“I am Disappointed.” This statement that Chief Bill Blair made earlier today sums up what many in Toronto are thinking today.

There will be those, myself included, thinking – finally. Finally the truth is coming out. Finally people are realizing that Rob Ford has lied and brought disgrace to the position of Mayor, and the city of Toronto. Many of his supporters are now faced with having to admit they were fooled, that Rob Ford pull the wool over their eyes. And there will be those who refuse to believe it and resort to “conspiracy theory” excuses. But the facts are coming out, the truth eventually does and it is time that Rob Ford admit he has addiction issues.

I am feeling vindicated but saddened – I remember the man I ran for Mayor against in 2010. A man determined to bring change to the city. I watched as that man slowly deteriorated under the pressure – his actions demonstrating a man facing addiction issues and an inability to deal in the truth. My sympathy go out to his family and children.

From denying incidents like being drunk at a hockey game, groping, and the crack video, Rob Ford has made a habit of lying and denying. This puts a toll on anyone’s self-confidence and escalates the need to escape that drugs offer an addict. The best thing that Rob Ford can do is to take some time and get help with his addiction issues. It is never an easy decision but I encourage him to do it for his family and children.

It is time for Rob Ford to step down from the Mayor’s chair, he has disgraced the city, and set a terrible role model for our children.