By Anne Freedman

Maybe it’s in the air or because of where the earth is in its orbit. I’m talking about that pre-holidays urge to get more done right now than your body and soul can really handle.

Whatever I check off on my list is immediately replaced by three things. Are you finding yourself in the same place of overwhelm as I am? Between finishing the editing of my book, taking care of my clients, launching new webinars, going to meetings, and tending to my family, I confess to feeling a bit worn out of late. Looking at myself in the mirror isn’t much fun either!

For those particularly low-energy times, such as mid-afternoon, I find that a dark chocolate bar and a cup of chai tea seem to help me push through. Sometimes I allow myself to close my eyes for 15 minutes and try to rest. What works for you?

You can experience that same kind of psychic and physical fatigue preparing for important speeches and presentations. It also happens when you go to networking events and want to deliver your Elevator Pitch with punch and energy – even though you don’t feel that way.

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Ann Freedman is an international presentation coach, communication expert, author and app developer. As the founder and president of Speakout, Inc., she has trained and worked with hundreds of executives and businesses, including multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and community-based organizations worldwide.



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