This week has been one hell of a week. My father is once again seeking contact and this time he’s attempting to do so through a lawyer; my little brother was in an accident; and work has been bananas. Needless to say I’m taking a lot of deep calming breaths in between shots of whiskey.

I don’t handle certain types of stress well. Work is something I can handle; I am an expert in my field and I know how to deal with any situation that comes my way, but family stress is something that sends me off the rails. Through everything Mr. Unexpected has been a star. He is calm and understanding, lets me rant until I’ve exploded crazy all over the room and not once has he told me to stop because he understands that I need to let the crazy out.

When I first told him about the lawsuit he was a little blown away, understandably so, but it wasn’t long before he was helping me devise a plan to get through it. He is my calm in the storm; he is the reason that I am still standing instead of sitting in a puddle of sad on the floor.

I’ve never been in a relationship like this. I’ve had great love but I’ve never had a real partner, I’ve never had someone that I knew would be there for me whatever the situation.

There is a huge difference between having a man-friend and having a partner. Knowing that you have someone there who will help you, support you and love you is what makes the online dating, the terrible first dates, the heart stopping break-ups and the devastating loss all worth it. For the first time in my life I am not afraid to ask for the treatment I deserve and I’m not afraid that asking for it will make him run in the opposite direction.

Love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship; love without support is all heat and no substance.

This week has felt like a bit of a nightmare. If I didn’t have the support network that I do I think it would have swallowed me whole, but according to Mr. Unexpected giving up is not an option and that is non-negotiable.

I’m grateful to all the men that came before. They gave me perspective and that stops me from taking my relationship for granted. I am incredibly lucky to have someone in my life that not only loves me but supports and respects me.

So, world, what else have you got for me? Whatever it is, I can take it.


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