Harder, better, faster, stronger. We agree, John Tory, we agree.

Following yesterday’s announcement that Grammy award winning rapper Kanye West will be performing at the PanAm 2015 closing ceremony’s, Toronto’s Mayor John Tory posted a video of himself bopping his head down into the subway to the singer’s hit single “Stronger.”

The decision to have Kanye West, an American and controversial performer, received mixed reviews due to the fact that he isn’t Canadian. Residents were equally worried about West doing something that can tarnish Toronto’s reputation.

In response to their sentiments (and pure excitement, it seems), John Tory’s video should be a reminder that we Canadians should make everyone feel at home, whether their ”Kim Kardashian’s husband” or not.

There may not be any igloos or moose in the video, but riding the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) while sporting a red and white hat is still about as Canadian as it gets. We do suggest some new reading material, though! 😉

Thank’s for showing us how it’s done, Tory.

The closing ceremonies will be on July 26th, 2015. Purchase tickets here.



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