On October 6th Ben Stoviak was brutally attacked by a group of homophobes in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.

A group of strangers began by yelling slurs across the street at Stoviak and his boyfriend the group violently attacked the two men leaving Stoviak’s face covered in bruises.

He went  to Facebook the day after the attack to tell his story and, since then, the post has been shared over 3,000 times, ‘liked’ over 5,000 times, and has over 600 comments.

Take a look at the photo and his original posting about the disgusting display of ignorance below.


Collected from Ben Stoviak’s Facebook.

“Last night, a group of men attacked me and my boyfriend on Butler Street in Lawrenceville. After yelling, from across the street, “Faggot!” at us, I replied, “yes, we’re faggots!” Immediately after, the group of men ran across the street and began hitting, kicking, and stomping me. The mark on my right cheek is a bootprint. Aaron threw himself on top of me to discourage them from continuing the assault, but they began kicking him in the head, as well.

“To the women who saw the ordeal, wrote down their license plate number, and stayed to talk with the police, thank you.

“Three of these men have been arrested since the assault. Aaron and I were in the hospital until almost 10 am so that the doctors could take MRI, CT scans, and x-rays to make sure there was no internal bleeding.

“I don’t ask you to cheer on my romantic and sexual lives. I do, however, expect people not to act violently against one another because they do not share tastes and preferences.”

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