After last week’s episode, I couldn’t wait to see where our three characters would end up. I’ve got to say this season finale definitely left us with some questions and left me eager for season 2. One great thing I’ve learned is that Richie, Kevin and Doris have all signed on to be series regulars for the soft-more season, not just guest stars. Thank god for Doris, she’s of the voice of reason among this gaggle of gays, especially when it comes to her ex-boyfriend Dom.

This week, Patrick shows up a Richie’s workplace, like a creepy stalker. He isn’t returning your calls for a reason Patrick! Showing up at his work just feels desperate, and is really only  a selfish move to try and clear the air and make yourself feel better.

Speaking of making themselves feel better, Agustin – who is starting to look homeless – ruffles through his bedside table to find what I can only assume is two hits of MDMA in a little baggy. Franklin finally comes home and Agustin shows his desperate side by pleading with him to reconsider their relationship. He apologizes for everything he’s done, especially when it comes to CJ. Frank isn’t having any of it, “What you did with the hustler, nothing but the musings of a bored rich kid.” Well said Frank. Agustin doesn’t know who he is or what he wants and just bobs around from idea to idea trying to find out. Does he actually want to create art? Or does he just like the idea of being an artist? Frank dishes one last jab saying that anything he’ll ever do will be mediocre at best, before taking off and telling Agustin to finish packing.

Dom takes his turn apologizing in this episode by calling up Lynn and leaving him voicemails asking him to come to the Peri Peri pop-up restaurant that night.

At work, Kevin finds Patrick taking a break on the roof and before Kevin really gets the chance to apologize, Patrick tells him there is no need, it is just water under the bridge. But is it? The way Patrick dismisses it so quickly feels almost like he’s not letting himself actually think it through and would rather pretend it never happened.

Agustin decides to console himself by poppin’ a pill on the subway and really starts feeling it by the time he meets up with Patrick in front of Dom’s pop-up. Dom is clearly very anxious when he greets his friends but his buddies let him know how proud they are of him. Some of my favourite moments in this show are when the three of them are all together and just acting like supportive friends. Dom’s anxiety looks even worse when a group of Lynn’s investor friends come in and ask where Lynn is. When he does finally arrive, he’s with a very handsome gentleman and Dom clearly gets jealous. Meanwhile Patrick is giving his tweaking friend glasses of water and talking about all of his boy drama with Kevin and Richie. I’ve definitely been the friend to take care of someone who has maybe had a little bit too much of a substance. One time I had to walk laps around a track with a bestie until the pot brownie effects wore off. That’s just what friends are for! “I just want to lick his arm pits all day long” Patrick says about Richie and Agustin agrees…hell, I agree. Richie is a total babe, and he’s passionate, wild and unpredictable. That’s what he offers Patrick. Agustin finds out about the kiss with Kevin, “You want to have a thing with him” he tells Patrick. What does Kevin offer him? More stability perhaps? Security? Is that even a real thing? Or just a term I learned from watching movies like The Wedding Singer or episodes of Friends.

Kevin keeps texting and calling Patrick to come back into work, at first Patrick refuses but then Agustin answers the phone and hands it to him, he has to head back in. This is where it all goes down. Patrick arrives to find Kevin alone with two beers. Kevin apparently fixed whatever it was (the excuse to get Patrick in) and just wants to talk. “Do you know how much effort it takes to be around you? I can’t stop thinking about you” Kevin finally spills to Patrick. They start kissing, at first Patrick resists, then finally gives in and they go at it right there on the floor (and not in that chair/sling thing they have in their offices – not this time at least). Patrick bottoms for him! The one thing he wouldn’t do with Richie, is this telling us something? Patrick’s actions show that he’s more willing to be vulnerable with someone safe like Kevin, or maybe he’s just trying to be cool by joining the bottom club. Either way, it was a hot scene and a great chance to see some pant-less Russell Tovey. “What happens now?” “I don’t know” I guess we’ll have to wait for season 2.

At the Peri Peri Pop-Up (it’s fun to say isn’t it?) Doris goes to bat for her best friend Dom. She chats up Lynn about him and at first he doesn’t seem to respond until finally she says plain and simple, “Dom is worth it”. I’m not going to lie, it gave me goosebumps, but then again I get goosebumps at really good car commercials. When Lynn is on his way out, Dom has his chance to take him aside and talk to him. Dom tries to get him to agree to coming back to work but Lynn isn’t having it, “I just feel like tonight should be the end of our working relationship” and right there Dom goes in for a kiss. This time, Lynn doesn’t pull away. Yes! Now that they are no longer work partners, they can be boyfriends. I am really looking forward to seeing Dom in what I expect to be a serious, committed relationship next year (by the way, rumour has it the show isn’t returning until the fall of next year which means we’ve got to wait a year and a half!)

Patrick arrives home and Richie is there waiting outside, “when I feel disrespected by someone I care about, it does something to me. My pride is something I’m working through” he tells Patrick. He explains that he feels the two of them went too fast and “I am this close to falling in love with you but I’m not going to do that to myself if you’re not ready” and clearly Patrick isn’t. They take a moment, Patrick in tears, then part ways. Is this the end of Patchie? Something tells me Richie will be back in the not so distant future. Patrick makes his way inside to find his bestie, Agustin passed out in his bed with his macbook open. Patrick curls up next to him and presses play, the Golden Girls starts playing. “Thank you for being a friend”. Just like the good old days of these two roommate, I think it’s about time Agustin moves back in permanently.

The show has really found it’s footing after the first couple episodes. It’s been criticized for being “boring”, but I for one find it to be very realistic and a pretty accurate portrayal of a gay lifestyle in a larger city. It was designed to be a slice of life style show, and it hits it’s mark. We’ll have to wait and see if it can keep it’s steam in season 2!

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