In the wake of a recent UK study that determined women are less aware of current affairs than men former Progressive Conservative MPP (1995-2003) and current PC candidate for the riding of Kitchener Centre Wayne Wettlaufer may have been over confident when he told Queen’s Park Briefing reporter Ashley Csanady over Twitter that ‘females’ vote Liberal because they are uninformed.

The tweet from the former seat holder, which was quickly deleted, stirred across social media including retweets of the screen grab on Twitter, postings on Reddit, and postings throughout Facebook.

Reporter Csanady was accused on Twitter of inciting the comment with “anti-feminist” talking points, but she staunchly defended her feminist cred — cred which is entirely endorsed by Women’s Post and this writer.

One of the rising young stars of QP Briefing, Kitchener native Csanady cut her teeth on feminist and arts writing in independent publications.

Sounding off on the tweet from Wayne Wettlaufer, we can’t help but think that this politician, left for a decade out of the house to dry, might have just lost himself the ‘female’ vote in 140 characters or less.

It is also worth noting that the English language does in fact have a collective noun for human females: women.

Check out the screencap of the offending tweet below and let us know what you think. Did Wettlaufer go to far by painting women as ignorant?


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  1. I was honestly shocked by this headline! I hope every woman in his riding prints the tweet and staples it to his lawn signs. I believe this is also the area where election fraud occurred. Has he not noticed that some of the people on his side of the house have breasts?

    It reminds me of Rob Ford’s condescending comments about how he wanted more women on council and kindly offered his political advice.

    Frankly, I think men should not even be involved in politics. They get all caught up in playground behaviour – all I hear is “did not”, “did too”, “you did it too/ first/ worse” and “he got more ice cream than I did” – every mother understands it.

    They’re aggressive, competitive, and start fights (wars). They treat politics as a game where votes are used to keep score. I blame testosterone. If a pharmaceutical company proposed a drug that made people competitive, childish, belligerent, and aggressive, they would never get approval for it!

    Women, on the other hand, tend to think of people and community and are often happy to work collaboratively. I say in general – Maggie Thatcher is not the poster child for women in politics.

    • ‘Often’ happy to work collaboratively…women just play different sorts of games. I know many women in power positions and they are no better than their male counterparts. Politicians are politicians, regardless of their sex.

  2. I am female and this doesn’t bother me. Way too many voters vote based on just reading the headlines (ie – what they are fed), male or female.

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