By Marie “Mings” Nicola
Former Women’s Post’s Community Manager, Social Media Gal & Food Journalist.

A late rising sun lit Canada’s largest city while the constant hum of passing traffic made International Woman’s Day seem no different than any other. By mid-morning an impetuous passing thought had manifested into a trending conversation on Twitter. Before we could prepare, legions of North America’s most respected and influential women were participating in Women’s Post’s first social media experiment. In honour of women, hundreds of men and women responded to one simple question: What woman onTwitter inspires you the most.

The nominees flooded in from every possible area of interest: fashion, art, design, politics, business, writers, bloggers, travelers, philanthropists, techies, athletes, music, and moms. Consistent with the popular naming convention born of Twitter, we named this ensemble of over 100 social media savvy madams, “TWomen.” We even compiled aTwitter list featuring the tweets of the nominees. If the tweets of these women are inspirational, our list’s feed should theoretically capture the imagination of its subscribers.

However, beyond the list and the fleeting joy of seeing one’s praises exalted in the confined space of 140 characters, we at Women’s Post wanted to celebrate the top three nominees. Through careful consideration and hours of examination we’ve narrowed the list down to three stand-out Canadian TWomen who have set an example as leaders who have embraced new technology and social media.

@YummyMummyClub / Real Name: Erica Ehm / CEO of / Why we like her: Former MuchMusic VJ all grown up and being the National Symbol for Neo-Motherhood in Canada. / Tweets are off the cuff and often relate back to her website. Erica has an ability for communication and inspiring moms to be women first. / Notable Tweet: “Thanks for taking our Survey on Why Mother’s Day Sucks. Some great answers. If not, share your thoughts.”

@TanjaTiziana / Real Name: Tanja Tiziana / An award winning Toronto-based photographer for / Why we like her: Her interest in past eras and how she translates that through her images. We also like her other site where she publishes found slides that once belonged to other people. / Tweets paint pictures and illustrate thoughts that relate to her art. / Notable Tweet: “On a related note, it’s a real shame cameras aren’t permitted in casinos. There is *so* much quality material.”

@MissRogue / Real Name: Tara Hunt / Considered to be one of the most influential women in technology according to Fast Company Magazine, 2009, Tara is an online marketer, author, public speaker known for engaging online communities / Why we like her: Before settling in Montreal, Tara undertook a cross North American karaoke adventure which landed her in Quebec. That’s one heck of a moving parade! / Tweets are thought provoking, human, and diverse. Tara is not afraid to call a spade a spade, including in politics. She also has some great quotes that pop up when we need motivation the most. / Notable Tweet: “It’s a sad day when ‘politics’ plays a bigger role in policy decisions than actually doing what is right for the public.”

Honourable Mentions:

@LiisW – Model and LouLou blogger. We adore her for being an advocate for diversity in fashion. Founder of Walk the Catwalk.

@AntoniaZ – One of Toronto Star’s bloggers and columnists. Best thing about Antonia: her frequently updated stream of world affairs. She keeps us informed and on our toes.

@SarahPrevette – Founder of, Upinion, Wired Wednesday, Social Mastermind and the upcoming BreakOut Camp as well as being the Twestival Organizer for Toronto.

@ArleneStein – Founder of Terroir and pivotal supporter of the locavore movement.

@Susanattfi – Executive Director of the Toronto Fashion Incubator, a ground-breaking concept soon to spread across the world.

@Miss604 – Travel writer, blogger, podcaster co-founder of @sixty4media and co-author of blogging to drive business. She continued tweeting from Whistler, keeping us updated on the Paraolympics when no one else seemed to care and we loved her for it.



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