Dom meets up with Lynn

Dom meets with Lynn — in case you’ve forgotten, Lynn is that dude from Quantum Leap whom Dom chatted with in the steam room of the bathhouse — to discuss his business idea for a restaurant. Unfortunately for Lynn (because let’s be honest: Dom’s a babe) this meeting is strictly business in Dom’s eyes. The chemistry on-screen between the two is thick; I found myself wanting this to be a date, but Dom makes it clear that it isn’t when Lynn asks him. The two seem very relaxed with each other and talk about everything from their parents to Piri Piri chicken. It’s almost like that elusive perfect first date — but again, let’s be clear, this isn’t a date! Lynn offers Dom some great advice and says he may be able to help get the ball rolling on some investors. They finish their lunch and make their way to Lynn’s. At this point, we see Dom going back to his old ways, offering to come over to cook dinner at Lynn’s later and have Lynn taste his chicken. I guess it makes a change from Dom eating all the “chicken” the first three episodes.  Dom is stuck in his habits, even though everything went well and Lynn is on board to help him, he feels he’s got to seal the deal with some sex. Thankfully, the older and wiser Lynn asks, “What are you doing?” and tells him to put together a business plan that they’ll take a look at together sometime in the future. It’s great seeing Dom as the younger one when he is in scenes with Lynn; it’s a different spin on the interactions we’ve seen him be a part of so far, which highlight him as the ‘older one’ in comparison with the other boys.

Patrick’s crush on Kevin intensifies

Patrick and Kevin are working on a video game they are due to present the next day; the only problem is that they may have to pull an all-nighter. Is this really a problem, though? Not to Patrick. Besides the fact the Folsom Street Fair (an annual kink and leather street fair) just happens to be taking place outside, prompting them to discuss ass-less chaps and whips. Patrick’s crush for Kevin is getting more and more obvious, and since Kevin is in a two-year relationship with his boyfriend, this really should be more of an issue. “You have to find someone who understands what you do,” Kevin says when discussing his long-distance relationship, pretty much allowing Patrick to keep falling for him since these two obviously understand what the other does. Both are dancing a fine line between work relationship and something a little bit more. However, a lot of people have their work-husband or work-wife. You know, the one who you can joke with about the boss or bitch about that co-worker who brought tuna for lunch … again. When Kevin’s boyfriend calls to have him pick him up from the airport, Kevin takes off and Patrick stays behind to show his commitment to the project, and impress his new crush.

Agustin and Doris with their leather persuasion

Agustin is decked out in his leather and hanging out with Doris at the fair. They call Patrick and persuade him to come meet them for some lunch and leather. He obliges and they end up in a leather store where the friends convince Patrick to wear a leather vest, with nothing underneath. Finally! Some semi-shirtless Patrick! Jonathan Groff looks good in leather, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t screen grab that one and save it to my “Essays” folder on my laptop (this folder is X-rated and does not include a single essay).

Agustin wants to start creating some art with CJ

Agustin is dead set on meeting up with the male sex worker, CJ, who he met last week. Agustin wants to start creating some art with him. He wants to follow him around, record things, not think about it too much, and just see what happens. Sometimes as gay men, we get wrapped up in our sexuality since society thinks it is what defines us. Apparently sex, sex, sex, is all we think about. This reminds me of a documentary I made in Film school titled D.I.Y. It was an X-rated look at people who create their own amateur pornography online. At the time I did my best to push peoples buttons and really shock my audience. Is that what Agustin is doing? Prove yet again he isn’t just a stay-at-home husband, that he has his wild side?

Rent-a-guy for $220/hour

Once they meet up with the rent-a-guy, Agustin and Patrick take him to lunch (which Patrick has to pay for since Agustin is a starving artist). Agustin tries his hardest to come off as the confident, suave artist, so much so that he eats a piece of meat that CJ offers him. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but Agustin is a vegetarian, and the meat does not agree with his stomach. Once CJ agrees to work with Agustin for $220/hour, they take off. Agustin searches for a port-a-potty but not before Patrick gets some judgmental comments in about Agustin’s threesome and working with a prostitute after just moving in with his boyfriend. Once they see the line up for the portables is way too long, they head to Patrick’s office so Agustin can get some sweet sweet relief. We’ve all been there, having a few too many drinks or eating a few too many different types of food at a street fair (or worse, Pride) and it feels like World War III is taking place in your stomach.

Patrick continues to be judgmental about Agustin’s wild ways

Patrick acts like he is supportive of his best friend but repeatedly brings up his wild behaviour. Is monogamy the only type of relationship Patrick is looking for? This coming from a guy who wanted a quick hook-up with Richie and to see if he was uncut. Thankfully, Agustin quickly turns it around on him “You’re having a fantasy relationship with your boss,” which is true. Only moments later, Kevin comes back to the office to discover the leather-clad group playing video games and taking a break from the Folsom festivities. Everyone takes off except for Patrick who is ready to – unfortunately — put some clothes back on and get back to work.

Work-husband no more

Patrick gets to hear some complaints from Kevin about his boyfriend, and the two are back to their work-husband scenario. Kevin asks Patrick if he is hungry and would want to order some fried chicken, something Kevin’s boyfriend would never let him eat, and it finally dawns on Patrick. Patrick sees what Agustin is talking about: the two breaking this rule would only lead to more broken rules, late nights at the office, and most likely Patrick falling hard for something that could never work. Patrick blows Kevin off, and Kevin takes the hint. He puts the leather back on and meets up with his gang at a leather bar just in time to see RuPaul’s drag race star (or flop), Honey Mahogany perform. Remember Honey from last season? She was so bad; she was sent home in a double-elimination, all the caftans in the world couldn’t save her.

 Agustin keeps things underwraps from Frank

They meet up with Frank and his friends, Agustin has an awkward exchange with Frank and he doesn’t exactly explain how things went with CJ. Agustin is essentially hiring him, for whatever purpose. Agustin is rebelling against his commitment with Frank once again and starting to keep secrets.

Patrick reunites with Richie in the hottest scene this season

The silver lining to this bar is that the sexy Richie is spotted across the dance floor. After some drinks Patrick gets up the courage to go and talk to him. Seeing a past hook-up or ex-boyfriend at a bar can always put a damper on the night. I’ve definitely done a drink-and-dash once I’ve seen an old flame, or have been caught in a “Hey, nice to meet you,” “You slept at my place last month” scenario. Not cute. Rarely does it result in a positive outcome. But here, Richie is forgiving, “I’ve been alright, still cut,” he pokes fun at their awkward past and extends the olive branch. Patrick confesses that he is more LTR minded than he led on and begs forgiveness. The two dance slowly together, in what I find to be the hottest scene so far this season. DP Reed Morano captures the moment beautifully, from a distance in a crowded club, the dance floor belongs to these two. Their lips close enough to touch, yet aren’t, chest to chest, moving as one.

We’ll have to wait to see exactly what Agustin will be paying for, how Patrick and Richie’s night ended, and if a business plan buds into something more intimate for Lynn and Dom.

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