While watching awards shows can be a bit of a chore (although we do it every season anyway because, c’mon, the red carpet dresses of celebrities aren’t going to critique themselves) Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made last year’s Golden Globes an absolute delight to watch, which is why we are so excited that The Hollywood Reporter has announced the duo will be coming back not just this year, but for the next two years!

These fiercely funny ladies — who we can thank for Mean Girls, Baby Mama, Weekend Update, and upcoming appearances in Anchorman 2 — had us looking forward to the space between awards last year with their nonstop jokes at the expense of the celebrities in attendance (including an irked Taylor Swift) and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organisation that puts on the Golden Globes every year. Luckily the HFPA seem to be good sports since they’ve invited the girls back!

Are you excited for the pair to return to the Golden Globes stage on January 13 of next year?


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