Rob Ford videos are a little like road kill — every time another one comes out I think it can’t be worse than the last, so I hit that youtube button and watch. But it’s now at the point where I just feel sad.

Sad that this man I debated in the 2010 Toronto mayoral race is wrestling addiction issues on a stage his family relentlessly pushes him to.

Sad that this man who would seem to have everything, needs to use alcohol and/or drugs to face the world he’s been handed.

Sad about what might happen to Rob should his family continue to push him onto this very public stage while he wrestles with addiction issues.

It is time for his family to realize the role they play in this tragedy, their denial of his addiction issues only serves to enable Rob. It is time for them to face the fact that addicts lie in order to carry on their behaviour, time to admit the weight issue is just a small aspect of Rob Ford’s overall addiction issue.

It is time for us all to care about the man, not the Mayor.


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