Katy Perry’s new song ‘Walking on Air’ is like being made love to after decades of celibacy. It might even qualify as a semi-religious experience. ‘Walking on Air’ is everything you ever hoped would come true, and it has.

Why, you might ask, it’s probably just another run of the mill Katy Perry pop song about lesbian experiences or her husband leaving her or something.

No, you are so wrong — Katy Perry’s new song is chock full of 90s eurodance beats complete with crescendos of sweet piano and a flashes-of-Simone-Denny soulful black backup singer.

This is the song we should be broadcasting into space so alien civilizations can see that we have already reached our pinnacle as a species. This song should be build into the speaker systems of nuclear bomb shelters to give hope to future generations. We should really just force all musicians into retirement right now, since there is no human capable of making a better song than ‘Walking on Air’ is.



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  2. Douglas Maher Reply

    Ummm no. Not even close. Sounds like random nightclub trash. You gotta be joking.

  3. Sorry, it’s too bad she didn’t find another name for the song… too many bad connections for me to even listen to it… won’t try to explain in detail, just take my word for it…. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad choice!!

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