“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.”

Rob Ford shocked Toronto today by admitting that he had smoked crack in what he described as one of his “drunken stupors” he has been slowly admitting to over the last few days. Ford said he does not remember a tape being recorded.

The mayor met a media scrum today sweating from his brow as he invited the press to re-ask him the questions they had originally asked in May. He admitted he has a problem with alcohol and reminded the media that they have seen him drunk in public several times after admitting that he had smoked crack.

In light of all the recent developments in the Rob Ford crack scandal that have erupted this week — a huge return in interest to the scandal that has been smouldering for six months — we can take away one thing: admitting to having smoked crack cocaine is Rob Ford’s easy way out.

Make no mistake, there is nothing easy about a sitting mayor facing the press and admitting that he has used crack cocaine, but if a serial liar like Rob Ford is willing to admit such a damaging fact then the press and public is only left to wonder what else is not being revealed.

Admitting to having smoked crack isn’t easy, but it is the easiest thing he can do right now to divert attention from the rest of the ongoing investigation around Lisi in which he in involved and minimize damage to his political career.

If the least damaging thing the mayor can do right now is admit to smoking crack, the police and media need to find out more about any involvement with the woman who disappeared from the crack house he was in and the murder of Anthony Smith.

The mayor’s connections to drug dealer Sandro Lisi, accusations that he has been paying the hydro bill for a crack house, a never ending stream of evidence that indicates the mayor has been driving drunk, these all appear to be just the tip of the iceberg in this scandal.

Up to this point the mayor has been fighting to maintain things as they were at City Hall, trying to get back to his election message of savings and subways, but with the announcement that the police have in their possession a copy of the video in which Rob Ford was captured smoking crack Ford has been forced to changed his game plan. Now the man is no longer trying to keep things at the status quo, but struggling to control the damage that is erupting around him.

One of the more pressing issues at stake here is the matters of the missing woman, Jaclyn Dawe, who was last seen in February at the house where Ford was recorded smoking crack around what may have been the same period of time. The other is the murder of Anthony Smith, a name that has been tied to the crack scandal since the photo emerged of Ford posing with him and two other young men, both now incarcerated and deeply involved in gang activity.

The police, using public channels to appeal to Ford for an interview, are tracing together all the dots in the case that continually hits new depths of depravity. We know that Ford was in close contact with Lisi on the day that Smith was murdered. We know that Ford has met Smith. We know that Ford was at the house where Dawe went missing, and the crack tape may have been recorded around the same time she was last seen there. We know that there is a second tape.

What we don’t know is how Rob Ford factors into Lisi’s criminal activity and how much this duo have to do with this missing woman and murdered man, and this is exactly what we need to be looking for behind Ford’s distracting admission of alcohol and drug abuse.


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