It has been a bit easy to forget about the awful state of affairs for gays in Russia right now with Vlad Putin stepping up as an opposition to American foreign policy over Syrian chemical weapons. The guy was even nominated for a Nodel Peace Prize for his work.

But just in case you forgot: Vladimir Putin and Russian lawmakers are hateful bigoted homophobes who want to throw gay people in jail to rot.

Lucky for us the German Olympic team has (perhaps unwittingly, but, c’mon) just shoved a big middle finger at Putin with the unveiling of their new uniforms: rainbow, all of it.

The gay pride flag was designed in the late 70s in San Fransisco (where else?) and the coloured stripes symbolize the unity of people of all different races, colours, and creeds within the gay rights movement.

One question remains, since the rainbow and rainbow flag are symbols of the gay movement, will the German athletes be under the threat of arrest for commiting “gay propaganda” when they wear these uniforms?

Rock on German Olympic team.


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