Are your ears burning yet? Mine were this morning, and it was all because I haven’t accepted that the temperature is dropping. The sun is still shinning and there isn’t a hint of snow in the air. But, it’s getting a bit cold. Maybe it’s time to admit it’s hat season.

I used to live in Ottawa, and it was there I discovered how amazing hats were. While some of the other girls would run around with their hands covering their ears, looking like they were in immense physical pain, I embraced the winter hat. It kept me warm and, I would like to think, stylish on those walks along the canal.

For those who need a bit of convincing, here are five styles that will make you forget about that hat head:

The hand-made wool toque: Sometimes, a thick-knit, itchy, wool hat just won’t cut it.  This particularly two-toned toque is hand-made in Collingwood, Ontario using merino wool for both the exterior and interior lining, ensuring it is toasty as well as chic., $79, $79


The slouchy beret: This type of hat is perfect for a casual outing with friends. The best part is that the hat can be worn with a slouch, or it can be adjusted with a cuff to form a shorter and more form-fitting toque.

Big it up, $34
Big it up, $34


The knitted headband: If you are looking for something a little more chic, try a knitted headband. They come in various styles (bows, knots, buttons), and are thick enough to cover your forehead and your ears, the two most vulnerable areas for the cold.

Breathless Canada, $11.95
Breathless Canada, $11.95


The Canada-Goose Aviator Hat: This extra warm, and fuzzy, hat is a staple for any Canadian winter. And, before you scoff and move on to the next option, know that this fur-covered hat makes the perfect accessory for a cold night out. The fur contours the face nicely, and provides the ultimate protection against wind and snow.

Canada Goose, $225
Canada Goose, $225

The all-Canadian: Need something to go with those Canada-proof winter boots? Try the ultimate patriotic toque, proudly showcasing our nations colours of red, black, and white. These hats are made of double-layer knit, so they are sure to keep you warm in those cold Canadian temperatures. The extra large pom-pom is an added bonus.

Hudson's Bay, $25
Hudson’s Bay, $25


What does your favourite winter hat look like? Describe it in the comments below.


Katherine DeClerq is a contributor to Women's Post. Her previous writing experience includes the Toronto Star, Maclean's Magazine, CTVNews, and BlogTO. She can often be found at a coffee shop with her MacBook computer. Despite what CP says, she is a fan of the Oxford comma.

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