It all started with an ad for Manhattan Mini Storage in New York that a friend of mine shared on Facebook, “Dear action figure collection, We’re really glad you’ve come to stay with us. Now maybe your owner can get a date. Love, Manhattan Mini Storage.”  To which Boyfriend replied, “Jokes on them! My action figure collection is on display in my living room, AND my girlfriend and I just had our one year anniversary. EAT IT, MANHATTAN MINI STORAGE!” And while the ad is obviously a joke, this is a sentiment that I’ve gotten tired of hearing, nerdy boys aren’t the drooling, disturbing, underwear selling men of John Hughes movies; in fact they’re actually kind of hot look at Elon Musk, he’s a real life Tony Stark and that’s awesome.

The cretins who live in their mother’s basements are no more, today’s nerds are the inventors, the writers, the film buffs, the directors, the comic book writers and the tech gods; today’s nerds create and build and invent.

Every night with a nerd boy doesn’t have to be a massive party, sitting at home with Netflix and a beer is a totally acceptable evening activity, playing Cards Against Humanity with a group of equally nerdy, equally hilarious friends happens regularly and you never have to worry about having someone you can just sit and read with.

Being a nerd just means you’re passionate about something and that’s awesome. Do you really want to date a guy who drives a car he can’t afford, works on Bay Street and reminds you ever so slightly of American Psycho? No, of course you don’t. So my word to the folks at Manhattan Mini Storage; I’d rather date a passionate, fun, video game playing, comic book loving super nerd than a dude who takes longer than me to get dressed in the morning or a dude who uses the word bro in a less than ironic way.

I don’t want a bro; I don’t want a guy who looks at me funny when I wax poetic about the latest issue of Morning Glories or when I fan-girl over Joss Whedon’s latest anything or when I spend an entire day watching a mix of cat videos and Dr. Who.  Today’s generation is the generation of nerds where internet is king, video game sales consistently beat movie ticket sales and the men we look up to are Zuckerberg, Musk and Dorsey. The men who built the world we live in now are the nerdiest of the nerds and you know what? They’re hot, they are the architects of our world and that is very sexy.

But the best thing about being girlfriend to a sexy nerd boy is the sex. A lot of them went in small minded high schools that didn’t recognize their Seth Cohen adorableness or missed out on their brilliant mind and now they’re grateful to be with a woman who loves them not despite their nerd tendencies but because of them. It’s pretty great.


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