Quebec has a federalist Liberal government and Pauline and the PQ are out out out, fourth time could be the charm for man continually charged with murder of Hamilton woman, Theresa Spence was allegedly not idle when he dipped into band money, and some guy totally lost it in a Vancouver Tim Hortons.


Pauline Marois and the PQ lost yesterday’s Quebec election, essentially handing a majority to their Liberal opponents. With the PQ’s defeat many are saying that the vote was also a loss for the concept of Quebec sovereignty and the proposed charter of “values” (read: racism), although as reported in The Beaverton, since Pauline Marois failed to secure her own seat she was the first public sector employee to lose her job as a result of the charter.

Robert Badgerow is facing charges for the murder Diane Werendowicz for the fourth time. Hamilton police are certain that this is the guy who, after having sex with the nursing assistant, strangled her and threw her in a ditch by her apartment 33 years ago — although no conviction has stuck — and another woman who was attacked by the same ravine identified him. After 33 years this case might be forever stuck in OJ territory.

The partner of Theresa Spence, vocal leader of the Idle No More Movement, has been charged with fraud and theft. While Harper didn’t seem to care too much about the outcome of the Quebec vote bringing in a federalist government he no doubt enjoyed this news quite a bit.

Some guy leveled a downtown Vancouver Tim Hortons after he was asked to line up before placing his order. The man threw chairs through windows, ripped a debit machine off the counter, and destroyed the furnishings of the coffee shop. Funny, he seems to be acting out the rage felt inside everyone who has ever seen some asshole bypass the line they are patiently waiting in to place their order like they are the Queen of England. Jerk.


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