology. Next time you’re out to lunch or dinner with your friends or family, take responsibility and confiscate everyone’s phones, putting them where everyone can see it. If anyone checks their phone during your time together (that includes the torturous wait for our food), they’ll have to pay for everyone’s meals. That’s one very expensive text to check. But is it effective?

I was at a friend’s dinner party where I had just got acquainted with her guests; people I hadn’t had the chance to meet before. I didn’t think they would feel comfortable giving me their phones and frankly, as an extroverted introvert, meeting so many new people made me forget as well. It was only after everyone started browsing their newsfeeds and instagramming their food, that I realized the effect turning off your phone had during mealtime. Conversations went from profound topics about our thoughts on current events to bantering about the latest viral video. You know, the one where that guy falls off that thing – again? Candid opinions and comments were downgraded to snorts and laughter driven by a 30 second video clip with essentially no real substance.

In order to avoid these moments and have conversations without the help of your screens, here are 5 reasons to put down your phone – now!

1. Ignorance is Bliss 

When you’re constantly tweeting and updating your status, the only thing on your mind is usually how many people are liking your status, or reading your tweets. Without a certain number of likes or retweets, it’s easy to feel neglected and lesser than the rest of your followers, whose network is 10% larger than yours is. Disconnecting yourself from social media, even for just or a few hours, allows you to forget about your statistics and focus on more important things. Perhaps getting your family to like you more?


 2. My Eyes Are Up Here   

You’re missing out on a lot when you’re spending so much time behind your screen. Emoticons might express your feelings well, but the expressions on people’s faces just cannot be captured into a yellow face. Put your phone down and have a face-to-face conversation instead. Or go on a date with yourself. It gives you a chance to spend some alone time, build your oral skills, make some memories, and have more candid moments with your friends. Chances are, the person you spend time talking online with for many hours is actually a lot different in person. (And they respond a lot faster, too.)

3. Two Can’t Keep A Secret   

No matter how good you think your breakfast, lunch, and dinner looked on Saturday, not everyone cares. (sorry!) Sometimes, it’s rewarding to enjoy your meal without the constant need to update your virtual friends about it. Spark conversation with the person you’re sharing the meal with, or take yourself out to lunch. Time with yourself is not only refreshing, but also it helps you connect with your thoughts and boosts your confidence.


 4. Cure Your Writer’s Block 

Sure, exposing yourself to the comedians and makeup gurus of the World Wide Web can spark some creativity, but original work comes at the most unexpected moments. It may come during a walk in the park, or even in the shower (stand back, Beyoncé!). Real life experiences drive our creativity. It encourages us to think about the events that occur during the day and avoid distractions caused by the latest updates on our phones. Distract yourself off your phone by trying a new activity. Whether you’re burning calories at a fitness class or taking a walk down the streets of downtown, turning off your phone is sometimes all it takes to turn on your creativity.


5. Sleep longer, feel better 

If you can’t put your phone down during the day, try putting it down an hour before you go to bed. If you’re anything like me, going to bed with your phone in hand can end up with you browsing your feeds, attempting to beat your Tetris score, or spark late night conversations with that insomniac we all know on our friend’s list. Thus, bed times fail and circadian rhythms are skewed, resulting in the distaste of mornings to begin with. Scientifically, the brightness of your screen tampers with your sleep (and beauty- gasp!) as well. And well, you can’t argue with science.

Whether you’re telling the world about your day, or sending your best friend a SnapChat that cannot be processed by the human eye, it seems we’re all about about our screens today. When we’re not updating, we’re thinking about ways we can be updating. Small changes can make a big impact on our daily lives. It is only after you start disconnecting every once in awhile that we start to realize about everything else that the world has to offer. Whether it’s for half an hour or an entire day, it’s important to take some time for ourselves.

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WATCH: Do Guys Prefer Makeup or No Makeup?

When guys tell us they prefer the ”no makeup” or ”au naturel” look, do they really mean it? One of Youtube’s many Makeup Gurus, maicangirl, had to know.

The results? Yeah, they lied.

Fear not, ladies! It’s not like we put makeup on for men anyways, right? But seeing as you’re on Tinder to meet someone, it may be a good idea to go for the guys that choose you for your unedited pictures… just a thought to consider.

Good luck!

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Model To Redefine Beauty at NYFW

In midst of the unattainable beauty standards that the fashion industry is known for, sometimes they excel when it comes to breaking stereotypes. After all, it’s not everyday you see an 18 year old with Down Syndrome walking the ramp at New York Fashion Week. But that’s exactly what you’ll see. Here’s a preview of what to expect of the gorgeous Madeline Stuart:

Another fantastic photo by the amazing Erica and her team which are all tagged. These guys are brilliant

A photo posted by Madeline Stuart (@madelinesmodelling_) on


Thank you Erica for putting the team together and taking this amazing photo. You are an artist xxx A photo posted by Madeline Stuart (@madelinesmodelling_) on


You go, girl! Can’t wait to see you own that ramp!

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Shaving Your Face: Yay or Nay?

Rinsing your hair with egg whites and moisturizing with coconut oil may be some of your unique beauty practices – but where does shaving your face fall in your list?

In the age of where we’re pushing for gender equality, it seems if men can shave their face, so can women. And our gal pals are doing just that. So we have taken the liberty to break down what it really means to stick a razor to your face.

Here’s what you need to know:

Exfoliate : In addition to removing unwanted and unsightly hair, shaving gets rid of dead skin cells, which can contribute to clogged pores and a dull complexion. So if your face suddenly looks cleaner after shaving – it’s not just because its less hairier. Besides, foundation seems to glide on to our skin without getting those pesky streak marks. Ugh, girl problems.

Use shaving cream: Some women swear by a men’s razor and shaving cream or gel, while others advocate dry shaving with a facial razor. Don’t use soap ladies! It’s not a good idea for your face or legs. You will most likely need to continue this process once a week.

Fear no beard : Contrary to what your grandmother told you, shaving doesn’t make hair grow back darker or thicker, since you aren’t changing the structure of the follicle. So no, as cool as Harnaam Kaur is, you can’t really become like her.

It’s not for everyone : If you have ultra-sensitive skin or are on acne medication, step away from the razor, which could cause painful irritation. Even if your skin type is normal, be sure to hydrate with a moisturizing serum immediately after shaving.

Would you ever try face shaving? Let us know in the comments below!
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7 Reasons Mindy Lahiri is Our Feminist Role-Model

Feminism and women in the media have become a hot topic. However, in midst of the Lena Dunhams and Amy Poehlors of the world, a large quantity of feminists are often left out of the picture. Ever heard of Mindy Kahling, for example?

She has a little show called The Mindy Project which she produces, writes, stars in, and occasionally directs. The Mindy Project is a combination of both humor and romance. It’s like a chick flick, compacted into half an hour of low-key fun. It celebrates an unexpected wave of feminism, which you’ve probably never noticed. Here are 10 ways Mindy Lahiri should be your next feminist icon:


1. She’s underrated. At first glance, The Mindy Project might not seem so feminist. And that’s the key. With a style/celebrity/pop culture-obsessed main character who’s seemingly fixated on finding the perfect mate, the show’s premise seems slightly antithetical to the stereotyped bra-burning, hairy perception of the “feminist.”

But that’s what makes Mindy Lahiri such a phenomenal representative in midst of all the ”man-haters”. She’s not a militant, but a real, voluptuous woman with faults and a weird but relatable obsession with Hollywood gossip.


2. She’s girly. Mindy doesn’t mock the ”girly-girl” image. Despite women who choose to wear frilly dresses and watch The Notebook every Friday night being seen as bimbos with an arts degrees,  she embraces her ”girly” persona and pushes boundaries and breaks stereotypes associated with it. After all, it is her intellect, ambition, and professional success that come alongside her sense of style. And we commend her for that.


3. She’s subtle. Mindy doesn’t fall into the trap that many female comedians do, thinking it’s necessary to be overly raunchy to prove you can be “one of the boys.” We’re looking at you, Chelsea Handler. Instead, Kahling creates a unique blend — combining the musings of Nora Ephron, the quirky femininity and physical comedy of Lucille Ball, and the no-nonsense feminism of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to mold a truly distinctive female voice on television.

4. She wears pink. Sure, Mindy rocks sequins and hot-pink three-piece suits. And while her sense of fashion may not be a ”feminist” approach, she wears them anyways. Why? Well, she looks hot in sequins. And she’s a doctor. She may not have the love life her favourite movies tell her she’s supposed to have, but she has brains, beauty, and respect. Because not all medical school students come out of their studies with a good fashion sense.


5. She’s a role model. Whatever failures or embarrassments she may endure in her own romantic life, Mindy’s committed to being an effective role model for her young patients. Mindy is often seen tackling the issue of teen birth control — writing prescriptions for her young patients, but not without teaching them about the realistic pitfalls of sexual activity and the accountability of being a responsible adult. She supports her patients’ decision to make their own choices and be smart, prepared, and protected while still being in favor of female sexual empowerment.


6. She’s headstrong. Not only is Mindy Lahiri capable and ambitious at work, but she also brings these essential qualities to her relationship. When Danny wants to keep their relationship a secret, she incredulously rattles off the reasons he should be proud to go public with her, citing her smarts and thriving career above all else.

She stands up for herself when Danny thinks he’ll be the “breadwinner” of the family and asserts that she will not be quitting their job when they have kids. Think about it, it’s a feminist moment! Mindy asserts her desire to maintain her professional success in the midst of her happily-ever-after. Mindy can rewatch those Meg Ryan rom-coms as she fulfills her love for romance and stylish ensembles, while still standing up for gender equality in the workplace.

7. She promotes positive body image. Mindy Kaling has also become a champion of women who struggle with body image (so like, all of us). Offscreen, she’s called out those who give her “back-handed compliments” by calling her courageous for style choices or marginalize her by making comments about how amazing it is that “someone like her” could be successful.

There’s no question about the fact that Mindy Kaling is a beautiful woman with a killer sense of style (I want like 90 percent of her outfits), but in the midst of her character’s comments about “having an ass that won’t quit,” she’s also not afraid to call attention to the unrealistic and sometimes crushing beauty expectations women face.

Mindy shows us all something we need to see — it’s possible to be feminine, to share Mindy Lahiri’s passions for romance, sparkles, hot pink, Bridget Jones, and colorful bedspreads – and still be a feminist. Real women, real people for that matter, may struggle with fixing their car and can’t stop (won’t stop!) obsessing over relationships while still being a strong, empowered person. A woman can be completely capable and ambitious, while still wanting a fairy-tale ending and refusing to sacrifice one for the other. Thanks for showing us how its done, Mindy!