Gay people get a lot of shit from all sides.

Fundamentalist religious zealots? Check. Neo-nazi hate groups? Check. That guy who works at Subway who gives me stink eye and does an exceptionally poor job of making my sandwich ever since he saw me kiss a guy in there? Check.

But Google?

Google autofinish is a den of some of the most asked questions on the web, which is why it comes as a bit of a shock that some of these words end in such disgusting phrases. Granted, some of the opening words deal in absolutes, and contrary to the common misconception that only Sith deal in absolutes, so do a lot of ignorant pieces of homo hating human garbage.

Check out the autofinish results below and prepare to be upset.

1. “All gays…”

gaysAll gays go to hell.
All gays should be shot.
All gays must die.

What it should say:
All gays — are living breathing loving human beings just like everyone else


2. “Gays should…”

gays2Gays should be executed.
Gays should not adopt.
Gays should be shot.
Gays should not be allowed to adopt.

What it should say:
Gays should — love and respect themselves for who they are


3. “Gays must…”

gays3*This one even ghosts in the word die right in the search bar
Gays must die.
Gays must be put to death.
Gays must be killed.

What it should say:
Gays must — overcome so much in their lives and deserve the support of those around them


4. “I think gay…”

gay4I think gays are wrong.
I think gay is wrong.
I think gay marriage is wrong.

What it should say:
I think gay — people are very courageous for being true to themselves in spite of the opposition they receive.



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