Remember the ‘90s, when those wacky kids would buy an expensive pair of jeans, then immediately go home to tear massive holes in them? When wearing plaid didn’t mean you were a lumberjack? Well brace yourself, because grunge is back.


Carnaby Skirt


If you want to look feminine yet still follow the grunge style, this UNIF skirt offers you the best of both worlds. Classic grunge plaid with the accents to hammer down the point, yet also a classic miniskirt.

Available at Revolve Clothing.


Low Rise Denim Short

You don’t even have to cut the holes yourself. Perfect for when it gets hot. Or, where them loose over faux-leather leggings.

Available at Dynamite.


Triumph 1914 Black Mirage


Remember Docs? The ultimate in grunge footwear, they have evolved to offer some less clunky versions. Wear these and feel right at home in the grunge scene.

Available at Dr. Martens.


Belt Studded Leather

One of the major grunge styles is loose clothing cinched in by a kick-ass belt. And what’s more kick ass than studded leather?

Available at Dr. Martens.


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