New revelations in Ford warrants (surprise, it’s grimy, grimy stuff), Eve Adams didn’t get a good wash at a gas station car wash and the PMO got involved, John Tory has secret admirers in his press releases, Canadians don’t tip well, and Pauline Marois finally got too crazy even for Quebec politics.

The final release in the series of Rob Ford search warrant ITOs contains threats of physical harm in the ghetto, claims of dirty cops, and mentions of a Ford driver and “Juiceman” terrorizing Etobicoke. Ford jumped the gun be declaring his proven innocence when the police announced later the investigation is still ongoing. With the last of the warrant information released, however, Torontonians are left feeling just like when the last Twilight book came out.

Conservative MP Eve Adams’ rough week just got worse. The latest troubles surfacing around the scandal plagued Tory involve a supposed tantrum at an Ottawa area gas station when her car wash wasn’t up to snuff and her newly unemployed (and likely fired) boyfriend Dimitri Soudas coming forward to say the only reason he involved himself in her riding matters was because she had suffered a head injury. Note to Rob Ford: a head injury could be a great excuse.

John Tory has been accused of making up quotes in a press release that attributes Tory praise to “XXXXX” in what looks like a place holder for a name to be plugged in. Other candidates were quick to mock the mistake while poor XXXXX Smith cried once again over the awful, awful name his parents gave him.

Pauline Marois and the PQ look poised to lose the April 7th election and detailed analysis puts the Liberals in majority territory while many journalists have starting writing the PQ leader’s political obituary, cause of death given as insanity. No religious funeral, please.

Canadians are apparently bad tippers, according to some folks down in the US where tipping culture is very big. Thankfully Ottawa found something that it is good at, and that is tipping. Good for you Ottawa. You really needed this.


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