While I was tasked with taking care of my roommate’s cat over the holidays I may have gone a bit overboard. The cat, Walter, has always been pretty standoffish and outright mean to me. It didn’t help our relationship that I’m pretty allergic to him and spend a lot of time shooing him out of my bedroom and vacuuming up his hair.

But while the two of us were alone over the Christmas season we developed a new respect for one another, a kindred friendship that shows through in a lot of my Instagram portraits of him:

Walter 4

Okay, maybe our friendship mixed with my loneliness around the house began to border on obsession, but hey, so long as we are both happy with the arrangement it doesn’t matter.

In our cramped apartment one way we had devised to save space was to place the cat’s litter box under the sink. I had taken off one of the doors to give the cat access, but while it had saved some space we were left with an unsightly litter box out in the open view of anyone who used our washroom.

The solution I came up with was to carve a cat shaped hole in one of the doors.

A couple of hours of sawing, patching, and painting later I had the finished product: Walter’s own little bathroom!

Walter 1



Walter seems to like it!


Walter 2


More privacy for him to do his business and less kitty litter on display with a cute outlook to boot! Looks like a win-win-win.


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