Previously, I wrote an article on women holding each other back in the corporate sphere through bullying, intimidation, and underhanded tactics that seemed to come straight out of a high school clique handbook.  It didn’t sit well with me.

I know what the statistics are, and I’m not naïve to the fact that there are women in businesses across the continent that feel that the only opportunity they have to get ahead is to power their way through with a blatant disregard and insensitivity to the women around them.  It just hasn’t been my own experience, and while I’m sad that this issue still permeates so much of the 21st century business woman’s experience, I am also so grateful that it has not affected mine.

I want to acknowledge my experience, and I’d like you to acknowledge yours.  It’s easy to recall vivid details of the woman who scorned you in her self-serving efforts to achieve success.  But I refuse to believe that we don’t all have equally significant stories of women in our workplace who have held us up, pushed us forward, made us laugh, and encouraged us to fly.

So to the woman who always made me laugh, even on a stressful day, with her blunt and to the point (sometimes inappropriate!) sense of humor and conversations – thank you.

To the woman who shared my love of summertime fun and soca music, updated me on new music on our lunch breaks, and helped me find quick flights to New York City – thank you.

To the woman who all but held my hand through the process of putting together deal sheets and never once lost her patience when I made a mistake or forgot to send through the right documentation – thank you.

To the woman who would intercept me on the way to the lunchroom with candy and chocolate bars and treats that made me smile – thank you.

To the woman who enabled my obvious problem with online and catalogue shopping and didn’t judge as she delivered boxes of shoes and clothing and toys and kitchen supplies to my desk – thank you.

To the woman who has been nothing but supportive of my personal accomplishments and ventures, sharing them with her network of friends and family and being such a positive source of encouragement even in times when she didn’t know I needed it – thank you.

To the woman who spent most of the time we worked together trying to “figure me out” and who always let me know which hairstyle she liked best and where to get a good healthy lunch – thank you.

The woman who sat across from me and helped me through real estate terminology I was not yet familiar with; the editor who goes beyond her role to speak kind words and offer help and advice; the publishing team that takes the time to understand what I need to say and helps me figure out a way to say it; friends who have my back and colleagues who push me forward – THANK YOU.

Maybe I’m just blessed – but I’d like to think that perhaps we’re too busy looking for the negative experiences that we lose sight of all the little moments with the multitude of women who realize that their power does not lie in your failures or embarrassments.  Our successes are shared, there’s room for all of us.

Would it be too cliché to end this article with the words “girl power”?  Well, I just did

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