If you are a wine lover or have always wanted to try something different from the traditional wine tasting experience, you won’t want to miss the Canadian experience. Take a cheap flight to the heart of Ontario’s wine country to explore this area and see firsthand how they make their infamous Icewine. You will discover this process is unique from traditional wine because they use frozen grapes right off the vine. The process yields the unique and tropical tastes.

Inniskillin is located in the heart of Wine Country in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. Inniskillin is world renowned for its award-winning Icewines. Begin your visit to the Estate with a glass of Sparkling Vidal Icewine. You will get an in depth look into how the process of this wonderful drink was crafted. The grapes have been left netted on the vine far into the winter months in order to concentrate and intensify the flavour. Then it is only harvested after the temperature drops below -8°C for a long period of time.

You will then descend to the Underground Cellar where a historic Icewine collection, dating back to 1984, lie in the racks while aging to perfection.

The first Ice wine produced by Inniskillin, a 1984 Vidal, was in fact labelled “Eiswein”.

Of course a true Icewine tour would not be complete without an Icewine tasting. Icewine is full of rich and sumptuous flavour, but still balanced with refreshing acidity. Experience this for yourself with a private, comparative tasting session. First, try a sample of a Riesling Icewine and discover the distinctive taste when the Icewine is sampled from a Riedel Vinum Extreme Icewine glass. Next, explore what makes an Oak Aged Vidal Icewine more unique than your average barrel aged wine, and then taste the marvelous magic of a Red Cabernet Franc Icewine. Then comes a unique delectable conclusion as you cleanse your palate with the strangest food pairings: aged parmesan cheese and dark chocolate.

If you enjoyed the experience of Icewine tasting, you also may want to check out the annual Niagara Icewine Festival. For 10 days in January, the Niagara region is changed into a winter wonderland to celebrate Icewine. This is the place to sample a wide variety from over 30 wineries and 100 varieties of Icewine, known for its delicious sweetness, fruit flavour and dark nectar colour.

The following day, you can walk into an outdoor bar carved out of ice to sample Icewine vintages in Jordan Village. Stroll through Niagara-on-the Lake, one of Canada’s prettiest towns, window-shopping and sampling Icewines from over 20 wineries. Attend the Winemaker’s Dinner Series, where award-winning Icewines are paired with the likes of foie gras with quince brioche, elk strip loin and Quebec artisan cheeses, prepared by celebrity chefs such as Jamie Kennedy and Michael Fagan.

Your experience doesn’t need to end there: you can continue sipping on your very own Niagara Icewine from home.

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