I have a friend, Robert Bick, who operates a gold mining company. He used to play the flute for a living and now he’s the CEO of Evolving Gold, a mining company based in British Columbia. It went from 10 cents a share to as high as $2.20 a share last week. His strategy is simple – invest in the best geologists money can buy and combine them with a diverse portfolio of properties. Bick, like his father (the founder of Bick’s pickles) is a strong marketer and understands the flow of the mining business. Continual momentum, timing, and a little luck have made Evolving Gold a company to watch. Bick has even made this easy with a monthly newsletter and refined website that allows investors to check in every week or two. He understands that the mining industry, like any other business, is about building expectations and delivering on them.

When Robert told us about his company, I wanted to invest in him simply because I know how important it is to support a friend. Robert is a combination of an artist and ideas man. I understand – intimately – how difficult it can be to make an idea work when the odds are stacked against you, and how vital it is to have the support of your friends and family when you have little else behind you, but an idea. Sometimes I think the emotional support is much more crucial than the actual investment.

When I learned that the president of Robert Bick’s company is named Lawrence Dick something about Bick and Dick gave a sense of whimsy to my investment in the company, and whimsy is crucial when backing a friend. Whimsy thwarts expectations and if things don’t work out it protects the friendship.

I remember my father telling me years ago to invest in myself because that is the only thing I can truly rely on. His words have stuck with me. Every time I question myself I hear those words. Perhaps that is why investing, for me, isn’t so much about what I do with my money, but about taking what I value most – time – and putting it into something or someone.

Investing well means that I must balance my time perfectly, but it isn’t easy. Sometimes I invest my time in people who don’t deliver and it’s wasted. Yet, more often than not, it turns out to be a good investment.

I like to invest my time in doing things that make some sort of difference in the world. Over the past few weeks I’ve worked on creating an organisation that will give back to the community of businesspeople who read our pages. What I’ve discovered is that businesswomen want and need to connect with men. They are short on mentors and are quickly climbing the ranks. I expect women will hold the majority of senior executive positions within the next 10 to 20 years – meaning, business leaders (80% men) will need to communicate well with women. Now, more than ever before, there needs to be an organisation designed to enable women and men to connect on a professional level. Thus my idea for the Post Club began.

The Post Club is designed to bring business leaders together into confidential strategy groups which will allow them to discuss their businesses, share ideas, and help each other with the challenges the market throws at them. Discussion and debate evenings will also help create meeting grounds for leaders to connect and share their ideas. I suppose it all comes back to my interest in communication. True understanding only occurs when knowledge and communication work effectively together, but more often than not the latter is compromised by time.

So my goal is to bring senior level women and men to the table, have them discuss their businesses, debate ideas and connect on various levels through events, strategy groups, debate and discussion dinners, creating a fertile ground for innovation and productivity to flourish.

I’ve invested a lot of time into the Post Club, but it has allowed me to meet with presidents and CEOs from many different industries. Some have surprised me with their immediate support as if they were waiting for this to come along; while others who seem to need this more than anyone, are hesitant to join.

Investing is about so much more than the amount of money you’ll make once your investments pay off. Investing is about inspiring innovators in the world to hope, dream and continually strive to make this world a better place in which to live.

Sarah Thomson can be reached at publisher@womenspost.ca.

If you are a CEO, President or Senior Executive of a business with over $1 million in sales annually and would like to learn more about the Post Club, please contact Sarah Thomson atpublisher@womenspost.ca


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