Patrick and Richie

Patrick lets it slip – the word that makes it official – he calls Richie his boyfriend. Is it too soon? Richie plays with Patrick’s awkward side, “Who said I was your boyfriend?” This prompts Patrick to back pedal and stumble over his words. The next morning, Richie returns from a quick outing and tells Patrick, “I’m in.” Richie pulls out a scapular for Patrick to wear, one that’s just like his. How cute is this? They now have matching boyfriend necklaces! It’s official: they’re an item! And just in time for Richie to meet all of Patrick’s friends at Dom’s 40th birthday party. We also get to find out a little bit more about Patrick and Dom’s relationship. “We hooked up once” he tells Richie. I must say I love that about Dom and Patrick’s relationship. It is something that has happened to me a few times: people I’ve hooked up with or have had a brief romantic relationship with have ended up being some of my closest friends. Nothing bothers me more than when you see someone out and about who you’ve had a tiny (one-night) past with and they act completely awkward and uncomfortable. Grow up, figure it out, get over it!

Dom and Lynn

Dom meets with Lynn and some of his friends that are potential investors for his piri piri chicken restaurant. The older gentlemen sit around Lynn’s beautiful apartment and discuss opera. If there is one thing I’ve learned from working at a restaurant on Church Street (that has been around for over 20 years) it is that older gay men love opera. Well, not all of them, some enjoy searching Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters” on their iPads and checking off the images-only box. Believe me, nothing is more shocking than dropping off a customer’s steak and frites while they have a giant uncut penis on the screen in front of them.

Afterwards the two clean up together, they wash dishes, looking like the perfect married couple. Dom’s phone starts lighting up, his Facebook is starting to blow up with birthday posts; he is now 40 on the east coast. “Did you know that when you turn 40, Grindr emails you a death certificate?” Dom constantly worries and sulks about his age, even though Lynn – who is much older –  is within earshot. “When I was 40 we took mushrooms in a canoe,” Lynn replies. Can Dom please get over his age-depression and realize life doesn’t end once you’re 40?

On the bus ride to his birthday party, Doris and Dom discuss what’s happening with Dom and Lynn. “God forbid you fuck someone who could care for you,” says Doris pointing out that of all the past relationships (fuck-buddies) Dom has had, this one actually has potential. “It’s different.”

Agustin and CJ

It seems Agustin has taken advantage of his relationship with his $220/hour friend, CJ. He’s taken many photographs of him with what looks like different sexual partners. He displays them on his wall then suddenly tears them down. Oh what a brooding artist he has become! Frank comes over to console him, “That guy’s hot!” Wrong move Franklin. “Hot? That’s all?” Surprise, surprise; Agustin gets defensive when discussing his work. The two go shopping for supplies for Dom’s park party and Frank asks when he’s going to get to meet CJ. Agustin invited him to Dom’s birthday so everyone will meet him soon enough.

Richie and Patrick

Richie and Patrick make their way to the park and meet up with Agustin and Frank, and Patrick’s co-worker Owen and his girlfriend. Richie is introduced as Patrick’s boyfriend and almost immediately Agustin gets defensive. Agustin is really starting to show his true colours and I am not a fan. His insecurities are getting frustrating to watch, but maybe because it’s at times like looking in the mirror (title of the episode, ha!) especially when it comes to his art. Agustin gets very territorial about Patrick for the majority of the birthday picnic; he dishes out some passive-aggressive remarks towards Richie and pokes fun at Patricks’ new scapular. Finally the whole gang has arrived and they are getting drunk on a sunny day in the park. I’m jealous. With the weather Toronto has been having, I would kill for a hot summer day drinking beer in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Just when it seems like everyone is starting to get along, Kevin (Patrick and Owen’s hot English boss) shows up in the distance. Patrick and Richie go over to say hello, and Kevin introduces them to John, his boyfriend who is no longer long distance and has officially moved to San Fran. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a scapular, oops, I meant scalpel. They exchange pleasantries, we find out John is in sports medicine, but when Kevin asks what Richie does for a living, Patrick jumps in, he cuts hair but will hopefully have his own place soon. “I will?” Richie asks. Patrick is embarrassed by Richie, or at least when being compared to Kevin and John.

Patrick and Agustin

Patrick asks Agustin what he thinks about Richie and all hell breaks loose. These two besties let each other have it and the truth finally comes out. Patrick criticizes Agustin for his behaviour with CJ and for introducing him to their friends. Agustin thinks that Patrick is being cruel to Richie by leading him on and letting him think he’s his boyfriend. “What are you trying to prove? You’re slumming and it ain’t cute!” Just at that moment, Richie shows up, and he is pissed off! Richie’s temper is sexy, Agustin takes a huge step back and cowers; he’s all talk and no action. Everyone parts on bad terms. Agustin makes his way back to the blankets to join CJ and Frank who are clearly hitting it off.

Dom and Doris

Over on the hill Dom smashes a piñata of his former self and thanks Doris for putting the party together. “For what? All I did was make a Facebook event.” Dom takes her picture, “Don’t tag me, I’m ditching a bowling thing.” I love how this show embraces social media and our relationship with it. Have you ever gone out even though you called in sick to work that day and had to make sure everyone you were with knew not to tag you in any posts? I have. I have more times than I can count.

Dom and Lynn

Out of nowhere a delivery boy drops off some flowers for Dom, from none other than, you guessed it – Lynn. Talk about husband material! Later, Dom meets up with Lynn to thank him, smoke a joint and watch some cartoons. They really do seem perfect for one another. Lynn pitches the idea of just the two of them putting together a night for possible restaurant investors and Dom gets excited. Just the two of them! Unfortunately this gives Dom the wrong impression and he goes in for a kiss. REJECTION! Lynn wants to keep their relationship business. I think I moaned out loud when the sexy, suave Dom was denied, mostly because I want these two to work out.

Patrick and Richie

On the walk home, Patrick suggests getting some fro-yo to Richie, but Richie decides it might be better to just go home. Richie is still clearly shaken up from earlier, and thinks Patrick is embarrassed about him. Richie is right to be angry. It seems at times that Patrick is ashamed of his relationship with Richie because he probably isn’t the type of person he pictured himself with. Patrick didn’t even stick up for Richie when Agustin was bad mouthing him. Patrick’s reply is to show how committed he really is and invite Richie to his sister’s wedding. The two make up, although there is still a little doubt in Richie’s eyes. At the end of the episode, Patrick is standing nude in the mirror and fixes his new boyfriend necklace; he’s in it for the long haul.

Agustin and Frank

Meanwhile, Agustin and Frank find themselves in a sexy situation. Something they’ve done before – a threesome. Only this time, Agustin is filming it. Maybe it was a good idea at first, but Agustin seems to have some doubts when he’s wielding the camera over his boyfriend who’s being penetrated. I wonder if CJ is charging $220/hour, or maybe there’s a friendly discount.

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