Why does it seem that every guy pulls out the same old winter jacket every year? It is as if winterwear is a time warp with our boyfriends and husbands doomed to repeat the same fashion faux-pas from now into eternity.

For some things it isn’t so bad, his old university sweatshirt only comes on at home when he’s getting ready for bed, and those running shoes he’s never washed are relegated to a gym locker you never have to worry about. But the coat, oh the coat. It is the lynchpin of every winter outfit, the anchor by which all preconceptions and sidelong glances can be made towards him in the winter months, and he chooses to wear that same old Gortex thing he’s had for eight years.

Thankfully we have a secret weapon. While Christmas may have some history about a baby in a manger and good will and all that, we know better. Christmas is every woman’s dream holiday because it gives us a devious chance to influence the clothes our men wear through our gifts.

When it comes to getting your man hot for the winter the fur trimmed look is back again as this year’s sexiest way to stay warm.

Check out Point Zero’s new leather look Puffer Coat. The fur lined leather look is enough to keep your guy looking fresh and fashionable throughout the rest of the winter. At only $165 you can hit the mark on style for your guy without hitting your maximum budget for Christmas presents.


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