In honour of tonight’s Toronto mayoral debate Yahoo News came up with Mayoral Debate Bingo, complete with all the phrases you love like Old Politics, Jack Layton, Downtown Relief Line, Pride Parade, Scarborough Subway, and Bike Lanes. This might be the easiest game of bingo you’ve ever played.

Pauline Marois was schooled by a bunch of high school kids who know what they’re talking about. The Quebec Charter of Values has been a debate in the province and around the rest of the country for a while now and the popularity of the charter others view as racist or bigoted has helped the PQ even in the midst of endless bad press. Good thing these kids have a decent understanding of rights and liberties and throw down the hammer by quoting Marois’ own 1997 education act’s enshrining of respect for other cultures. Hey Mme Marois, maybe it’s time to go back to school.

John Tory says he has a plan for a new north-south subway in Toronto. The details are sparse, but he says he can pay for it somehow and we’ll find out how… sometime before the end of the campaign.

Rob Ford has been snubbed from the Garrison Ball this year after becoming famously (and belligerently) drunk when he attended last year. Although he’s hinted he might crash the party organizers have made it clear that only ticket holders are welcome and RoFo certainly does not have a ticket.

One of Ontario’s most controversial mayors has taken leave. No, not Ford. Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell is the highest paid mayor and has been under fire recently for lavish expenses and also taking a secret pay cut. former MPP Linda Jeffrey left the Ontario cabinet to run against her in the upcoming municipal election.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin broke up and were immediately made fun of by everyone because they called in ‘conscious uncoupling.

There is going to be a Miss Congeniality TV series produced by Gracie Hart herself Sandra Bullock and it will be amazing.


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