There’s nothing like a makeover to reinvigorate you. A new dash of colour, a little spice in your life. I am so excited to show you the new look of Women’s Post online and invite you to take part in the new online experience.

Let’s go over some of our new features. We’ve adopted a Disqus commenting feature for articles that will allow you to quickly login with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to comment on a story you’ve just read.

We’ve added a very handy new sidebar to give you easy access to the latest stories from all over the website from the main page and also article pages.

Of course, these are only two changes picked out of a complete overhaul. We’ve taken our time making the most user-friendly and intuitive website it can be to make sure there is no learning curve for our regular readers making the switch.

Excited as I am yet? The new website gives us a million better ways to connect with you as readers and lets readers connect with each other for meaningful discussion while we’re providing you with thoughtful content. That’s pretty exciting stuff.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be working towards getting our whole back catalogue of articles ported over to the new website for you to browse so be sure to check back for any old favourites.

Try out the new commenting system and let us know what you think about the makeover



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