Those who love April Fools love it, and those who hate it absolutely despise it, but all the pranks today left us wondering if there actually was any real news going on in the world. Turns out there was plenty: Marois’ money, Libs push mini LCBOs, LGBT youth homelessness, and fake anti-Ford campaign signs.


The husband of Pauline Marois was accused over the weekend of inappropriately soliciting $25,000 in donations from an engineering firm to contribute to her leadership campaign. It wouldn’t be a Quebec election without some good old fashion corruption. But hey, at least no one was wearing a hijab.

The Ontario Liberals are pushing forward a plan to install LCBO pop up shops inside of grocery and corner stores. Considering the amount of bad press the McGuinty cohort has projected on to Wynne getting the voting population drunk enough to forget about gas plants and e-mails might not be a bad plan from here on out.

A Toronto man was convicted of inciting hatred against Muslims and sentenced to nine months of jail time for handing out flyers slurring the religion and harassing a Muslim family. No word yet on whether the PQ will run him as a candidate.

Andrea Houston explored the issue of homelessness with gay and trans youth in Toronto, an at risk population that many organizations don’t know how to help properly. To add some scope to the issue: we can’t even find a home for a rainbow flag in front of City Hall — Toronto needs to work better to protect those who need it most.

Fake campaign signs promoting almost anyone as better than Rob Ford have been popping up. There is truth in this advertising, when someone sounds like a better alternative because they will only smoke weed (not crack) as mayor there are some fundamental problems.



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