Rob Ford, the man at the centre of the biggest scandal to hit Toronto politics in recent memory, made a surprise appearance on the John Oakley Show on AM640 this morning to set the record, erm, somewhat more straight in the light of the recent bombshell that the police have a copy of the video that shows the mayor smoking an illicit substance, widely reported to be crack cocaine.

The show was troubling, not only to those who long ago gave up on the troubled mayor, but to those who have steadfastly supported him throughout his personal troubles. He admits flatly that he drinks, making a liar out of his and his brother’s previous statements to the contrary. He also admits to being “inebriated” in public, again making lies out of his previous denials.

Here are some of the choice quotes from the radio interview.


“What else can I do Johnny? I’m only human. There are a lot of perfect people out there, I’m not one of them.”

“All I can do is apologise and move on.”

“Show the people, show everyone the video.”

“[Laughing] I am not an alcoholic, I am not a drug addict.”

“I don’t use drugs. I drink, don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to enjoy a few cocktails.”

“I shouldn’t have went down to the [Taste of the] Danforth inebriated. I shouldn’t have had a pretty wild St. Patrick’s Day party in my office. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“If I’m an addict then I would not be able to show up for work every single day, and you know I do not miss work.”

— “Have I drank a little to much at times? You’re absolutely right”
— “A little too much?
— “A lot too much.”

“I like to relax like everyone else and I’m only human.”

“I can’t push a button right now and say ‘make this all disappear.'”

“I’m not here to make excuses.”

“I’m not commenting on anything to do with what’s before the courts.”

“With all due respect to you John, the media, and the papers, I don’t listen to you.”

“Doug will be provincial, he will be premier one day.”

“Any member of my executive committee, if you want to go, go. I’ll be running the ship, even if it’s by myself.”

Caller: “I think I would be a drunk too if I had to deal with the left wing council you have every day.”

“I knew John, there was cars behind me, cars here and they were hiding and so I called them and said I think I have people following me and they said ‘no, no one is following you.'”

“There’s gonna always be haters, Johnny.”


Listen to the clip below:

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    “I’m only human’ should not be used as an excuse. For anything.

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