I had a nightmare last night.

I dreamt that I was running for Mayor again and was at a debate, it was ending and I had to stand beside Rob Ford for the usual pictures. We were lined up on the stage and as we organized I was trying to carefully put someone between myself and him because I had noticed that his eyes were glazed over, he’d been repeating the same line “stop the gravy train” over and over again, and I knew he was wasted.


I worried that he might grope me again, and tried to put someone between us but at the last minute they moved and I had to stand beside him and smile. I had trouble smiling thinking how much I’d grown to dislike him. I kept telling myself he’s an addict have sympathy. The next thing I knew his hand was on my butt. The cameras were clicking and I froze again. I wanted to punch him – but I had to control my anger. If I hit him a photo of it would be on the front page of the all newspapers – and it would set a terrible example for my sons. I controlled my anger.


I stepped away and looked behind me to see if anyone had witnessed it. Nobody seemed to be looking our way. I turned back to him and he had the same salacious grin on his face I’d seen once before. All the worries I’d felt then came rushing back to me.  What if a video of it appeared online? Would it look like I “liked” it. I was after all smiling for the camera’s. How would the press spin it? Would they frame it as a secret tryst between us? I could never let my husband be humiliated with that sort of thing. Should I get out in front of the story? But if nobody had seen it then wouldn’t it be better to stay quiet especially after what happened to me the last time I accused him.


Then it was suddenly the next morning and my phone was ringing. A  reporter was asking me if I was having a fling with Rob Ford and my heart started beating fast. i repeated the question loudly and my husband jumped out of bed and was on his laptop in no time. I excused myself from the call and looked over my husbands shoulder the headline read “Dirty Secret between Rob Ford and Sarah Thomson” and there was a picture of a meaty hand on my butt.


I screamed “No” and sat bolt upright in bed, me heart still racing from the nightmare. The boathouse was quiet and I could hear a loon call in the distance.




  1. Unknown_Man Reply

    I also had a nightmare last night. I go on twitter and I see that there was a video of a drunk Mayor Ford at the Taste of the Danforth, Then I see an attention seeking former mayoral candiate writing an article trying to make the situation somehow about them. I then realize that there is no way that somenone could be that petty so I attempt to wake up from this nighmare. But now sadly I appear stuck in this dream world.

      • pavlov pup Reply

        Judging people by their hairstyle? Sarah is a successful woman of the regular people, not some pretentious cookie-cutter coiffed stuffed shirt. Dreadlocks are not age-related. You people are the very reason women are still stuck in the vain, barbie doll world.

        • No, she looks stupid w/ dreads. Especially in the B2b world. Maybe ok if you work as a temp and are 22, otherwise buy some effin’ dignity. Probably wears flip flops to meetings as well. lol.

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