The investigation continues after a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas killed at least 14 people, including several firefighters and emergency responders. The blast, which happened on Wednesday night, was the strength of a magnitude 2.1 earthquake and resulted in half of the town being evacuated.  Local authorities are working with federal government agencies to investigate the cause of this devastating incident.

Occurring so soon after the Boston Marathon bombing, there were fears that this was another premeditated terrorist attack. The investigation is ongoing, but currently there is no indication that the blast was an act of terrorism or criminal activity. However, the plant had been fined in 2006 for failing to implement a risk management plan and had previously been issued a complaint over a lingering smell of ammonia.

Before the blast occurred, firefighters had been evacuating the surrounding area because of “dangerous fumes,” police said.

Rescuers are still searching for survivors. “We still are holding out some hope,” Tommy Muska, the mayor of West, Texas, said.


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