Gay student to have his case heard, Air Canada drops suit cases and it is heard, and the case against a senator will have to wait until he’s out of rehab to be heard.


Ontario student and young gay rights activist Christopher Karas will be having his case heard in front of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal after his complaints that his Mississauga French Catholic school interfered with his plans to set up a Gay-Straight Alliance and that he experienced homophobia through the school’s teachings and the lessons he was made to experience. We’ve interviewed Karas before and we will be keeping a close eye on this story as it develops.

After a video of baggage handlers throwing and dropping luggage from great heights went viral on YouTube with over a million hits it’s looking like the two fellas in question might be losing their jobs. Air Canada has apologized for the uncomfortable situation, but has yet to announce plans to fix any of the million other ways that flying is incredibly uncomfortable.

Troubled (and suspended) Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau is now heading to rehab. See, sometimes all it takes is being arrested a few times, being caught with drugs, and a good solid decade of allegations of sexual inappropriateness — also known as hitting rock bottom and dragging along it for the better part of your political career — to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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