You know those lists, the ones about the 14, 25 or 36 worst things that people in relationships do? Well, I’m pretty sure Boyfriend and I do all of them or at least most of them and I don’t care. We’ve been together for just over a year now and we do it all, pet names, ridiculous inside jokes and PDAs (within limits).

But the thing is when you’re in it; you don’t mind the adorkable behaviour because it always brings you back to a good moment. For our anniversary Boyfriend made me a ‘Zombie Boyfriend’ doll; which sounds a little dark but I once told him that I loved him so much that if he ever became I zombie I promised to shoot him in the head and in that moment ‘Zombie Boyfriend’ was born. Dating someone you really love is a little like dating your best friend and we’ve all got those inside jokes with our friends and just because you also happen to have sex with your partner shouldn’t make it suddenly less acceptable to be a massive dork.

Does anyone else understand why Boyfriend calls me a Wild Shannon? Probably not, it’s a Pokemon reference, a short joke, and a nerd joke all rolled into one and I’m not sure where it started but I do know that I love it, despite how much I want to die when I realize that we’re one of those couples. But we’re happy and we can be happy anywhere as long as we have each other, last night we walked across the city laughing, dancing and talking about everything and nothing we were home in an hour but it felt like minutes because we spent most of the walk laughing.

All of those terrible things that couples do? They aren’t really so bad when you’re in on the game and while we definitely look like giant tools from the outside we’re totally and completely in love and because we don’t also suck at life I have never once made out with his sexy face (there’s another one) in public.

I’m not the girlfriend I thought I’d be, I’m not even the person I’d thought I’d be, I thought that by twenty-six I MIGHT be in a serious relationship, I thought that I’d be tough-as-nails and never really let anyone in again but more than anything I thought that I was above all the cutesy couple crap; it turns out that I was wrong. Boyfriend and I might have a more nerdy secret couple language but it’s ours all the same and despite all of the things I thought and planned I’m a big sap who would rather spend a Saturday night in with her Boyfriend and Netflix than go out and pretend I give a damn what anyone at the club thinks of me. So go ahead and mock me, you won’t be saying anything I don’t already know, put me on your lists, I can take it; I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and part of that is all the stupid couple crap I’ve somehow become a willing participant in.



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