After a fellow Twitter user made a rude comment about Serena Williams, J.K. Rowling swiftly defended the tennis champion, and her response was absolutely magical.

Serena Williams on Saturday won her sixth Wimbledon championship and 21st Grand Slam title.

In celebration, Harry Potter author Rowling tweeted using the hashtag #SerenaSlam, renaming “Grand Slam” in honor of Williams’ achievements.


Cute, right? Well things got ugly when a critique made a not so stellar comment about the athlete’s physique.

Rowling defended Williams by tweeting a photo of the tennis player sporting a curve-hugging red dress and killer heels, with a sarcastic comment.

Here’s the response:

The tweet has been making entertainment headlines and was retweeted over 90K times. Meanwhile, @Diegtristan8 was taken in by his fellow haters to express their sentiments on being ‘bullied’ over his ‘accurate comment.’ Aww…sorry about that, man. We’ll be over here drooling over Serena if you need us.


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