Bling, Bling, Cash Monies

Money, money, money you can never have too much but it never feels like you have enough; I had a discussion with a friend last week about how important money is in a relationship.

He went as far as to say that if Boyfriend didn’t have money I probably wouldn’t be with him — but here’s the kicker Boyfriend doesn’t have money.

I’m more established in my career, he choose a profession that requires incredible dedication and sacrifice and doesn’t pay much until it does and when it does he’ll probably make a lot more than I ever will. But money has never been an issue we’ve made sure of that.

I don’t believe in one sided relationships, I don’t expect Boyfriend to pay for every dinner, every night out or every trip we’re a team and we try to split things evenly. More importantly I’ve never been concerned about how much Boyfriend makes. He’s following his dreams and I’m following mine and the plastic in our wallets has nothing to do with how much we love each other.

I’ve seen relationships that were too one sided fail over and over again, someone is constantly paying more than their partner and in the end there is always resentment. Boyfriend and I are in our twenties we don’t have our finances entirely figured out and that’s okay, I’d rather watch Netflix and order take-out than go for a fancy dinner any night of the week. Money may be more of an issue when we’re older but for now I couldn’t care less.

I’ve heard women gush about the newest shiny thing their boyfriend got them, or the trip they were surprised with but for me a surprise is when Boyfriend walks in the door with a coffee and a smile cookie, it really is the thought that counts.

I blame the rom-coms for teaching women that love can be measured in presents and shiny baubles; I’ve had all that and it just makes me feel like he’s paying for my time and while my time in the office is costly I like to think of my bedroom as a money free zone.

Maybe I’m the exception rather than the rule but I’ve worked hard to get where I am in life and I’m proud that I did most of it on my own, I don’t want a man to pay for my way in life and any relationship built on that will never really be equal.

So when my friend said that I wouldn’t date a man who didn’t make any money, I laughed and told him that wasn’t the case; I am currently dating someone who makes less than I do but that doesn’t make him less sexy because it’s his ambition, his drive and his fire that turns me on. Money will never be sexy, unless you’re into paper and plastic, if all your relationship is about is finances than maybe you need to rethink what you’re doing. After all, love don’t cost a thing… or something like that.


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