Type “how to create change in yourself” into Google and countless sources on how to become a better person pop up. Whether it’s the cause of a break up, a new job opportunity, or a move, people will look to any source possible, in order to discover what it takes to make a positive lifestyle change. If these countless words of wisdom don’t prove to be of worth, know that there is always someone nearby to help guide individuals along the journey of self-transformation.

A life coach is invaluable in the process of making lasting change in the lives of others. Claire Coltsmann is the owner of Reach Coaching, a Toronto-based coaching company. Coltsmann has 10 years under her belt as a certified life coach, and she continues to work with numerous clientele with varying issues. Her clients are aware of the obstacles that change can bring, especially a major change within oneself.

“As change can be difficult, sometimes people need help,” says Coltsmann. “When a life coach is contacted, it is usually when something happens that usually creates a need for change. You need to ask the clients, ‘Are you ready for change?’”

Lack of motivation and uncertainty when tackling change is normal, but the sole motion of setting both long and short-term goals is a step in the right direction. Jenni Dunning, a writer at the Toronto Star, wrote an article last February titled “Life coach helped Toronto Star writer escape demons and despair.” Dunning wrote the article as a reflection of previously distressing times, claiming that the use of a life coach has helped her overcome her self-doubt. Her troubles began during a time of unemployment back in 2009 when the recession hit. Upon being referred to a life coach by a friend, Dunning was able to learn a great deal about herself and was able to construct an ideal vision of what she wanted out of life.

The objective of a life coach is to connect with clients by providing them with useful tools and exercises to assist in structuring change. This process varies depending on personal requirements. The session may take place in person or over the telephone, and either way there are limitless opportunities to explore and improve areas of one’s life.

When someone understands the importance of moving forward and maintaining confidence, it can only bring forth stronger self-realization.

“As a life coach, it is important to gather the best of who you are and how you operate. Problem-focused coaching is crucial in the process of identifying what you want to create, instead of looking at the past,” says Coltsmann. “The energy is focused on present and future. From there you are able to apply what you learn to overcome challenges.”

Change does not have to be a lonely or debilitating process. By developing a clear perception of one’s goals and dreams, that alone is a promising beginning of a prosperous future.


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